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For Audi, premium-quality automobiles mean high-quality car bodies – thanks to efficient production systems and new high-tech solutions. AUDI AG has one of the most flexible and efficient production systems in the entire automotive industry: the Audi Production System (APS), which is based on the principles of cycle, flow, pull and perfection. Audi systematically applies these principles in production and throughout the company, resulting in short cycle times, low inventories and large gains in productivity – up to 10 percent per year. A major focus here is on the continuous improvement process (CIP), because companies that neglect continuous improvement risk their long-term success. Increasing digitalization is paving the way for the smart factory – the intelligent, digitally connected production facility. New high-tech solutions in manufacturing are further increasing the already very high level of quality, while making assembly work easier and resulting in better ergonomics.

Recent Press Releases

  • 01/20/16

    Audi production network: ready for electric mobility

    Audi is preparing its international production network for the mobility of the future. Large series production of the first purely electric driven SUV from Audi will begin at the site in Brussels in 2018. The plant will also produce its own batteries. The company will transfer production of the Audi A1 from Belgium to Martorell in Spain. The Audi Q3, which is currently produced in Spain, will be built in Győr (Hungary) in the future.
  • 12/17/15

    Audi’s logistics of the future: Goods being commissioned move autonomously to employees

    The process of commissioning the other way around: Starting today, logistics employees at Audi will no longer have to fetch the required goods from the material shelves. Instead, the goods will come to them fully automatically on driverless transport systems (DTS). Audi is thus the world’s first automobile manufacturer to implement such a DTS based goods to person concept. The company is currently testing the new method with the commissioning of driver’s manuals at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt.
  • 11/25/15

    Medical gloves for improved ergonomics in production at Audi

    Audi’s Production division is improving ergonomics as well as health and safety in its factories. Employees at the plants in Ingolstadt, Neckarsulm, Brussels and Győr are currently testing new medical gloves. These so called production orthoses reduce pressure stress with many assembly tasks by more than 50 percent. It is planned to put the special glove into series application this year.
  • 11/12/15

    Audi Toolmaking is the best in the industry

    Audi is for the fourth time the “Toolmaker of the Year.” That is the result of the renowned industry competition “Excellence in Production” organized by the Toolmaking Laboratory (WZL) of RWTH Aachen University and the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT). Audi Toolmaking succeeded against more than 290 toolmaking and mold making departments from companies in the German speaking countries. Michael Breme, Head of Toolmaking at AUDI AG, was presented with the winner’s cup at the 15th “Toolmaking with a Future” international colloquium in Aachen on Wednesday evening.
  • 11/10/15

    Audi shows toolmaking innovations at the “formnext” trade fair

    Audi Toolmaking yesterday, today and tomorrow: The brand with the Four Rings is presenting numerous exhibits at the “formnext” trade fair for toolmaking and mold making in Frankfurt am Main. From November 17 to 20, visitors can find out about toolmaking developments and gain an insight into the production methods of the future.
  • 11/05/15

    Audi Toolmaking prints “Auto Union Typ C”

    From powder to a component: With a 3D printer, Audi Toolmaking has produced a model of the historical Grand Prix sports car “Auto Union Typ C” from the year 1936. The company is now examining further possible applications of metal printers for the production of complex components. At the same time, Audi is creating important synergies with toolmaking in other parts of the Volkswagen Group.
  • 10/30/15

    Hybrid locomotive at Audi plant in Ingolstadt

    This Audi drives on rails: A 1,000 horsepower plug in hybrid locomotive manufactured by Alstom replaces the plant locomotives previously used at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt as of today. This means that components and finished Audi models will now reach the plant’s loading stations in a more climate friendly way.
  • 10/06/15

    Audi tests gesture control for virtual assembly

    Even before Audi produces the first prototypes of a new car, engineers in the Pre Series Center check individual assembly steps in a 3 D projection. They assemble components virtually, thus determining whether this process is feasible and ergonomic for the employees on the production line. As part of a pilot project, they are now for the first time moving the components in the virtual space using simple gestures.
  • 09/18/15

    Audi A3 celebrates 20th anniversary

    A production milestone has been reached at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt: Exactly 20 years ago, on September 18, 1995, the first Audi A3 came off the assembly line here. Since then, the Audi Group has built over 3.5 million units of the successful model worldwide. Today, one out of five Audi cars delivered comes from this model line. At the same time, the Audi A3 is a ground breaking car when it comes to alternative drive systems – as demonstrated by the flexible production of the A3 Sportback e-tron, A3 Sportback g-tron and classic A3 models. They are all built on the same production line at the Ingolstadt plant.
  • 07/22/15

