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Works council

Audi Works Council

Discuss, develop, determine. These are possibilities a strong works council has and makes use of. The works council actively contributes to shaping the future at Audi and is committed to the interests of all colleagues in the company. Active co-determination is the foundation of Audi’s lasting success. The basis for this is the election of the works council, which is established in law. It enables employees to elect a work council they trust.

Recent press releases

  • 07/29/21

    “Better Normal”: working and learning at Audi goes remote

    Audi is making major strides in the digital transformation of its collaboration processes. The company continues to expand its combination of remote, semi-remote, and office-based work. Audi is also incorporating remote learning into its vocational training programs. In close collaboration with the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Audi has developed a plan for a flexible learning and collaboration culture. On the basis of this concept, the Board of Management and the works council have agreed to permanently incorporate remote learning in the vocational training program. In the future, vocational trainees at Audi will be able to learn digitally for up to 20 percent of their training program.
  • 04/12/18

    Audi Supervisory Board election results

    Over 130 delegates from across Germany elected the employee representatives on the Supervisory Board of AUDI AG on Thursday in Ingolstadt. All representatives elected to the Supervisory Board were candidates on the IG Metall trade union list.
  • 03/13/18

    Audi profit-sharing bonus increases to €4,770

    Audi is ensuring that its employees participate in the company’s success: A skilled worker at AUDI AG will receive a profit-sharing bonus of €4,770 for the 2017 financial year. The amount for this group of employees last year was €3,150. The company will pay out the bonuses to the eligible employees in Germany paid according to wage-bargaining agreements with the wages for May.

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