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Audi builds cars at sites all over the world. In addition to the two German Audi plants in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, it has production facilities in Győr (Hungary), Brussels (Belgium), Martorell (Spain), Bratislava (Slovakia), Kaluga (Russia), Curitiba (Brazil), Aurangabad (India), and Changchun and Foshan (China). On September 30, 2016, the company inaugurated the twelfth plant in the Audi production network in the Mexican city of San José Chiapa. A complete automobile plant with press shop, body shop, paint shop and assembly shop was erected in the record time of just 3.5 years. Audi produces the Audi Q5 premium SUV at the 400-hectare (988.4 acres) site. The Audi Group also includes the Lamborghini site in Sant’Agata Bolgnese (Italy) and the three Ducati motorcycle plants in Bologna (Italy), Amphur Pluakdaeng (Thailand) and Manaus (Brazil). At all sites, production takes place with uniform, maximum quality standards worldwide, as required by to the Audi Production System and according to the principle: “made by Audi.”

Basic information on our sites

  • Audi site Ingolstadt

    Overview of Audi

    In a challenging fiscal 2019, the company is optimizing processes and implementing extensive structural reforms. Another focal point is the corporate culture, a new culture of integrity and openness. Audi is investing roughly 14 billion euros by 2023 as part of a strategic alignment on the future fields of electric mobility, digitalization and autonomous driving. The company is taking a targeted and focused approach to e-mobility. Audi will launch 12 electrified models by the end of 2020: five fully electric models and seven plug-in hybrids.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi at the Ingolstadt site

    Audi has been building automobiles at its Ingolstadt plant for 70 years. The heart of the Audi Group beats in this major Bavarian city on the Danube: Here is AUDI AG’s headquarters, the Audi Group’s largest manufacturing facility. * The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of all the models named above and available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi at the Neckarsulm site

    As the biggest company in the prospering Heilbronn-Franken economic region, the Neckarsulm site of AUDI AG is one of the most attractive employers in Baden Württemberg. The city of Neckarsulm, which takes its name from the Neckar and Sulm rivers, has a population of around 26,000 and provides some 40,000 jobs. The Heilbronn-Franken region provides more than 387,416 jobs, with the automotive industry playing an important role. With 16,995 employees, Audi in Neckarsulm is the region’s biggest employer (as of December 31, 2017). The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of all the models named above and available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi at the Aurangabad site

    AUDI AG has been producing automobiles at its site in Aurangabad in the Indian federal state of Maharashtra since September 2007. The Audi A3 Sedan*, Audi A4 Sedan*, Audi A6 Sedan* and the Audi Q3*, Audi Q5* and Audi Q7* are produced at the plant of Skoda Auto India Private Limited (SAIPL). In addition, SAIPL produces the Volkswagen Tiguan and Passat as well as the Škoda models Kodiaq, Octavia and Superb in Aurangabad. * The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of all the models named above and available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.
  • 03/14/19

    The Audi site in Bratislava

    In the Slovakian capital of Bratislava, Audi has been building the Audi Q7* premium SUV since  late 2005 and the new Audi Q8* since 2018 at the Volkswagen Slovakia plant. Automobiles from five Volkswagen Group brands are assembled under one roof here.
  • 03/14/19


    Audi has been producing the Audi A1 family exclusively in the European capital of Brussels since 2010. In 2017, around 95,284 automobiles rolled off the production line. Production of the first purely electric-drive SUV from Audi will start in the capital of Belgium this year. The plant now also has its own battery production. Production of the Audi A1* will be transferred from Belgium to Martorell, Spain, during the course of this year. The fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of all the models named above and available on the German market are listed in the last chapter of this basic information.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi in China

    Audi has been active in China since 1988 and has been the leader in the country’s premium segment ever since. AUDI AG is represented in China by a joint venture and a one hundred percent subsidiary, Audi China in Beijing.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi at the Curitiba Site

    In 2015, Audi started production of the Audi A3 Sedan* at the São José dos Pinhais site in Curitiba, Brazil. Assembly of the Audi Q3* began in 2016. This plant is the only one to produce ethanol‑powered versions of Audi models.
  • 03/14/19


    AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. develops and produces engines for AUDI AG and other companies of the Volkswagen Group in Győr, Hungary. In 2013, the company inaugurated a new automobile plant there covering the complete production process. This marked the start of series production of the Audi A3 Sedan* and the Audi A3 Cabriolet* in Győr. These were followed in 2014 by the new Audi TT Coupé* and the Audi TT Roadster*, which are built entirely at the Audi plant in Hungary.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi at the Kaluga site

    Audi assembles the Audi Q7* at the site in Kaluga, Russia. In the semi‑knocked down (SKD) process, the automobiles are first fully assembled at Volkswagen Slovakia in Bratislava. They are then partially dismantled before the SKD kits are transported by rail to Kaluga. Assembly is carried out by Volkswagen Group RUS in accordance with the technical and quality specifications of AUDI AG. Audi has been assembling SKD kits in cooperation with Volkswagen Group Rus at the plant in Kaluga since 2009.
  • 03/14/19

    Audi at the Martorell site

    Audi produced the Audi Q3* at the SEAT site in Martorell near Barcelona in Spain between the spring of 2011 and the summer of 2018. The total production of the Audi Q3 at this site amounted to almost 800,000 units. Since October 2018 the site is also producing the Audi A1 Sportback*. Last year, the number of cars produced was 83,629 (2017: 114,372).
  • 03/13/19

    Audi in Algeria

    Since December 2018, Audi has been producing the Audi A3 Sportback*, the Audi A3 Sedan*, and the Audi Q2* at the Sovac Production S.P.A site in Relizane, 270 kilometers west of Algiers. Sovac Production S.P.A is a subsidiary of the Sovac Group, official representative of the Volkswagen Group in Algeria since 2001.
  • 03/11/19

