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Assistance Systems

Assistence Systems

Many Audi models come standard with assistance systems that enhance both comfort and safety. Take the preventive system Audi pre sense city in the Audi Q7, for example: A front-facing camera recognizes a potential collision. The system warns the driver and initiates emergency braking, if necessary. Our cars are becoming smarter and smarter, and thus also safer and safer. The long-term objective of this development is a vehicle that avoids accidents. But assistance systems can do even more.

Press Releases

  • 09/07/17

    Navigation technology at the highest level: Audi and HERE developing hand in hand

    Audi and HERE Technologies continue to integrate their services for even greater customer benefit. In the new Audi A8 luxury sedan, the automobile manufacturer offers an array of technologies and services created by the map developer. Audi participates in HERE together with other companies. Both sides plan to intensify their collaboration in future.

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