    Audi production in Münchsmünster is picking up speed

    The new Audi production site in Münchsmünster is approximately 30 kilometers (18.6 mi) east of the main production facility in Ingolstadt. Hot and cold formed pressed parts, high tech chassis components and lightweight aluminum structural components, among others, are being produced here for the new Audi Q7. By 2017, a total of 900 employees will be working at the site and shipping out 26 million parts worldwide annually. The production site in Münchsmünster, the high tech Audi Neuburg complex and the future innovation campus (abbreviated “INCampus”) are making the Audi Ingolstadt site a key force behind growth in Bavaria.
  • 07/16/15

    Audi celebrates topping out of new paint shop

    The Audi plant in Ingolstadt continues to grow: A new paint shop is being built in the north of the plant site. Just over a year after the start of construction, the company is now celebrating the topping out. As of June 2016, Audi employees will paint the first series car bodies for the new Audi A4.
  • 07/10/15

    New managing director at Audi Hungaria: Peter Kössler to succeed to Dr. h.c. Thomas Faustmann

    Peter Kössler (56) has been appointed managing director of Audi Hungaria as of October 1. He will move from the automobile manufacturer’s main site in Ingolstadt, where he has been plant director for more than eight years. Kössler will succeed to Dr. h.c. Thomas Faustmann (52), who, after eleven years as managing director in Győr, will move to Neckarsulm. There, he will succeed to Fred Schulze (48) as plant director. Schulze is to become the director of the plant in Ingolstadt.
  • 07/10/15

    New plant director at Audi in Ingolstadt: Fred Schulze to succeed to Peter Kössler

    Fred Schulze (48) is to be the new director of the Audi plant in Ingolstadt as of October 1. He is to move from Neckarsulm, where he currently holds the same position, to the main site of the automobile manufacturer. Schulze will succeed to Peter Kössler (56), who, after eight years as plant director in Ingolstadt, will move to AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. in Győr, Hungary. There, he will succeed to Dr. h.c. Thomas Faustmann (52) as managing director. Dr. Faustmann will be the new director of the Audi plant in Neckarsulm.
  • 06/30/15

    Audi Production Lab: journey into the future

    In the Audi Production Lab, production planners of the premium manufacturer are working together with experts from various departments of the company on innovative technologies for the production processes of the future. A promising technology is hand projection. In the future, it could support production employees with testing and installing components.
  • 05/22/15

    Smart factory: Audi shows intelligent production

    Humans and robots working hand in hand, car-body parts emerging from a 3D printer and cars driving in piloted mode from the assembly line: Audi is pursuing this vision of the factory of the future: the smart factory. In the Encounter magazine under that heading, the automobile manufacturer is now providing a wide-ranging insight on how intelligent Audi’s production processes already are and which leaps of innovation will occur in the coming years. Audi presented the publication on Friday at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting.
  • 05/18/15

    Break lounges in production areas at Audi

    Factory workers at Audi will soon be spending their breaks in a more relaxing way. The company has designed new group corners and break rooms for both of its production plants in Germany, together with the faculties for wood engineering and interior design of Rosenheim University of Applied Sciences. The design and modular construction of the employee lounges are unique in the automobile industry.
  • 03/06/15

    Audi plant uses robots to move cars

    Audi is testing systems for the intelligent factory of the future: In a pilot phase at the Audi plant in Ingolstadt that started in February, two robots independently transport cars from production to an interim storage area. From there, they later place the sorted Audi models into position according to their shipping destinations, so that logistics employees can load them onto railway wagons. Audi is now preparing the first industrial application. The company is also examining additional areas of application for such robots.
  • 02/26/15

    Chairless Chair for improved ergonomics in Audi’s production plants

    The health of its employees has top priority for Audi. For this reason, at its plant in Neckarsulm, the company is testing a new technology that eases many assembly activities: the so-called “chairless chair.” This high-tech carbon-fiber construction allows employees to sit without a chair. At the same time, it improves their posture and reduces the strain on their legs.
  • 02/12/15

    New human-robot cooperation in Audi’s production processes

    Direct cooperation between man and machine: At its main plant in Ingolstadt, Audi has for the first time deployed a robot that works “hand-in-hand” with humans – without a safety barrier and ideally adapted to the employees’ working cycles. It is the first human-robot cooperation at the Volkswagen Group to be applied in final assembly. This innovative technology makes work easier for the assembly employees and makes ergonomic improvements.
  • 11/21/14

    On the line and on time: Production of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

    Approximately 50 cars every day, with the same timing and on the same assembly line as the other models: Audi is now ramping up production of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron*. The premium manufacturer is producing its first plug-in hybrid model at the brand’s main plant in Ingolstadt.
  • 11/21/14

    On the line and on time: Production of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

    Approximately 50 cars every day, with the same timing and on the same assembly line as the other models: Audi is now ramping up production of the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron*. The premium manufacturer is producing its first plug-in hybrid model at the brand’s main plant in Ingolstadt.
  • 11/19/14