    Audi at the San José Chiapa site

    The ramp-up of the Audi México plant is complete. 173,734 locally produced Audi Q5* units came off the production line at the San José Chiapa site in 2018. The premium SUV has already won numerous accolades, including the “Golden Steering Wheel,” a prestigious German automotive award, in the “Large SUV” category. After just one year, the fledgling Audi plant is already one of the country’s most attractive employers – the latest ranking by Universum Global puts Audi México in fourth place, for example. The site shows its commitment to the region by being involved in numerous local projects. The economy of the entire region benefits from this development.
  • 01/18/19

    IN-Campus – Technology park for future projects of AUDI AG

    The abbreviation “IN” denotes innovation: With the IN-Campus, AUDI AG and the city of Ingolstadt have gotten a strategic investment off the ground. Both partners will work together to remediate the site of a former oil refinery and transform this industrial wasteland into a campus. The focus is on the development work for future-oriented projects. The future technology park IN-Campus is designed to be open, sustainable and close to nature. The first construction jobs are well under way.
  • 04/05/17

    Body development at Audi – innovation, quality and precision

    Audi is writing a new chapter in its successful history of lightweight design. For the coming generation of the Audi A8, an intelligent mix of four materials will be used in the body structure for the first time – more than in any of the brand’s previous production models. The luxury sedan is thus once again rightfully claiming its role as an innovation driver in automotive lightweight design. A tradition that dates back to the year 1994, when the A8 with its aluminum unitary body in Audi Space Frame (ASF) design caused quite a sensation.
  • 03/03/16

    Audi Tooling Barcelona

    Audi Tooling Barcelona (ATB) is based in Martorell in the region of Catalonia, Spain, and is active in the areas of toolmaking and plant engineering. The company can look back on a history of more than ten years. Its customers include SEAT as well as the Audi production plants, and it currently employs approximately 150 employees.
  • 06/12/13

    Audi expands its Hungarian site in Győr into a fully-fledged car factory

    AUDI AG has expanded its site in Győr into a complete automobile factory. The expansion, which represents an investment volume of more than €900 million, is creating 2,100 new jobs in the northwest of Hungary. The first models to roll off the new production lines will be the Audi A3 Sedan and the S3 Sedan.
  • 06/12/13

    Audi Hungaria: in the press shop

    320 meters long, 58 meters wide and 17 meters high –Hall G 55, the press shop, isn’t the biggest building of the Audi Hungaria plant in Győr. But it’s something like the cornerstone of the production process – the section where the production of each individual car begins. The building’s foundations consist of a seamless slab of reinforced concrete 1.5 meters thick and eight meters below the surface of the ground. The slab is supported by 360 bored piles 15 meters long and 0.8 meters in diameter.

Recent Press Releases

  • 05/21/19

    Audi creates near-natural habitat for animals and plants on 17 hectares of the plant site

    Along with climate change, the loss of biodiversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time. The United Nations has therefore declared the current decade to be the UN Decade of Biodiversity. Audi is also committed to protecting biodiversity and has transformed 17 hectares of land on the Audi production site in Münchsmünster into a near-natural habitat for animals and plants. So far, 112 plant species have developed there and around 90 species of wild bees have settled there.
  • 05/20/19

    AI for bee research: we4bee becomes part of the Microsoft ‘AI for Earth’ program

    The we4bee bee research project, which is supported by the Audi Environmental Foundation, has been included in Microsoft's “AI for Earth” program. we4bee aims to connect intelligent beehives equipped with sensors with the cloud in order to carry out long-term analyses of bee colonies and environmental data, and to investigate the effects of certain influences on bees using data-science methods. As a member of the worldwide “AI for Earth” network, we4bee gains access to current products and services connected with artificial intelligence, and is supported by learning and training programs.
  • 05/16/19

    Great Engagement in Audi Volunteers’ Day: More than 300 Audi people involved in 43 projects

    If we all do our all: This is the motto of the seventh Audi Volunteers’ Day, which takes place this Saturday, May 18, in Ingolstadt and the region. More than 300 Audi employees are actively involved in 43 social projects this year.
  • 05/13/19

    For the Mobility of Tomorrow - IN-Campus Technology Park for Audi and the Ingolstadt Region

    “IN” stands for innovation: With IN-Campus, AUDI AG and the city of Ingolstadt have gotten a strategic investment off the ground. They will work together to intricately remediate the site of a former oil refinery in Ingolstadt, the first environmental project of its kind in Bavaria. IN-Campus GmbH, a joint venture of AUDI AG and the city of Ingolstadt, is investing in a campus—the focus lies on the technologies of the future. Construction work on the 75-hectare IN-Campus, which was designed to be open and close to nature, is already underway. Today, May 13, the Bavarian Minister President, Dr. Markus Söder, the Mayor of the city of Ingolstadt, Dr. Christian Lösel, and Audi Board of Management Member for Production Peter Kössler, together with the two managing directors of IN-Campus GmbH, are officially laying the foundation stone for the joint project.
  • 05/07/19

    Silver jubilee: Audi A4 celebrates its 25th birthday

    Audi is celebrating a major production anniversary in the premium mid size segment: 25 years ago, the first Audi A4 drove off the assembly line in Ingolstadt. Since then, the brand with the Four Rings has produced more than 7.5 million units of the model. A quarter of a century after its birth, demand is unabated for the Audi A4, now in its fifth generation. With 344,586 units sold in 2018, the A4 is the world’s most popular model of the Four Rings. Approximately every fifth Audi delivered worldwide today comes from this series.
  • 04/11/19

