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Rallycross: Season finale in South Africa

Mattias Ekström (EKS Audi Sport) talks about the rallycross track at Cape Town, which will host the season finale of the FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX) on November 24–25.

Time to reflect: Bram Schot talks future at the Audi MQ! Innovation Summit

Do we really need to work 40 hours a week to achieve our goals? Bram Schot talks about the importance how important it is to of dreaming and discussing dream and to discuss ideas as we work together towards the future of mobility and Audi.

AI4People: responsible use of artificial intelligence

The AI4People initiative invited to the Global Forum in Brussels to discuss how to deal responsibly with artificial intelligence and new technologies. Under the motto „towards a good AI society“ the initiative AI4People invited in addition to Audi the former prime minister of Great Britain Tony Blair. With the beyond initiative, Audi is itself a pioneer in the field in order to create confidence in autonomous driving.

Before, today and tomorrow: 50 years of the Audi 100

Marc Lichte, present head of Audi design, talks to Hartmut Warkuss, head of design at Audi from 1969 - 1993. The two look back at the 1968 Audi 100, which has now become a muscular, spacious and sporty A6. The former designer Peter von Horsezky tells us about the Audi 100 as one of the fastest cars in its class with the installation of a fifth cylinder, the setting up of a new world record by its aerodynamic shape and the effect of the four-wheel drive "quattro" in 1984 followed by the TDI. diesel injection engine.
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