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Seven locations, seven best apprentices: Audi’s top trainees in 2022

The best apprentices in 2022 at the Audi locations in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels, Győr, and San José Chiapa, as well as at its subsidiary brands Ducati in Bologna and Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese, have reason to be proud: All seven are among the winners of the “Best Apprentice Award,” which the Volkswagen Group presents each year to 50 outstanding training program finishers.

Audi premieres innovative recycled seatbelt buckle covers

Audi has launched cutting-edge plastic covers for seatbelt buckles in its Q8 e-tron models; the casings are partially manufactured from mixed automobile plastic waste using a chemical recycling process. It is the first time the company is installing safety components made in this way, and in conjunction with the PlasticLoop project, has established an innovative process with plastics manufacturer LyondellBasell, based on the findings from a pilot project.

Audi RS Q e-tron saves more than 60 percent carbon dioxide at the 2023 Dakar Rally

Already at its Dakar debut, the Audi RS Q e-tron set standards in efficiency and competitiveness of e-mobility in motorsport in January 2022. Now the next step follows: The three desert prototypes with electric drive and energy converter will be at the start of the next edition of the Dakar Rally from December 31, 2022 to January 15, 2023 for the first time with an innovative fuel.

Audi expands development in China with new R&D center in Beijing

Audi is strengthening its development capabilities in China with a significant broadening of its R&D scope in the region and an expansion of its local Audi China R&D team. The move to the new Audi China Building, opening nearly 10 years after its predecessor, is also a significant milestone in Audi’s more than three-decade long history in China. The new Audi China Building supports the Four Rings’ efforts to establish additional research and production capacities in the country. The state-of-the-art R&D facility will serve as a key innovation hub for the next generation of Audi technologies.

More purity, more reduction, more consistency: The new rings from Audi

Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik, for innovative mobility. A promise that the four rings aim to reflect through a progressive design. Now the vehicles’ characteristic features have been thoroughly reworked. In this interview, designer André Georgi and brand strategist Frederik Kalisch explain what it means for Audi now that its cars bear new rings.

Strong together: Audi employees hand over new company cars to FC Bayern pros in Munich

Up close and authentic: Thirty Audi employees will remember this vehicle handover for a long time to come. They had the opportunity to deliver the new electric company cars from the Audi Forum in Ingolstadt to the FC Bayern Munich headquarters on Säbener Straße and personally hand them over to the club’s pro soccer players. There was a meet and greet with FC Bayern board members Oliver Kahn and Andreas Jung at Bayern’s headquarters. Giovane Élber told a few anecdotes while showing the Audi employees around the training grounds.

Audi Group: Strong Financial Performance in a Challenging Environment

The Premium Brand Group continues to successfully steer its brands through a challenging market environment. In the first three quarters of 2022, the brand group increased its revenue year-on-year by 10.4% to €44.6 billion. Its operating profit reached €6.2 billion, significantly exceeding the previous year’s level, while the operative margin also improved to 14.0%. A good price position and a strong performance from Bentley, Lamborghini, and Ducati contributed to an outstanding operating income. The brand group thus continued the successful course it set during the first half of the year. Net cash flow of €4.6 billion remains at a high level.

Ken Block and the Audi S1 Hoonitron electrify Las Vegas

When US drift artist Ken Block releases his long-awaited Electrikhana video today, the Audi S1 Hoonitron will be featured as one of the principal performers: Developed and assembled at Audi Sport in Neckarsulm, the all-electric prototype that was styled by Audi Design taking cues from an Audi icon thrills viewers. The link to the film:

Audi and Krajete Filter CO2 Out of the Air

AUDI AG and the Linz-based green tech company Krajete GmbH are jointly developing new technologies for filtering emissions from ambient air. In addition to robust adsorber materials, these so-called direct air capturing technologies (DAC) are based, above all, on innovative processes. They make far-reaching energy and cost reductions possible.

Audi Urban Purifier – The Fine Dust Filter for Electric Vehicles

In a pilot project, Audi is working with supplier MANN+HUMMEL to develop a particulate filter for electric cars that collects particulate matter from the surrounding area. Both while driving and charging, it is to already help improve air quality in cities during a first pilot phase. The innovative technology will be demonstrated at the GREENTECH FESTIVAL in London.