    Audi at Auto Shanghai 2019

    Audi is starting the Auto Shanghai 2019 motor show with two world premieres and a whole series of national innovations. The brand is presenting the visionary Audi AI:ME concept car in the southern Chinese metropolis. In addition, two electric models will make their series debut in Shanghai: the Audi e-tron* and the Q2 L e-tron, which was designed especially for China and is built in the Foshan plant. The compact SUV, which will be delivered to the first customers in the summer of 2019, is even experiencing its world premiere in Shanghai.
  • 04/08/19

    Audi expands polymer 3D printing in Production

    Audi is expanding the use of 3D printers in Production. Custom designed and locally printed, auxiliary tools from the 3D printer help employees on the production lines. A separate department will be responsible for implementation at the Neckarsulm site in the future.
  • 04/03/19

    Volker Germann is new Managing Director of Audi Brussels

    Volker Germann is the new managing director at Audi Brussels. The plant in Belgium produces the Audi e-tron, the first all-electric SUV in the history of the Audi company. Germann succeeds in this position to Patrick Danau, who is retiring after more than 40 years of service for the Volkswagen Group. Within the executive board of Audi Brussels, Volker Germann will hold the positions of General Director for Production, Technology and Logistics and Spokesperson of the Management.
  • 03/29/19

    One cubic meter of plastic waste collected each month: cleanup in the port of Brussels

    Together with Audi Brussels and the Port of Brussels, the Audi Environmental Foundation and its project partner Recycled Island Foundation have installed a specially developed collecting basin in the harbor basin of Brussels. This plastic trap is designed so that waste floating in the water is flushed into a net, where retention devices prevent it from being washed out again and thus ensure that no plastic reaches the open sea via the canal. The port of Brussels is already the third site for the Recycled Island project, following Rotterdam and the Indonesian island of Ambon.
  • 03/21/19

    Innovative water treatment at Audi saves up to 500,000 cubic meters of fresh water a year

    Audi has reached another milestone on its way to wastewater-free automobile production. The company has put a new service-water supply center into operation at the Ingolstadt site. In conjunction with the existing treatment plant, about half of the wastewater produced at the site can now be recycled and treated for reuse. In this way, Audi will saves up to 500,000 cubic meters of fresh water each year. The heart of the service-water supply center is the so-called membrane bioreactor (MBR).
  • 03/12/19

    Climate-neutral energy for Audi Hungaria: photovoltaic system on 160,000 square meters

    Together with E.ON, Audi is building a solar energy park on the roofs of the two logistics centers of its plant in Győr covering about 160,000 square meters. This will create Europe’s largest photovoltaic system installed on a building at the Audi Hungaria plant in Győr. It will have a peak output of 12 megawatts. Construction work will start in August 2019 and renewable energy generation will start at the beginning of next year.
  • 03/11/19

    Pioneering work: Audi México produces completely without wastewater

    Audi is the world’s first premium manufacturer to produce automobiles completely free of wastewater. At its site in San José Chiapa, Mexico, the company is using a new water treatment process that collects 100 percent of the wastewater produced there, purifies it and feeds large volumes of clean water back into the plant’s water supply system. In this way, Audi México ensures the sustainable use of the water as a resource and minimizes the environmental impact of its car production.
  • 02/13/19

    Baden-Württemberg’s Minister-President Kretschmann test drives an Audi e-tron

    The Audi e-tron in front of the Villa Reitzenstein: Winfried Kretschmann, Minister-President of Germany’s federal state of Baden-Württemberg, and the Audi CEO, Bram Schot, met for an informal exchange of opinions at the headquarters of the state government in Stuttgart. On this occasion, the Chairman of the Audi Board of Management accompanied by Wendelin Göbel, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources, and Rolf Klotz, Chairman of the Labor Council of the Audi plant in Neckarsulm, handed over the keys of an Audi e-tron, which the Minister-President will test drive.
  • 02/12/19

    Royal visit to Audi Brussels

    His Majesty the King of Belgium today made an official visit to the Audi plant in Brussels. The reason for the visit is the King’s interest in the company’s dual vocational training system. In Belgium, Audi Brussels is regarded as a pioneer for practical specialist training in the corporate environment. In addition, King Philippe was informed about the first all-electric SUV in the history of Audi. The education ministers from Flanders, the French Community and the Brussels Capital Region – Hilde Crevits, Marie-Martine Schyns and Didier Gosuin – accompanied the head of state on his visit.
  • 01/29/19

    Audi promotes EEBUS Standard for Intelligent Connection of Electric Cars and Buildings

    Audi is actively involved in shaping the digital energy world of the future. The brand with the four rings is involved in the EEBUS initiative to promote networking across manufacturer and industry boundaries. The Audi e-tron (combined electric power consumption in kWh/100 km (62.1 mi)*: 26.2 - 22.6 (WLTP); 24.6 - 23.7 (NEFZ); CO2 emissions combined in g/km (g/mi): 0) is the first electric car whose charging system uses the new communication standard. At the “Plugfest E-Mobility” at the Audi plant in Brussels, developers are testing cross-industry compatibility before the EEBUS standard for energy communication is introduced in February.
  • 01/15/19

    Five years of Audi manufacturing in Münchsmünster

    The Münchsmünster production site close to Ingolstadt has been an important part of the main AUDI AG site since fall 2013: This facility, extending over an area of 54 hectares, makes form-hardened sheet steel elements and diecast aluminum components for lightweight construction using innovative production methods – combining low weight with strength and maximum precision. Key components for models of the Audi, VW, Bentley and Lamborghini brands have been manufactured here for the past five years. The new Audi e-tron equally incorporates chassis modules from Münchsmünster.
  • 12/06/18

