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  • Audi Performance Days Sevilla – Trailer
    Audi MediaCenter

    “Performance is an attitude”: The special new models from Audi Sport GmbH

    Audi Sport GmbH offers a wide range of high-performance models that trigger pure emotion, from compact cars to super sports cars.
  • 11/24/22

    Seven locations, seven best apprentices: Audi’s top trainees in 2022

    The best apprentices in 2022 at the Audi locations in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels, Győr, and San José Chiapa, as well as at its subsidiary brands Ducati in Bologna and Lamborghini in Sant'Agata Bolognese, have reason to be proud: All seven are among the winners of the “Best Apprentice Award,” which the Volkswagen Group presents each year to 50 outstanding training program finishers.
  • 11/24/22

    Four Audi entries at the endurance finale in Abu Dhabi

    Since 2012, six different Audi customer teams have participated in a total of six editions of the Gulf 12 Hours so far. Attempto Racing was the most successful with a one-two victory in 2019. In the finale of the 2022 Intercontinental GT Challenge on December 11, two experienced teams will field a total of four Audi R8 LMS cars relying on five Audi Sport drivers, among others.

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Charging with Audi

Whether it’s charging options at home, route and range planning, or the multitude of different providers and access to charging stations on the road, e-mobility raises questions that confront newcomers to the world of electric vehicles. As a premium supplier, Audi takes a holistic approach and has had its customers’ needs in the field of electric-powered mobility in mind since the launch of the Audi e-tron in 2019.
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Audi RS 4 Avant and Audi RS 5 with competition plus package

Even before the turn of the millennium, it was the benchmark, the leader of its class. The Audi RS 4 Avant, whether with a biturbo V6 or naturally aspirated V8 engine, has always stood for exceptional performance and first-class everyday practicality - also thanks to all-wheel drive. The Audi RS 5 followed in 2010 with an identical drive system but a different focus. The Coupé, and later also the Sportback, present themselves with progressive lines that serve as a contrast to the RS 4 Avant. The approach of both model series always remains the same: experience dynamics anew time and again!
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Hybrid work at Audi

There’s no going back to yesterday’s workplace: for Audi, hybrid working models are an essential component of the company culture. The company agreement “Hybrid Working,” which will take effect at the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites starting on October 1, 2022, is setting a new standard in the Audi workplace. The company agreement envisions maximum flexibility, self-determination, and personal responsibility for employees. To a great extent, Audi staff can freely choose their workplace and alternate between working from home and on-site, to the extent that the nature of their work permits. Audi will support them with equipment packages for the home office and by reorganizing the space at the plant to make their work more productive and their time there more pleasant. Teams set their own rules and are not constrained by rigid guidelines imposed from above. Desk sharing in the office and more flexible working conditions in production are also part of the concept. Audi’s company agreement “Hybrid Working” builds on its “Mobile Working” company agreement, which had been in effect since 2016. It was developed as part of the Better Normal project, which Audi has used to foster modern working models and a culture of trust and personal responsibility.

Dakar test Morocco, September 2022

Audi Sport prepared for the first rally of the new Audi RS Q e-tron E2 at an extensive test in Morocco in September 2022.
Audi MediaCenter

Audi Sphere models

For Audi, shaping the future is an expression of attitude. Nowhere is this attitude as palpable as in the brand’s concept cars. With the Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere and Audi urbansphere concepts, Audi is illustrating its vision of progressive luxury. The word “sphere” in the names emphasizes that the inner space – the interior – will be granted heightened importance in the mobility of the future. The interior will become the foundation for design and technology, turning the vehicle into a sphere where the passengers can enjoy life and experiences while on the go – a third living space. For Audi, this includes a comprehensive ecosystem of automotive services: communications or relaxation, work or retreat in privacy – the car is transforming from a mere automobile into an experience device. With the sphere series, Audi is showing off its vision of the electric premium mobility of the future.