    Audi’s production wins innovation prize

    Audi’s production has won the “Best Open Innovation Award” in the category “Best Cross-Industry Innovation.” The Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institute for Innovation Management of the Airbus Group at Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen recognizes the most innovative companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with this prize. Alois Brandt, Head of Technology Development Innovation Management, and Felix Schwabe, Innovation Management Production, accepted the prize on Audi’s behalf at the flagship event “Innovation 2014” in Munich on Tuesday evening.
  • 10/17/14

    Audi extends Neckarsulm site

    AUDI AG inaugurated the Audi Böllinger Höfe in Heilbronn today – an important step in the future and growth strategy of the Neckarsulm site. A state-of-the-art logistics center and production of the Audi R8 are already up and running in the Böllinger Höfe industrial park – situated around six kilometers from the main plant in Neckarsulm.
  • 10/14/14

    Jubilee in Brussels: 500,000th Audi A1

    500,000 Audi A1* cars produced at the plant in Brussels. The jubilee model, a Misano red Audi A1 S line, drove off the assembly line today. The car is equipped with a 1.4 liter TFSI engine and is destined for a customer in Germany. His Majesty King Philippe of Belgium visited the Audi plant in Forest, a municipality of Brussels, on this special day. Prof. Thomas Sigi, Board of Management Member for Human Resources and Labor Relations Director at AUDI AG, and Patrick Danau, General Director at Audi Brussels, showed the monarch around the modern automobile factory.
  • 10/08/14

    Audi Logistics: 30 years of the car loading platform

    Jubilee at the Four Rings: 30 years ago today, Audi put a new loading station into operation at its site in Ingolstadt – with a car-loading platform that was unique in the European automobile industry at that time. The innovative idea for the moving platform came from an employee at Audi Logistics. Since then, approximately eight million automobiles have left the Audi plant in Ingolstadt by rail via this platform – faster and more efficiently than before.
  • 07/24/14

    Audi Hungaria: Start of production of the new Audi TT Coupe

    The third generation of the Audi TT* and the TTS Coupe is now going into series production at AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft. Following last year’s start of production of the Audi A3 Sedan, the S3 Sedan and the new A3 Cabriolet, the new Audi TT is now also leaving the assembly lines at the automobile plant in Győr. Audi produces this model there with the full depth of manufacturing. The most impressive features of the Audi TT are its sporty character and emotive design, as well as innovative technologies in its drivetrain and its operating and display concept.
  • 07/11/14

    Six-millionth Audi with quattro drive

    Jubilee at Audi: The six-millionth Audi with quattro drive rolls off the production line at the Ingolstadt plant today – only about one and a half years after the five-millionth quattro. Audi will deliver the jubilee car, an Audi SQ5* in monsoon gray metallic, to a family in the United States. This new production record demonstrates the global success of Audi quattro. Since the original quattro, the first Audi with permanent all-wheel drive in the year 1980, this technology has conquered the roads of the world. With approximately 170 quattro versions, the brand with the Four Rings offers the biggest selection of all-wheel drive vehicles amongst the premium manufacturers.
  • 04/28/14

    FutureCityFactory: mastering urban challenges together

    By the year 2050, more than 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities. Which challenges will this bring for industrial production, distribution and services? At the Audi Conference Center in Ingolstadt, 140 representatives from the areas of business and science held discussions with urban and transport planners at the kickoff of FutureCityFactory, an initiative of Audi’s Production division with the Network of Automotive Excellence. The goal is to establish cross-industry cooperation on technological pilot projects.
  • 02/20/14

    Dr. Hubert Waltl to be new Board of Management Member for Production at AUDI AG

    At his own request, Dr. Frank Dreves (61) is to step down from the Board of Management of AUDI AG and will retire as of March 31. His successor is Dr. Hubert Waltl (55), who since October 2009 has been a member of the brand board of management of Volkswagen Cars with responsibility for production at the Group’s biggest brand. Before that, he was head of toolmaking at Audi.
  • 02/05/14

    New machinery for Audi’s Toolmaking

    Even more dynamic and exact, even stronger and more efficient – since yesterday, seven new and efficient high-precision machines have been officially in operation in Audi’s Toolmaking department. Dr. Frank Dreves, Board of Management Member for Production at AUDI AG, Peter Mosch, Chairman of Audi’s Group Labor Council, and Michael Breme, Head of Toolmaking, inaugurated the new presses and milling machines. The new machines will help to keep toolmaking fit for the future at the site in Ingolstadt.
  • 04/02/09

    Audi brings automotive logistics to life

    “Logistics makes it possible.” True to this motto, AUDI AG is again participating in the nationwide “Logistics Day”. On Thursday, April 16, students and university graduates, young professionals and all other interested people will have the opportunity to learn about this exciting area from Audi through a series of presentations and discovery tours. Last year the initiative met with great interest, with around 200 participants coming to the Audi sites in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.

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