    Audi gives starting signal for production in Algeria

    AUDI AG and the longstanding Audi importer SOVAC S.P.A. have today opened the assembly of three models in Algeria. As of now, the Audi A3 Sportback, the A3 Sedan and the Audi Q2 will drive off the assembly line in Relizane, the capital of the province of the same name. Production is initially planned for an annual capacity of approximately 3,000 cars of the Audi brand. The SOVAC Production S.P.A. Algerie plant has been producing Volkswagen Group automobiles since 2017.
  • 11/19/18

    30 years of partnership in China: Audi and FAW start a model initiative

    Audi and First Automotive Works (FAW) are celebrating the 30th anniversary of their partnership this Monday. The approximately 650 guests at the anniversary event at the FAW plant in Changchun include representatives of the province of Jilin, of partner FAW, and of the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture, as well as members of the boards of management of Volkswagen AG and AUDI AG. Audi is further expanding its local research and development competencies in order to launch more China-specific model variants and digital services. The first electric car tailored for Chinese customers, the Audi Q2 L e-tron, will already be launched in 2019. Local production of the Audi e-tron will follow in 2020, one year after its market launch in China.
  • 10/10/18

    Audi A1 production starts at SEAT in Martorell

    Production of the Audi A1 is already underway in Martorell. The new sporty compact model is being made exclusively at the SEAT plant and distributed to all the markets where it is sold, making a positive contribution to increasing the factory’s export volume, which is already above 80%.
  • 09/28/18
    Audi MediaCenter

    Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler new Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG

    Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler will become the Member of the Board of Management for Technical Development at AUDI AG on 1 November 2018. He is the successor of Peter Mertens, who has held this position since May 1, 2017. Mertens had asked the Audi Supervisory Board to release him from his duties for health reasons.
  • 09/20/18

    Audi celebrates 25-year success story in Hungary

    Audi Hungaria is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2018. At the anniversary event today, Thursday, Péter Szijjjártó, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, Zsolt Borkai, Lord Mayor of the City of Győr, Bram Schot, Interim Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, and Achim Heinfling, Managing Director of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt., paid tribute to their shared successes and Audi’s pioneering role in the Hungarian automotive industry. At this event, the company presented the new Audi Q3 to the Hungarian public for the first time.
  • 09/11/18

    First SUV from Győr: start of production of the Audi Q3 at Audi Hungaria

    The first Audi Q3 of the second model generation drove off the assembly line at Audi Hungaria today: The color of the first premium compact SUV from Győr is Turbo Blue. Audi offers the new Q3 with four different engines: three gasoline engines and one diesel in combination with front-wheel or quattro drive.
  • 09/03/18

    Start of production of the Audi e-tron

    Audi starts into the future: This Monday, Audi Brussels begins mass production of the Audi e-tron. The brand’s first all-electric SUV has a range suitable for everyday use. With a charging capacity of up to 150 kW at quick-charging stations, it is ready for the next long-distance stage in about 30 minutes. Audi will present the unveiled electric car for the first time at its world premiere in San Francisco on September 17.
  • 08/01/18

    Audi China prepares change in top management

    Thomas Owsianski is to take up the position of President of Audi China during the fourth quarter of 2018 as successor to Joachim Wedler, and will already be joining the top management team at Audi China from August 1, 2018. The 51-year-old manager was latterly Vice President Sales and Marketing of Volkswagen do Brasil Ltda. and, as First Executive Vice President, responsible for the Volkswagen brand in the South America region. Audi China President Joachim Wedler will be retiring in the fourth quarter after a successful career with the Audi Group spanning 34 years.
  • 07/24/18

    New era: Audi Hungaria starts series production of electric motors

    A new era is starting at Audi Hungaria. On Tuesday, series production of electric motors officially started in Győr. In the context of the symbolic act, the production plant was put into operation by Péter Szijjártó, Minister for Foreign Trade and Foreign Affairs, Peter Kössler, Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics at AUDI AG, and Achim Heinfling, Managing Director of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. The electric motors are produced on floor space of 8,500 square meters with an innovative production concept: modular assembly. The company has invested a double digit million amount to set up the motor production facility. Approximately 100 people are employed in this new area at present.
  • 06/26/18

    Approval authority German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) at Audi in Ingolstadt

    The German Federal Motor Vehicle Transport Authority (KBA) will be fact finding about the current state of clarification of the diesel crisis directly at Audi on Wednesday, June 27. Besides the software modifications, the main focus will be on the new, optimized processes which are required on the way to achieving the general operating permit. The carmaker has been presenting its results to the KBA for many months in regular meetings and has at the same time also reported irregularities. Now the processes as a whole are to be tested at an on-site meeting.
  • 06/20/18
    Culture and Trends

    Audi supports air-taxi project in Ingolstadt

    Audi is shaping mobility in the third dimension. A letter of intent was signed on this subject with partners from the fields of politics and industry in the Federal Chancellery in Berlin on Wednesday afternoon. Bram Schot, interim CEO and Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG, announced the start of the Urban Air Mobility project in Ingolstadt together with Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer, Minister of State for Digital Affairs Dorothee Bär, Airbus CTO Grazia Vittadini, Mayor of Ingolstadt Dr. Christian Lösel and other representatives of politics and business. The goal of the joint EU project is to be a model for air-taxi test operation in the Ingolstadt region. 
  • 06/14/18

    IN-Campus GmbH: Audi and the city of Ingolstadt remediate refinery site for technology park

    Remediation of the IN-Campus site is well underway: Specialized teams are working on behalf of IN-Campus GmbH, a joint venture between AUDI AG and the city of Ingolstadt, to pave the way for a new, state-of-the-art business and industrial park by the end of 2022. Together they are recycling and remediating an abandoned 75-hectare industrial site in the east of Ingolstadt. It is one of the largest remediation projects currently underway in Germany. 
  • 05/15/18

