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Sustainability at Audi

Sustainability at Audi

A holistic approach to sustainability

Across every organizational level, Audi has a shared value system that drives the next stages of development at the company. Compliance and integrity are decisive coordinates in that system.
Audi puts the person in the center of things. That is why the company with the four rings exercises solidarity inside and outside the factory gates. The central pillars are appreciation, openness, trust, and integrity.
Audi puts sustainability at the center of its activities and that means looking at the supply chain. That’s because most carbon emissions happen in upstream manufacturing processes.
Audi is expanding its fleet of electric vehicles. Starting in 2026, its new models will be exclusively powered by electricity. The E-roadmap points to a discontinuation of combustion engine production by 2033.
At the Four Rings, sustainability is a top priority and permeates all areas of the company.

Press Releases


Peatland protection through climate certificates: Study funded by the Audi Environmental Foundation and LEADER* highlights opportunities for the Donaumoos

Peatlands are considered efficient long-term carbon reservoirs. By storing enormous amounts of carbon in layers of peat, they thus help reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. How the transition from drainage-based to a sustainable peat-preserving use of land can be achieved, is the subject of the feasibility study “CO2-regio”, funded by the Audi Environmental Foundation. The study examines how measures for rewetting in the Donaumoos could be reconciled with the needs of local farmers.

AzuBioTop project: New Audi recruits committed to environmental protection in the region

A new habitat for endangered animal and plant species is currently being created a few kilometers outside Audi’s Ingolstadt plant gates: the Audi AzuBioTop. The idea for the project came from new recruits. Since October 2022, employees have been gradually planting meadows of fruit trees and flowers as well as a replacement habitat for sand lizards. The first tree to be planted in the fall was recently followed by another planting event. Together with Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources and project sponsor Xavier Ros, Board Member for Production and Logistics Gerd Walker, and Chairman of the General Works Council Peter Mosch, the trainees have planted several native fruit trees.

Audi Environmental Foundation supports US coastal restoration

Audi Environmental Foundation (AEF) has awarded grants to two U.S. non-profits – Save The Bay and The Chesapeake Bay Foundation – providing $100,000 to each organization alongside Audi of America employee volunteer opportunities. The joint initiative is launching as “Restore our Bays”. Audi of America partnered with AEF to select the non-profit groups, recognizing the importance of its work to improve climate resilience along each coast. Water conservation and ecosystem protection are priorities for Audi, as we continue to work toward a global commitment to cut water consumption per vehicle produced in half by 2035 compared to 2019 levels*.

Turning old into new: MaterialLoop project tests circular economy potential of end-of-life vehicles

With its joint project ”MaterialLoop”, Audi is taking the next step toward closing more material cycles in the automotive industry. Together with 15 partners from the research, recycling, and supplier sectors, the brand with the four rings is looking into the reuse of so-called post-consumer materials, which are taken from customer vehicles at the end of their lifecycle, from the automotive sector for the production of new cars. As part of Audi’s circular economy strategy, the project provides valuable insight on how a circular economy can be put into practice.

Sustainable Water Management: Audi Joins the Alliance for Water Stewardship

Since 2023, Audi is the first premium auto manufacturer to join the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). This global coalition of companies, NGOs, and the public sector is dedicated to water stewardship throughout the value chain; this step will allow Audi’s San José Chiapa site in Mexico to seek certification under the International Water Stewardship Standard, also known as the AWS Standard.

More purity, more reduction, more consistency: The new rings from Audi

Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik, for innovative mobility. A promise that the four rings aim to reflect through a progressive design. Now the vehicles’ characteristic features have been thoroughly reworked. In this interview, designer André Georgi and brand strategist Frederik Kalisch explain what it means for Audi now that its cars bear new rings.

Audi Adds Brand Exclusive Charging Stations to its Premium E-mobility Ecosystem in China

The Four Rings are accelerating their e-offensive in China. As part of the “Vorsprung 2030 China Strategy”, Audi is enriching its mobility ecosystem by bringing the Audi Charging Station to customers in China. The first batch will go live before the end of this year.

Audi and Krajete Filter CO2 Out of the Air

AUDI AG and the Linz-based green tech company Krajete GmbH are jointly developing new technologies for filtering emissions from ambient air. In addition to robust adsorber materials, these so-called direct air capturing technologies (DAC) are based, above all, on innovative processes. They make far-reaching energy and cost reductions possible.

Sustainability in Audi’s gastronomy services: “We want to make a good choice easy”

Ingolstadt, June 17, 2022 – Audi has decided to reduce emissions through its entire value chain. At first glance, it might seem surprising that its gastronomy services also play a small, but important role. However, that is cleared up on a closer look: sustainability with an eye toward what we eat means handling our resources carefully, protecting our environment, and avoiding long storage or transportation distances. Therefore, Audi’s gastronomy services consistently orient their offerings toward these criteria – and they do it across the entire value chain, from fostering regional suppliers to reducing carbon emissions to avoiding food waste in Audi’s company cafeterias. To mark the Day of sustainable gastronomy (June 18), Victoria Broscheit, head of Audi’s gastronomy services, sat for an interview about the company’s role as a multiplier for sustainable and healthy food, employees’ growing interest in conscious eating – and the question of why sustainability in gastronomy services is also a matter of attitude.

"A win-win for both sides. And for humanity."

32 years ago, the Georgian Chamber Orchestra found its exile in Ingolstadt. Since then, it has been anchored firmly in the city's cultural life. It is impossible to imagine the Audi Summer Concerts without it. This year, it will again perform at the Audi Klassik Open, bringing memories of the orchestra's eventful history back to life. Two of the orchestra's musicians share a story of hope.

An ideal basis for planning: Range display in Audi electric cars gives a reliable picture

Whether you’re driving around the corner, commuting to work, or going on vacation: When you’re on the road in an electric car, reliable range indications form the basis for planning all your mobility needs. Statutory test cycles as the basis for range indication can only serve as a general guide for planning since, in practice, range is impacted by numerous parameters. In addition to external factors such as congestion, route topography, or outside temperatures, driver-specific influences including individual driving style or the use of comfort features also play an important role. The remaining range display in the all-electric e-tron models from Audi passes this test in flying colors by factoring in all relevant parameters and providing a realistic picture. On top of that, the route planner ensures that any necessary charging stops on the trip are ideally planned into the route. Route planning can either be set up from inside the car or prior to departure using the convenient myAudi app.

We.Together: International Diversity and Inclusion Days show diversity of Audi Group

How attractive is job sharing for male managers? What are the experiences of one year of gender-sensitive language? Can social media promote diversity? And what is the best way to overcome boundaries through working together? To celebrate European Diversity Month, Audi is offering employees all over the world an online event covering a range of topics and spanning multiple days. The event will highlight the high value the international Audi family places on diversity and inclusion.
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