Dakar test Morocco, October 2023

Audi has successfully mastered one of the biggest challenges in motorsport: the Dakar Rally. The Audi RS Q e-tron already caused a stir with its efficiency and competitiveness at its debut in the famous desert rally in January 2022. In 2023, Team Audi Sport used the three desert prototypes with electric drive and energy converter with an innovative fuel for the first time. In 2024, the team achieved overall victory with Carlos Sainz/Lucas Cruz.


  • Dakar Rally 2024 Successful conclusion
    The overall victory of Carlos Sainz and Lucas Cruz at the Dakar Rally on January 19, 2024 concludes Audi’s rally raid program. The brand has achieved a historic new milestone with the first overall victory of a low-emission T1U prototype with an electric drivetrain, high-voltage battery and energy converter. Thanks to a residue-based reFuel fuel for the energy converter, Audi is reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent. “We have made history with this success and attracted a lot of attention worldwide,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Rolf Michl. “It was a hard-earned and extremely emotional victory for a highly motivated team. Team Audi Sport and Q Motorsport showed exemplary team spirit in a particularly tough edition of this challenging motorsport event. After setbacks last season, we managed to turn the tide and prevailed this time around against a number of strong teams and very good drivers. My thanks go to everyone involved, whose hard work made this successful conclusion to the program possible.” Audi is ending the rally project as planned after its third participation in the Dakar Rally, and the consideration of a possible participation in the 2024 World Rally Raid Championship has been rejected. After extremely high spare parts consumption at the 2023 Dakar, a very intensive test program in 2023 and the damage that occurred, as well as the very tough 2024 Dakar Rally, most of the prototype parts have been used up as a thorough analysis showed. The long lead times in the production of such one-offs are sometimes up to two years due to very few, highly specialized suppliers for Audi’s extremely complex prototype. This means that the framework conditions are not in place within which Audi could ensure successful participation in the World Rally Raid Championship during an entire season.