    New engine family at Audi Hungaria

    Series production of the first three-cylinder engine starts today at Audi Hungaria. The 1.0-liter gasoline engine delivering 63 and 85 kW (86 and 116 hp) is efficient and powerful.
  • 03/12/18

    Audi Brussels receives certificate for CO2-neutral automobile production

    Audi Brussels has been awarded a "CO2-neutral site" certificate by the Belgian testing company Vinçotte. The site covers all production processes and all other emissions generated at the plant either by renewable energies (approximately 95 percent) or compensates for them with environmental projects (approximately 5 percent). Audi Brussels thus operates the world's first certified CO2-neutral high-volume production plant in the premium segment.
  • 03/07/18

    Audi restructures business in China with FAW

    Audi, together with partner FAW, is realizing essential steps of the joint 10-year business plan in China. Today, FAW and Audi signed memoranda of understanding for the creation of two new companies for sales as well as mobility and digital services. With these measures, the partners will fundamentally restructure their business in China.
  • 02/19/18

    Audi Hungaria: anniversary year kicks off with projects for the future

    Audi Hungaria enters its anniversary year: Audi officially established the company in Győr exactly 25 years ago, on February 18, 1993. Audi Hungaria has been a success story ever since, and will be adding to its roll call of achievements this year. At the Anniversary Press Conference Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and Achim Heinfling, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt., paid tribute to the carmaker’s accomplishments in Hungary.
  • 01/26/18

    Erik Prieels is the new Director General for Human Resources at Audi Brussels

    There has been a change in management at AUDI BRUSSELS S.A./N.V.: Erik Prieels took over as Director General for Human Resources on January 1, 2018. The 52-year-old was previously Head of Human Resources at Audi Brussels. He succeeds Thomas Neuhaus, who is returning to Ingolstadt after two years as a member of the Audi Brussels management and is assuming a new management position there.
  • 01/19/18

    Audi Smart Energy Network pilot project: eco-electricity intelligently managed

    Automobile, home and power supply combined to form an intelligent energy network: In a pilot project the Audi Smart Energy Network for the first time interacts with the power grid. This marks a major advance for grid stability.
  • 11/22/17

    Audi on demand: Premium brand expands mobility offerings

    Audi is significantly expanding its mobility offerings in Hong Kong. On Wednesday, the brand is opening two new locations for Audi on demand, its premium mobility service. A year ago, the company launched its all-inclusive service in the city as a pilot project exclusively for customers living in a luxury residential complex. Now the service is available to the general public and offering even more flexible booking options. China is among the world’s lead markets for the urban mobility services provided by Audi. In addition to its presence in Hong Kong, Audi on demand also became available in Beijing starting in September 2017. The service also is offered in San Francisco and at Munich Airport.
  • 11/17/17

    Team AFILSOP of the Ilmenau University wins Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017

    The 10,000 euros prize money for the Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017 goes to Ilmenau. In the finale for the competition, the team from AFILSOP prevailed against the heavy competition from seven other universities. During the third Audi Autonomous Driving Cup, students for the first time also completed tasks in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).
  • 11/07/17

    “Golden Steering Wheel” for Audi Q5

    The Audi Q5 has won the 2017 “Golden Steering Wheel” in the “Large SUV” category. Prior to the selection, readers of the German automotive trade magazine Auto Bild, its 20 European sister publications and the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag had determined nominations from the new cars presented in 2017. An international panel of experts crowned the winner from these nominations. Peter Mertens, AUDI AG Board Member for Technical Development, accepted the prize for the Audi Q5 on Tuesday evening in Berlin.
  • 11/02/17

    Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017: independently and intelligently around the course

    The Audi Autonomous Driving Cup 2017 sees eight teams from German universities do battle for podium positions. The competition will be held for the third time on November 15 and 16 in the museum mobile at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. The winning team will receive prize money of EUR 10,000.
  • 10/06/17

    Production milestone at the new car factory of Audi Hungaria: half a million Audi cars “made in Győr”

    Automobile production at Audi Hungaria has achieved a new milestone: The 500,000th car, an Audi TTS Coupé, rolled off the line in Győr and is now on its way to its new owner in the United Kingdom. The car is painted in exclusive “viper green” and equipped with a 2.0 four-cylinder gasoline engine (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7.3 – 6.7 (32.2 – 35.1 US mpg), combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 168 – 155 (270.4 – 249.4 g/mi*). The engine was also produced by the Audi Hungaria plant.
  • 09/29/17

    New Managing Director at Audi Hungaria: Achim Heinfling succeeds to Peter Kössler

    Achim Heinfling (54) is taking over as Managing Director of Audi Hungaria as of October 1, 2017. He succeeds to Peter Kössler, who was appointed Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics at AUDI AG in September. Mr. Heinfling is moving to Győr from the carmaker’s headquarters in Ingolstadt, where he has been Head of Production Planning engine and chassis since 2014. Between 2007 and 2014, Mr. Heinfling was Director for Engine Production at Audi Hungaria and thus had a major impact on the company’s development.
  • 09/25/17

    Audi México: Andreas Lehe new Managing Director for Production and Logistics

    Audi México has successfully tackled the production launch for the Audi Q5 in San José Chiapa, Mexico. Andreas Lehe will now head up Production and Logistics at the new Audi site as planned starting October 1. Outgoing Managing Director of Production and Logistics, Klaus Peter Körner, will return to Germany at the end of September, in keeping with the contract.
  • 09/19/17

    Premium mobility service Audi on demand+ launches in Beijing

    With Audi on demand+ the brand with the Four Rings is now bringing the successful premium mobility concept for flexible use and exceptional service to Beijing. Users select the car desired from a range of prestigious top models from a high-performance vehicle to an upper class sedan. Customers can use their smartphones to book their preferred models and pay while on the move. A concierge service brings the car to the customer by request. The metropolis is the first location for Audi on demand+ in China, and plans call for the offering to become available in major medium and large-sized cities across China to form a regionwide mobility service network within the next years.
  • 08/30/17