Recent press folders

Whether it’s charging options at home, route and range planning, or the multitude of different providers and access to charging stations on the road, e-mobility raises questions that confront newcomers to the world of electric vehicles. As a premium supplier, Audi takes a holistic approach and has had its customers’ needs in the field of electric-powered mobility in mind since the launch of the Audi e-tron* in 2019. For example, when it comes to home charging solutions, Audi advises customers and even arranges an installation service upon request. In addition, Audi has access to more than 400,000 charging points across Europe through its forthcoming Audi charging, which will be launched in 2023, and is committed to expanding the use of green power. Furthermore, IONITY – in which Volkswagen, with its Porsche and Audi brands, has a stake – continues to expand its charging network in Europe. An overview.
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There’s no going back to yesterday’s workplace: for Audi, hybrid working models are an essential component of the company culture. The company agreement “Hybrid Working,” which will take effect at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites starting on October 1, 2022, is setting a new standard in the Audi workplace. The company agreement envisions maximum flexibility, self-determination, and personal responsibility for employees. To a great extent, Audi staff can freely choose their workplace and alternate between working from home and on-site, to the extent that the nature of their work permits. Audi will support them with equipment packages for the home office and by reorganizing the space at the plant to make their work more productive and their time there more pleasant. Teams set their own rules and are not constrained by rigid guidelines imposed from above. Desk sharing in the office and more flexible working conditions in production are also part of the concept. Audi’s company agreement “Hybrid Working” builds on its “Mobile Working” company agreement, which had been in effect since 2016. It was developed as part of the Better Normal project, which Audi has used to foster modern working models and a culture of trust and personal responsibility.
For 20 years, one vehicle has inspired Audi Sport GmbH and a worldwide fan community like no other: The Audi RS 6 has been shaping the field of high-performance station wagons with impressive performance and outstanding everyday usability for four generations. The successful basic concept from 2002 is based on a twin-turbocharged power unit and all-wheel drive. The basic concept is the same across all RS 6 generations. Even in the competitive environment, the RS 6 continues to make its mark and set new standards.



Audi at Design Miami/

Audi, in collaboration with digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger will introduce the car manufacturer’s first digital artwork at Design Miami/. The original piece is inspired by the Audi grandsphere concept.

Audi Q8 e-tron, Audi SQ8 Sportback e-tron – Trailer

With the Audi e-tron, the premium manufacturer entered the age of electromobility in 2018, marking the start of the electric future for the four rings. Since then, the model has been setting standards in the electric luxury-class SUV segment. The new Audi Q8 e-tron is now building on the success story of this electric pioneer.

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Audi x Andrés Reisinger | The making of Sphere​

A journey to expand imagination. Go behind the scenes with digital artist and designer Andrés Reisinger as he shares the inspiration behind his latest digital artwork. Inspired by the human-centric experience of the Audi grandsphere concept*, he brings to life a unique vision of the future which is all about experiences that are digital, connected and personal. ​​Discover more about the collaboration at #AndresReisinger #AudiGrandsphereConcept #Audi #FutureIsAnAttitude #concept #eMobility #DesignMiami #AudiAndresReisinger #ReisingerAndres #Sphere #design ---------- *The vehicle shown is a concept vehicle that is not available as a production vehicle.

Audi x Andrés Reisinger | Sphere

Experience an immersive journey into the digital world. Fuelled by imagination, this is an abstract digital artwork by the digital artist, Andrés Reisinger.  The Audi grandsphere concept* is a glimpse of the future that you can see, touch and experience, Audi’s way to introduce a new idea to the world. Demonstrating how automated driving* and future premium mobility will enable us to live life differently, with more time to observe and examine the world around us. Inspired by the meaningful experience, Andrés Reisinger reinterprets this in an abstract digital artwork fuelled by his imagination. He shapes this vision of the future, giving people the opportunity to understand what is possible in a different, visual and emotional way.  To illustrate the idea of being able to watch your surroundings due to automated driving*, Reisinger put a rotating mirror into a space, reflecting the outside from the inside. By doing so, his work also reflects Audi's inside-out design approach. To show the three different positions of the seats, Reisinger simulated the course of a day with the incline of the seat adjusting to the world outside – upright in broad daylight, relaxed during sunset, reclined at dawn – creating an analogy, as well as playing on human-centricity. And these are just two examples. Andrés Reisinger's artworks create an atmosphere, a feeling. They show that technology can be so much more than just a tool – it can be an experience. Can you identify more parallels?  Discover more at #AndresReisinger #Audi #DesignMiami #FutureIsAnAttitude #AudiGrandsphereConcept #concept #eMobility #AudiAndresReisinger #ReisingerAndres #Sphere #design

A story of progress: Andrés Reisinger

In front of a backdrop that uses his own artwork to frame the infinite potential of tomorrow, Andrés Reisinger shares his story of progress. To the digital artist, designer and founder of Reisinger studio, imagination is about being human. He believes that breaking free from routine and shifting our perspectives is a powerful way to use design to shape the future. More than just a story of progress, this is also a story of observation, optimism and a more beautiful tomorrow. ​ Discover more #AndresReisinger #DesignMiami #Audi #FutureIsAnAttitude #AudiAndresReisinger #ReisingerAndres​
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