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Audi stands for sporty vehicles, premium workmanship and progressive design – for “Vorsprung durch Technik”. Founded in 1899 by August Horch, the Audi Group – which also unites the Bentley, Ducati and Lamborghini brands under one roof – is currently one of the most successful manufacturers of automobiles and motorcycles in the premium segment.

In 2021, the Audi Group delivered around 1.681 million cars from the Audi brand, 8,405 sports cars from the Lamborghini brand and 59,447 motorcycles from the Ducati brand to customers. In the 2021 fiscal year, AUDI AG achieved total revenue of €53.1 billion and an operating profit before special items of €5.5 billion. More than 85,000 people all over the world work for the Audi Group, around 58,000 of them in Germany. With its attractive brands, new models, innovative mobility offerings and groundbreaking services, the premium brand group is systematically pursuing its path toward becoming a provider of sustainable, individual, premium mobility.

Innovations like quattro permanent all-wheel drive are a part of Audi’s DNA. With the decision only to launch fully electric models on the global market starting in 2026, Audi is once again taking the lead, pursuing a clear strategy for an electric, digital and fully connected future. By 2026, Audi plans to have more than 20 fully electric models on offer.

This clear commitment to electromobility is the cornerstone of Audi’s sustainability strategy. Based on this, Audi considers sustainability along the entire value chain, takes responsibility for the environment and society and makes sustainable corporate governance an inherent component of all its decisions and products.

Recent Press Releases

  • 08/12/22

    Recycling and upcycling at Lamborghini

    Sustainability is a pillar of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.’s corporate strategy. Resource-efficient upcycling and recycling play a particularly important role in this. For instance, the Italian super sports car manufacturer helps conserve natural resources and avoid CO2 emissions that would otherwise accrue with the manufacture of these products. The super sports car manufacturer’s environmental management also works in accordance with a continual improvement process. In 2009, Lamborghini was certified as compliant with the environmental management standard ISO 14001 for the first time. This international norm represents a globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management systems. In the same year, the first upcycling project got started at the plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese – and several projects have been added since then.
  • 08/08/22

    Audi Production Lab: The link between an idea and high-volume production

    Audi uses its Production Lab, or P-Lab for short, to identify new and innovative technologies and reliably integrate them into production sequences. In Gaimersheim, just a few minutes drive from the Ingolstadt plant, experts under P-Lab director Henning Löser test the suitability of trailblazing new solutions for series production. That means finding and testing innovations that reliably help optimize efficiency, ergonomics, flexibility, and quality in Audi plants.
  • 08/03/22

    “For me, the current RS 6 is the crowning achievement of two decades of RS history”

    From the first generation RS 6 to the current one: Stephan Reil was there from the start and had a lot of influence on the development of the high-performance Audi. A graduate engineer, he became Division Head for Vehicle Customization at quattro GmbH (now Audi Sport GmbH) in 1996. In 1998, he took over as Head of Vehicle Development for all of the company’s complete vehicles and since 2020 he has been in charge of technical development for AUDI AG at the Neckarsulm site. On the twentieth anniversary of the first generation RS 6, the C5, Reil looks back on the challenges in development and technical refinement and remembers defining events.

Press folders

  • 07/25/22

    20th anniversary Audi RS 6

    For 20 years, one vehicle has inspired Audi Sport GmbH and a worldwide fan community like no other: The Audi RS 6 has been shaping the field of high-performance station wagons with impressive performance and outstanding everyday usability for four generations. The successful basic concept from 2002 is based on a twin-turbocharged power unit and all-wheel drive. The basic concept is the same across all RS 6 generations. Even in the competitive environment, the RS 6 continues to make its mark and set new standards.
  • 06/17/22

    Audi Sommerkonzerte 2022

    Under the festival motto “Visions of the Future”, Lisa Batiashvili is presenting the concert program of this year’s Audi Summer Concerts. In her fourth year as artistic director, Batiashvili has put together a festival lineup that celebrates the integrative power of music in uncertain times. The star violinist has invited artists from Europe, Germany, and the Ingolstadt region to join her from 30 June to 10 July in taking a strong stand for peaceful coexistence while at the same time pushing the boundaries of classical music.

Audi Annual Press Conference 2022

Audi Annual Media Conference 2022

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