    Successful model of dual training: some 800 young people to start at the Audi sites in Germany

    804 young people will start their vocational training at Audi in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm this year. The carmaker will thus be training a similarly large number of young people as in the previous year. In addition, 39 young people will start a dual course of study. A dual course of study for a master’s degree will also be offered for the first time.
  • 08/25/17

    Audi uses virtual reality to train Logistics employees

    The training center of the future fits in a suitcase: A computer, a pair of virtual reality glasses and two controllers are all it takes for the new interactive learning program for Audi packing logistics. The program makes it fun for employees to learn the packing process for CKD Logistics (CKD = completely knocked down). The exercises are designed like a video game and the equipment is quick and easy to set up anywhere.
  • 04/13/17

    Audi Sport racing academy – promoting talent

    The Audi driving experience is now redirecting its program in motorsport: the team around the driver coach and mentor Sepp Haider will focus on the promotion of young talent in the Audi Sport racing academy. In addition to theoretical and sports training, the academy’s comprehensive program also includes practice in the Audi Sport TT Cup and, for the first time, in the ADAC GT Masters.
  • 04/05/17

    Looking ahead to the new Audi A8: Space Frame with a unique mix of materials

    Audi is writing a new chapter in its lightweight design success story. For the next generation of the Audi A8*, an intelligent mix of four materials is being used for the first time in the weight-bearing body structure – more materials than in any of the brand’s previous production models. The luxury sedan is thus once again rightfully claiming its role as an innovation driver in automotive lightweight design: Its low weight and impressive rigidity offer greater performance, efficiency and safety.
  • 02/24/17

    Johannes Roscheck is the new president of Audi do Brasil

    Dr. Johannes Roscheck is the new president and CEO of Audi do Brasil. With great expertise in the automotive sector and knowledge of the Brazilian market, Roscheck, who is an Austrian, has served as CFO in the brand's production unit in Curitiba already in the 1990s.
  • 01/24/17

    Audi etches symbols into car paint

    Audi has developed a process for the partial matting of painted surfaces. A special powder roughens the clear lacquer on the surface to a depth of a few thousandths of a millimeter so that individual markings become visible. With this process, the Audi exclusive program offers personalized design of the side blades for all R8 customers.
  • 01/19/17

    An Audi success story – 8 million cars with quattro drive

    The brand is celebrating a special milestone that also is a fitting occasion for this time of year: rolling off the production line at the new plant in San José Chiapa is the 8 millionth Audi with quattro drive – the technology that delivers a big, built-in boost in safety and driving pleasure, even on snow and ice. The milestone car is a garnet red Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI quattro*.
  • 01/17/17

    AUDI AG and FAW Group sign strategic growth plan for China

    AUDI AG is set to further expand its business activities in the Chinese market: Together with its local partner FAW Group, the company has defined 21 key strategy fields with respective goals in a 10-year plan. Audi will significantly expand its model portfolio locally produced at FAW VW and enter new segments, including electrified automobiles. With a new dedicated company for mobility and digital services, the two partners want to advance their joint commitment in this expanding premium business segment. Furthermore Audi and FAW will intensify their collaboration in financial services aiming to serve the rapidly growing demand from Audi customers in this field. With this agenda for the future, Audi and FAW are laying the groundwork to continue the growth strategy of the four rings in China.
  • 11/22/16

    More room for the modern way of working: new office complex for Audi in Ingolstadt

    Promote new ideas and creative work: that is the goal of Audi’s new “Areal Süd” office complex. Following construction that took just less than two years, the first 1,000 employees are now moving in. The new H6 building at the Ingolstadt site features a distinctive, open and innovative office structure. In addition, the new company cafeteria has been open since October 10.
  • 11/14/16

    Audi outlines growth plan for China business

    Audi has outlined a growth plan for its joint business with FAW Group for the next 10 years, setting the course for sustainable growth in the brand’s largest global market. The partners will intensify their cooperation in key future fields of the automobile industry.
  • 11/11/16

    Audi production in Münchsmünster in full swing

    Audi is reaching top form in Münchsmünster. In 2016 alone, the competence¬ center for high-tech chassis components, aluminum structural components and pressings will turn out more than 23 million components. That is far more than the original planned output of 21 million. The location now employs over 800 people and all sections of the plant are operating on a three-shift basis. The smart factory – intelligent and connected – is likewise gradually becoming a reality in Münchsmünster.
  • 10/19/16

    Audi trains development engineers for electric mobility

    Audi engineers in the lecture hall: At the Technical University of Ingolstadt (THI), powertrain development engineers from Audi are expanding their knowledge in the field of electric mobility. The goal of the project is to increase their strategic and technical expertise. The company intends to further strengthen its innovative power by gaining additional stimulus from the world of science.
  • 10/01/16

    Audi México opens supplier park in San José Chiapa

    The latest member of the Audi production network is setting global standards, also with its supplier park: The new JIS (Just-in-Sequence) Park next to the Audi plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico, has the advantage of short distances between production and suppliers. Seven suppliers and providers of logistics services have already set up operations there. The new JIS Park will create some 1,000 jobs.
  • 10/01/16

    Audi México: state-of-the-art technology for top quality

    The Audi plant in San José Chiapa officially opened today. The guiding principle here is “made by Audi”: The Audi Production System (APS) implements a uniformly high standard for quality worldwide. To validate its premium quality, the company is networking its new plant with other sites in the Audi global production network. Working in the production control center, known as P-Control, are 105 employees from various technical disciplines, who monitor how the new Audi Q5 is produced from a bird's-eye view. In combination with the site’s quality laboratory and training center, Audi ensures compliance with the quality standards that apply to its production facilities worldwide.
  • 09/30/16