24h Spa 2022

Audi Sport customer racing wants to continue its winning streak at the 74th edition of the Spa 24 Hours, from July 28 to 31. The goal: The R8 LMS is already aiming for its third overall 24-hour victory this year. In addition, valuable points and decisive championship positions in the Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS are at stake for drivers and teams in various classes. No less than twelve Audi R8 LMS entries are set to compete in the world’s biggest GT3 race in the Belgian Ardennes.

20th anniversary Audi RS 6

For 20 years, one vehicle has inspired Audi Sport GmbH and a worldwide fan community like no other: The Audi RS 6 has been shaping the field of high-performance station wagons with impressive performance and outstanding everyday usability for four generations. The successful basic concept from 2002 is based on a twin-turbocharged power unit and all-wheel drive. The basic concept is the same across all RS 6 generations. Even in the competitive environment, the RS 6 continues to make its mark and set new standards.
Audi MediaCenter

TechDay Smart Production

From modular assembly as a response to increasing product variety, to virtual assembly planning for the resource-efficient design of infrastructure or the local server solution Edge Cloud 4 Production that is a paradigm shift in factory automation: Audi is building a fully networked, highly efficient, and sustainable way of production that uses new technologies and concepts to successfully meet the demands of the future. In doing so, Audi is looking at manufacturing as a whole - from the individual employee to the fully automated production cycle.

SocAIty study: Autonomous Driving in the Field of Tension Between Technological Progress & Social Acceptance

The &Audi SocAIty study addresses the mobility of the future or, more precisely, the opportunities and challenges posed by autonomous driving. The intent behind the study is to make a decisive contribution to the public debate surrounding current issues relating to autonomous driving and the responsible use of new technologies in mobility. After all, it only takes a brief look at the current discourse on autonomous driving to realize the vital role it plays in many social issues. Yet on the one hand, it seems that society is not yet ready for such a major technological advance and much of the debate seems driven by fear. On the other, real-life labs and testing facilities are bringing the technology closer and closer to the very heart of our society every day. Simultaneously, the international legal situation is currently undergoing rapid developments. Equally, while sometimes seen as an obstacle to progress, issues of data protection are repeatedly raised for debate in the general discourse. Topics are discussed to much controversy and questions repeatedly raised for which there are, as yet, no clear answers. The present study addresses these questions and in doing so aims to answer open questions about the use of new technologies in mobility and their influence on people’s lives.

Audi Sommerkonzerte 2022

Under the festival motto “Visions of the Future”, Lisa Batiashvili is presenting the concert program of this year’s Audi Summer Concerts. In her fourth year as artistic director, Batiashvili has put together a festival lineup that celebrates the integrative power of music in uncertain times. The star violinist has invited artists from Europe, Germany, and the Ingolstadt region to join her from 30 June to 10 July in taking a strong stand for peaceful coexistence while at the same time pushing the boundaries of classical music.

TechDay Charging Experience

In mobility, arriving worry-free is the central requirement, one that applies equally to battery electric vehicles. Range, charging performance, and in-car display are among the decisive factors in fulfilling this basic need. The Audi TechDay Charging Experience will show how we give our customers an integrated experience through technical expertise, a sophisticated battery concept, and a reliable remaining range display. It begins in our battery testing center in Gaimersheim and our know-how in the design, development, and control of battery cells. To give customers a taste of premium charging, the Audi charging hub in Nuremberg will demonstrate that the future belongs to reservable high-power charging in urban spaces. For that reason, we are planning additional sites. Finally, customers will experience first-hand through the remaining range display in our e-tron models that reliability is our top priority and an intelligent algorithm makes all the difference. You can find all information and press materials here.

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Drones for environmental protection

The project launched in the summer of 2018 – and now the results are being presented: Over the past three years, research drones from the Heidelberg University of Education repeatedly circled over the meadow orchards in the community of Bad Schönborn between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Covering an area of around 500 hectares, roughly ten hectares of which were meadow orchards, the drones carried out a comprehensive digital monitoring survey that automatically classified and evaluated the fruit trees.

Project PlasticLoop

As part of the PlasticLoop project, Audi worked with the plastics manufacturer LyondellBasell to establish a process in which chemical recycling will be used for the first time to reuse mixed automotive plastic waste in the series production of the Audi Q8 e-tron.

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