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The quattro all-wheel drive system is an Audi cornerstone. Now Audi is making it even better – with new models and new technologies. quattro in an electrified powertrain represents a completely new concept for the mobility of the future.

Press Releases

  • 08/26/20

    Comfortable and agile – Audi’s eAWS technology turns SUVs into quick-change artists

    How do you provide a large SUV with sporty road-holding properties and minimal body roll without impairing ride comfort? Audi has resolved this conflict of objectives by means of electromechanical roll stabilization (eAWS). Assisted by the 48-volt onboard electrical system and powerful actuators, the stabilizers on the front and rear axle can be actively controlled according to the driving situation.
  • 08/12/20

    Audi quattro sets standards in the age of electric mobility

    For four decades, Audi has been setting the pace with permanent quattro all-wheel drive and thus initiated a paradigm shift in powertrain technology in the automotive world and in motorsport. The brand is now using the knowledge it has accumulated in this area since 1980 for the next step. The electric quattro in the models of the e-tron range marks Audi’s next milestone achievement in the age of electric mobility. Enjoyable driving and efficiency are fused into a total package.
  • 08/06/20

    Hardware meets software: from classic mechanical systems to a fully interlinked high-end control unit

    Exactly 40 years ago, Audi revolutionized the automotive world. With its permanent quattro all-wheel drive the company, in 1980, presented a new approach to chassis technology that still decisively underpins the slogan “Vorsprung durch Technik.” Today, thanks to smart interlinking by the Electronic Chassis Platform (ECP), innovative chassis systems such as electromechanical Active Roll Stabilization (eAWS), the predictive active suspension and Dynamic All-wheel Steering (DAS) are able to unfold their full potential. In the Audi e-tron, the integrated Brake Control System (iBRS) emphasizes the fact that efficiency will become the third variable in chassis development alongside ride comfort and sportiness. As a high-tech control unit, the future vehicle dynamics computer can simultaneously actuate up to 90 components.

Press folders

  • 11/02/20
    Audi MediaCenter

    40 years of quattro

    Audi is quattro and quattro is Audi. For more than 40 years, the permanent quattro all-wheel drive has been one of Audi’s key technologies. Outstanding traction, high driving safety and enormous driving dynamics characterize Audi’s permanent all-wheel drive. This makes quattro a trump card for the brand. Audi quattro is fascination, quattro is emotion. But technically speaking, not all quattros are the same. Learn more about this in our Audi TechTalk. Full information and press material can be found here.
  • 05/25/20

    Making of RS: How Audi Sport GmbH shapes the character of its RS models

    The RS models from Audi Sport GmbH are the dynamic spearheads of their respective product lines. They have a strong character that consists of distinct design differentiation, full everyday usability, effortless top performance, and a thrilling driving experience. This results from a relentless focus on minute details by the designers and development and test engineers, and it is perfected over numerous test drives around the world. There is a behind-the-scenes look at development work.

Basic Information

  • 11/02/20

    40 years of quattro: the highly successful technology from Audi

    A technology and success story from Audi is celebrating a major birthday: The quattro drive system has turned 40 years old. Since the original quattro first made its debut in 1980, the principle of four-wheel drive has become one of the cornerstones of the brand. To date Audi has sold almost 11 million cars with quattro drive. The most recent chapter of the success story is electric: The Audi e-tron uses electric all-wheel drive, and the e-tron S models already feature its first expansion stage: electric torque vectoring, i.e. the need-based shifting of torque between the rear wheels.
  • 03/03/20

    40 Years of quattro: the All-Conquering Technology from Audi

    A technology and success story from Audi is celebrating a major birthday, as the quattro drive system turns 40 years old. Since the original quattro first made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1980, the principle of four-wheel drive has become one of the cornerstones of the brand. To date, Audi has produced almost 10.5 million cars with quattro drive systems. Now, it is time for the next chapter in this particular success story: The prototypes Audi e-tron S and e-tron S Sportback use electric torque vectoring.

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