    AUDI AG opens automobile plant in Mexico

    Audi is further expanding its worldwide production network and thus continuing along its path of global growth. This Friday, the Audi Board of Management opened the company’s first automobile plant on the North American continent. Starting now, the brand with the Four Rings will produce the new generation of the Audi Q5* for the world market in San José Chiapa in Mexico’s federal state of Puebla. The plant has an annual production capacity of approximately 150,000 premium SUVs. By the end of the year, a total of 4,200 jobs will be created locally at Audi México.
  • 09/11/16

    Audi strengthens partnerships with Chinese tech giants

    Audi is strengthening the digital footprint of the brand in its largest global market. Audi China and the brand’s joint venture FAW-Volkswagen signed tripartite memorandums of understanding (MOUs) with Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent respectively. The partners will deepen their cooperation in the areas of data analysis, internet-vehicle platform building and urban intelligent transport.
  • 08/22/16
    Audi MediaCenter

    Audi starts transmission production in China

    Audi is expanding its activities in China. Together with Volkswagen Automatic Transmission Tianjin (VWATJ), the premium brand is inaugurating a new transmission plant this Monday. The plant, in the northern China harbor city of Tianjin, will supply highly efficient 7-speed S tronic transmissions for the new Audi A4 L and other locally produced models.
  • 08/04/16

    Successful model: one million Audi Q5 from Ingolstadt

    This Thursday, the one-millionth Audi Q5 drove off the production line at Audi’s main plant in Ingolstadt. The jubilee car, an SQ5 in Sepang Blue, will be delivered to a family in Germany. The international success of the Audi Q5 began in 2008, when Audi launched this model in the segment of mid-range SUVs – the second Q-model from the brand with the Four Rings after the Audi Q7. Since then, the Audi Q5 has developed into a favorite with the customers and is to be seen on the roads of more than 100 countries. Because Audi produces this top-seller also in China and India for the respective local markets, worldwide deliveries sum up to nearly 1.6 million vehicles.
  • 04/26/16

    Audi Environmental Foundation: starting signal for “Smart HOBOS” high-tech beehive

    Bees pollinate about 80 percent of our agricultural plants and wild vegetation, so life without bees is almost impossible. Too little pollination would have severe consequences – both environmental and economic. With the worldwide unique “Smart HOBOS” (HOneyBee Online Studies) project, the Audi Stiftung für Umwelt GmbH (Audi Environmental Foundation) and the Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg are working to protect these vital and fascinating insects. On Tuesday, Prof. Dr. Hubert Waltl, Board of Management Member for Production at AUDI AG and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Audi Environmental Foundation; Christoph Hillenbrand, District President of Upper Bavaria; Prof. Dr. Barbara Sponholz, Vice President of Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg; and bee expert Prof. Dr. Jürgen Tautz opened the research station at Audi’s production site in Münchsmünster. The first bees will soon move into their new home.
  • 03/12/15

    New home for Audi Academy

    In the best location: The Audi Academy has now found its new home between the Danube, the New Castle and the Technical University. Today, Audi inaugurated the new seminar and office building with numerous guests from the fields of politics and business. This is where the company is concentrating its many further-training activities.
  • 10/21/14

    Audi México: Inaugurado nuevo Centro de Especialización

    Un gran momento para Audi México: más de 300 invitados de alrededor del mundo celebraron hoy la inauguración del nuevo Centro de Especialización, entre ellos el Prof. h.c. Thomas Sigi, responsable de Recursos Humanos del Consejo Directivo de AUDI AG, el Dr. Hubert Waltl, responsable de Producción del Consejo de Directivo de AUDI AG, Dr. Rafael Moreno Valle, Gobernador del Estado de Puebla, Dr. Jorge Guillén, Rector de la Universidad Tecnológica de Puebla, Dr. Elías Micha Zaga, Director Adjunto de Desarrollo Regional del Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONACYT) y Prof. Dr. Maria Böhmer, Ministra Adjunta en el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la República Federal de Alemania. En el futuro, en este moderno edificio se llevarán a cabo más de 1,500 cursos anuales para empleados y becarios. Esta capacitación previa constituye la base para el inicio de la producción del sucesor del Audi Q5* en la nueva planta de San José Chiapa. En total, la plantilla de Audi México contará hasta finales de 2016 con alrededor de 3,800 empleados.
  • 08/30/14

    Audi opens high-tech complex in Neuburg an der Donau

    AUDI AG is strengthening its presence in the Ingolstadt region: Audi today officially put the high-tech Audi Neuburg complex into operation after a construction period of just two years. In the presence of the Prime Minister of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, the Mayor of the city of Neuburg an der Donau, Dr. Bernhard Gmehling, and 250 other guests of honor, the 47-hectare site was opened by Prof. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board of Management Member for Technical Development of AUDI AG, and Peter Mosch, Chairman of the General Works Council of AUDI AG. Under one roof, the complex accommodates the Competence Center Motorsport with Audi Sport customer racing, the Audi driving experience center and functions of the Technical Development division. Audi is investing a high double-digit million amount in the new site, which is approximately 20 kilometers west of the company’s main site in Ingolstadt and will provide employment for a total of 460 people.
  • 08/26/14

    Alfons Dintner

  • 07/31/14

    Audi México: relevo en la Presidencia el 1 de agosto

    Alfons Dintner (50) sucederá a Matthias Müller (50) a partir del 1 de agosto del presente año. Se hará cargo de la dirección del proyecto de la futura planta de Audi en San José Chiapa en México y asumirá el cargo de Presidente AUDI MÉXICO S.A. de C.V. Dintner, cuyo último puesto fue Miembro de Consejo Producción y Logística de Volkswagen de México, será el responsable en 2016 del lanzamiento del sucesor del Q5*. Matthias Müller asumirá una función directiva en el departamento de Desarrollo Técnico de AUDI AG en Ingolstadt.
  • 07/31/14

