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Audi at the Győr site

Audi at the Hungary site (Győr)
Audi at the Győr site

AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. develops and produces drive systems in Győr, Hungary for AUDI AG and other companies in the Volkswagen Group. The company produces more than 170,000 Audi vehicles a year, as well as body components for Audi and the Volkswagen Group’s exclusive and sport models. Moreover, Audi Hungaria offers the entire Volkswagen Group various competence-oriented services.

Current model series at location: Audi TT, Audi Q3

Recent Press Releases


In spite of challenging conditions: Stable fiscal year 2022 completed

Audi Hungaria closed the 2022 fiscal year with solid key figures in spite of all challenges. At the world's biggest powertrain plant, 1,677,545 units were built, while 171,134 cars (including vehicles for SKD production Brazil) rolled off the production line in vehicle production. Last year, the company generated a total sales volume of 8.346 billion euros* and accomplished investments worth a total volume of 220 million euros*. Thus since the foundation of the company, the total investment volume at the site has reached 12.172 billion euros*, making Audi Hungaria the largest investor in the Hungarian automotive industry. As the largest employer in the region and the most attractive employer in Hungary, Audi Hungaria employed 11,957 colleagues at the end of last year.

Audi Hungaria celebrates 30 years of success

Audi Hungaria celebrates its 30th anniversary and looks back on a real success story. The company located in Győr developed into the world's largest powertrain plant and was the first manufacturer in Hungary to produce premium category cars. Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development delivers product developments both for Audi and the Volkswagen Group. In addition to production, the company provides a wide range of services for other brands of the Group, relying on the extensive know-how of its employees. Since its foundation, the company has made a total of almost 12 billion euros in investments, making Audi Hungaria one of the largest investors in the Hungarian industry. Audi Hungaria now employs almost 12,000 people and provides a livelihood for another 50,000 or so through its service providers and suppliers. The company is one of the largest and the most attractive employer in Hungary.

Audi Hungaria Founds Subsidiary AUDI HUNGARIA AHEAD Kft.

Today, Dirk Große-Loheide, Board member of AUDI AG for Procurement and IT, Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Audi Hungaria Zrt. and Dr. Patrick Heinecke, Board member of Audi Hungaria for Finance, IT, Procurement and Compliance signed the memorandum of association of AUDI HUNGARIA AHEAD Kft. Until now, Audi Hungaria had bundled its services in the areas of technical development, finance, IT, procurement and logistics in the virtual business division Shared Competence Center (SCC). In the future, company functions not directly related to production, such as parts of procurement, IT and finance, will now be transferred to the new wholly-owned subsidiary.

Successful year in 2022 at Audi Hungaria: more cars and powertrains produced than ever before

Regarding production volumes, 2022 was a successful year for Audi Hungaria despite global challenges and uncertainties. In vehicle manufacturing, 171,134 cars, the highest number ever, rolled off the production lines (including cars for the Brazilian SKD production) (171,015 in 2021). The brand with the four rings manufactured a total of 1,677,545 powertrains during the year (1,620,767 in 2021). Of these powertrains, 108,097 were electric powertrains (96,976 in 2021). Audi Hungaria remains one of the largest employers in the country, with 11,957 employees at the end of 2022. In 2023, the company, celebrating its 30th anniversary, aims to reach new milestones.

Audi Hungaria: Tool shop expansion marks major milestone in Győr

Audi Hungaria has completed the expansion of its tool shop in Győr, with plans to develop it into a competence center providing world class services which significantly contribute to the success of the global Audi Group. The milestone will enable local production of even more Audi, Lamborghini and Bentley models. To mark completion of the expansion program, a consortium of global stakeholders came together to commence operation of new robot cells, which will be used to produce body parts for exclusive Volkswagen and Audi group models. Various representatives of Audi Hungaria, AUDI AG and politicians attended the opening ceremony.

Audi Hungaria: stable financial results in 2021

Audi Hungaria closed the 2021 fiscal year with a stable result, despite challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic and semiconductor shortages. The world’s largest engine manufacturing plant produced 1,620,767 engines while in vehicle production, 171,015 cars rolled off the production line – a record in the history of the company. Last year, the company generated sales of EUR 7.717 billion and invested a total of EUR 162.6 million.* This brings the total investment since the company’s foundation to EUR 11.95 billion,* making Audi Hungaria the largest investor in the Hungarian automotive industry.

