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Director Global Communications Product/Technology/Motorsports
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Head of Model Line, Innovation and Technology Communications
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  • 06/29/20

    A bestseller gets even better: Audi unveils a new look for the Q5

    The Audi Q5 has been one of the bestselling SUVs in the premium mid-size segment on European markets for years. And now, Audi has made it even better and even more attractive. The optimized Q5 combines a sporty character with excellent everyday usability, and comes with a wide array of infotainment and assistance options. The sharpened exterior design of this highly successful model emphasizes the Q identity and boasts a rear light cluster featuring digital OLED technology for the first time worldwide.
  • 06/18/20

    Audi Denkwerkstatt again among the best digital labs in a german company

    The Audi Denkwerkstatt is once again among the best digital innovation hubs in a German company. This was the verdict of the “Konzerne auf den Spuren von Startups 2020” (companies on the trail of startups 2020) study conducted by the business magazine Capital and consulting firm Infront Consulting. Its top ranking can be largely attributed to the strong customer focus, which is essential for the creation of scalable business models. Its firm anchoring in the Berlin startup scene was another reason for its success. The study also showed that digital innovation hubs are being thrust increasingly into the spotlight as a result of the challenges thrown up by the coronavirus crisis.
  • 06/17/20

    Innovative aerodynamics concept of the Audi e-tron S models

    Aerodynamics is a key factor in range particularly with all-electric automobiles. Thanks to smart technology innovations, Audi’s sporty SUV coupé achieves a remarkably low drag coefficient figure of 0.26. The sophisticated aerodynamics concept features many innovative detailed solutions.

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New look for the Audi Q5

Sharper, more agile, more innovative: the new Audi Q5 has a more distinctive Q design, an even more comfortable and agile running gear and a world first in lighting technology. The next generation of OLED lighting technology is available for the first time in the modified Q5.

Animation: Digital OLED lighting technology in the Audi Q5

Next-generation OLED lighting technology is available for the first time ever in the modified Q5. OLEDs are extremely efficient organic light-emitting diodes that generate a homogenous light surface. The optional OLED rear light is split into three tiles of six segments each, which enables Audi designers and developers to create different light designs and signatures from a single item of hardware.

The digital OLED technology in the rear lights of the Audi Q5

Stephan Berlitz (Head of Innovation Light / View) and Werner Thomas (Project Manager OLED technology) explain the digital OLED technology of the Audi Q5. The next-generation OLED lighting technology is available for the first time ever in the modified Q5.

Das Design des Audi Q5

Dany Garand, Coordination Design Exterior Studio 1.1, explains the design of the Q5. The strong Q identity characterizes the exterior of the Audi Q5 with its expression of power, robustness and safety. In executing the exterior update, Audi designers further emphasized this look and feel with a series of distinctive details.
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