    Audi México’s ongoing strategy: management phase to take place on August 1

    Alfons Dintner (50) is to succeed Matthias Müller (50) with effect from August 1. He is taking charge of project management for the future Audi plant in the Mexican city of San José Chiapa and will become CEO of AUDI MÉXICO S.A. de C.V. Dintner, most recently Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics at Volkswagen de México, will be responsible for the launch of the Q5* successor model in Mexico in 2016. Matthias Müller is taking on a senior position in Audi’s Technical Development in Ingolstadt.
  • 07/21/14

    The Audi A3 Sedan rolls out of the Aurangabad plant

    Audi, the German luxury car manufacturer has started production of the next big Audi - Audi A3 Sedan, at its Aurangabad plant, in the state of Maharashtra. After the Audi A6, the Audi A4, the Audi Q5, the Audi Q7 and the Audi Q3, the Audi A3 Sedan will be the sixth model to be produced at the plant. The Audi A3 Sedan will be launched in the Indian market soon.
  • 07/17/14

    25 years of TDI: The bestseller for efficiency

    Audi is marking a very special anniversary: It was 25 years ago that the company first unveiled the TDI engine, which has since gone on to become the most successful efficiency technology on both road and racetrack. Since that time, Audi has achieved worldwide sales of around 7.5 million automobiles with a TDI engine, and at the Le Mans 24 Hours a TDI-powered model with the four rings has been first over the finishing line on eight occasions since 2006. The two latest developments in one of Audi’s main areas of innovation also embody athletic efficiency: the new, fuel-efficient 3.0 V6 TDI generation, and the Audi RS 5 TDI concept with electric charging.
  • 07/04/14

    Audi Encounter magazine wins gold in the Best of Corporate Publishing Award

    Two gold awards and seven more nominations demonstrate the outstanding quality of Audi publications. In addition to the Encounter magazine, the app for Audi’s Annual Report also took first place amongst 700 submissions.
  • 05/14/14

    Audi México se centra en los proveedores locales

    Audi México crea puestos de trabajo en la región TLCAN gracias a su ambiciosa estrategia de expansión. A medio plazo, un porcentaje superior al 65% de las piezas suministradas por los proveedores para el Audi Q5* deberán proceder de América del Norte y a largo plazo, incluso hasta el 90%. De este modo, en los próximos diez años se podrán crear más de 20,000 puestos de trabajo, de los cuales, alrededor de 1,000 se concentrarán en un parque de proveedores ubicado al sur de la planta de Audi en San José Chiapa. Con motivo del comienzo de las obras se reunieron hoy el Responsable de Compras en el Consejo de Dirección, el Dr. Bernd Martens y el Gobernador de Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas. Está previsto que el parque de proveedores JIS (just in sequence) se ponga en marcha, en una primera fase, a finales de 2014. La producción en serie de la segunda generación del Audi Q5 para el mercado mundial se iniciará en 2016.
  • 04/17/14

    Audi A3 is named 2014 World Car of the Year

    The Audi A3*, the premium compact bestseller from the brand with the four rings, is the 2014 World Car of the Year. This is the second overall title for Audi in the ten year history of the World Car of the Year Awards as the Audi A6 won the inaugural overall title in 2005. *The collective fuel consumption of all models named above and available on the German market can be found in the list provided at the end of this MediaInfo.
  • 11/13/13

    Audi Sport to be based in Neuburg

    An important milestone has been reached: 14 months after first breaking ground, the structural work for the new Motorsport Competence Center has been completed. In the town of Neuburg an der Donau, approximately 20 kilometers west of Ingolstadt, the topping-out ceremony is taking place today for the new home of Audi Sport. In the modern complex on the site of the Audi Driving Experience Center, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Technical Development, welcomed Roland Weigert, the District Administrator of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen, and Dr. Bernhard Gmehling, the Mayor of Neuburg, as well as the architects, planners and tradesmen. The relocation of approximately 300 Audi employees from Ingolstadt to Neuburg is due to take place in the summer of 2014.
  • 06/10/13

    Flood aid: AUDI AG donates €1 million

    AUDI AG is to help the victims of the heavy flooding. The company is spontaneously making an amount of €1 million available for the persons affected. This donation has been approved by the Audi Board of Management. In addition, the Works Council will appeal for donations to be made by the members of the workforce.
  • 05/16/13

    Audi publishes its first Corporate Responsibility Report

    At the Annual General Meeting of AUDI AG, the company presented its Corporate Responsibility Report 2012, in which it reports on targets and activities in the field of sustainability. Audi intends to take a leading role also in this respect. The company assumes responsibility in the five key areas of products, environment, employees, society and business operations.
  • 05/04/13

    AUDI AG: Laying of foundation stone for new plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico

    AUDI AG is strengthening its successful growth path in the North American market with a new plant in San José Chiapa, Mexico. With today’s laying of the foundation stone in the federal state of Puebla, the official starting signal has been given for construction work on Audi’s first own car factory on the North American continent. Investment of more than € 900 million here in the next two years will result not only in a body shop, paint shop and assembly line, but also in a new press shop. Starting in mid-2016, the successor generation of the successful SUV model, Audi Q5, will drive off the assembly lines.
  • 11/09/12

    New Audi Computing Center is now online

    After a three-year construction phase, the new Audi Computing Center is now online. It hosts all main IT applications for the around 51,000 computer users at Audi. Audi connect services, which Audi drivers can use to call up current traffic information and access social networks on the Internet, also run on the Audi IT servers. In addition, the TÜV Rheinland inspection authority has just given special recognition to the computing center for its energy efficiency.

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