Audi Hungaria: 250,000 e-drives from Győr for the world

The 250,000th electric motor has rolled off the production line at Audi Hungaria. Engine production at Audi Hungaria started in 1994, and to date the company has become the world's largest engine manufacturing plant. Three years ago, a new era began at Audi Hungaria: 2018 saw the start of the serial production of electric motors. In addition, the company is preparing to produce the next generation of e-motors in the spirit of electromobility.

Removing plastic from the Danube: Audi Environmental Foundation supports clean-up project in Budapest

A further milestone has been achieved in the collaboration between the Audi Environmental Foundation and CLEAR RIVERS: In cooperation with Audi Hungaria, a floating litter trap made of recycled plastic has been installed in the Danube. The aim is for this trap to catch carelessly discarded waste from the Danube. The plastic is separated from the remaining waste, recycled in a closed cycle, and processed. Education programs also contribute to explaining the importance of clean bodies of water.

Audi Hungaria celebrates 20 years of Technical Development and gives a glimpse into the future

A cause for celebration: the jubilee event of Audi Hungaria’s Technical Development was held today. The new era marked by electromobility was launched by Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, dr. Csaba András Dézsi, Mayor of Győr, Peter Kössler, Board Member for Production and Logistics of AUDI AG, Oliver Hoffmann, Board Member for Technical Development of AUDI AG, together with Alfons Dintner, Chairman of the Board of Management of Audi Hungaria. As Audi Group’s third largest development hub, Győr makes substantial contributions to shaping the future of electromobility.

Audi Hungaria: 40 Million Engines – from Győr to the World

The 40 millionth engine has rolled off Audi Hungaria’s production lines: a 190 horsepower (140 kW) electric drive, which will be transported from the plant to Brussels on CO2-neutral, “green trains”, where it will be installed into a purely electric Audi e-tron model. Audi Hungaria started making engines in 1994, and has grown to become the largest engine manufacturer in the world. 2018 was the beginning of a new era, as Audi Hungaria began series production of electric motors, with over 200,000 units manufactured in Győr to date. In the spirit of electromobility, the company is already preparing to manufacture the next generation of electric motors.

Audi Hungaria: “smart logistics” with driverless transport system

Audi Hungaria is constantly making efforts to introduce digital solutions in both manufacturing and logistics. The latest example of this is their collaboration with Jungheinrich, in which six driverless transport vehicles were put into operation in the field of 2.0-litre four-cylinder Otto engine production. FTFs deliver various engine parts from the logistics area straight to the production line. They automatically stop at 57 stations during their journey of more than 1,000 metres, which allows for particularly efficient and reliable material transport.

Audi Hungaria for a sustainable future

Sustainability is a central theme at Audi Hungaria: Keeping the environmental impact as low as possible and conserving natural resources are essential parts of our corporate philosophy. The company consistently strives for sustainable production in the spirit of the Audi Environmental Programme called “Mission:Zero”. The focus is on the main challenges for Audi Hungaria: decarbonisation, water use, resource efficiency and biodiversity. The aluminium recycling loop contributes greatly to the achievement of the objectives, and as part of it the company saves significant resources and further reduces its ecological footprint.
AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. develops and produces powertrains for AUDI AG and other companies in the Volkswagen Group in Győr, Hungary. The company produces more than 160,000 Audi models annually as well as body components for exclusive and sports models from the Audi and Volkswagen Group. Moreover, Audi Hungaria offers the entire Volkswagen Group various competence-oriented services.
Audi Hungaria is the most attractive employer in Hungary’s automotive industry. In 2021, AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt. came in first in in the “Most Attractive Auto Manufacturer” category and second in the overall ranking.
Audi Hungaria has been carbon-neutral since January 1, 2020. That makes Audi Hungaria the Audi Group’s second carbon neutral site after Audi Brussels.
AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. is founded 1993 as a 100-percent subsidiary of AUDI AG
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