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Our commitment to people and the environment

Sustainable commitment for people and the environment

Working together

Non-profit engagement and funding for it are an important part of AUDI AG’s self-image. The company is acting socially responsibly at its production sites.
The Audi Environmental Foundation is blazing new paths for sustainable action. The goal is to get people excited about the environment, climate, and environmental protection and to give them ideas about how to contribute on their own.
Audi lives by a common system of values across all organizational levels. The ESG criteria for ecological sustainability - Environmental, Social, Governance - form the basis for all decisions.

Press Releases

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Aid for Ukraine: Audi employees are volunteering

On February 24, the day Anna Demchenko’s native country was attacked, she was on her phone every minute. As friends and family members in Ukraine described the local situation to her, colleagues from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm were asking how they could help. At the same time, this sales representative was busy getting her sister and her two small children out of the war zone and to Anna’s house.
Audi MediaCenter

Audi and Litro de Luz install lampposts and solar lamps in Amazonian communities

Audi do Brasil, Audi Environmental Foundation and Litro de Luz promoted the installation of almost 200 solar energy lighting solutions for riverside communities in the Amazon. The action carried out on the Negro River, starting in Manaus, brought 30 lampposts and more than 150 lanterns to the residents of Nova Canaã, Nova Jerusalém and Lindo Amanhecer. The activity took place between April 20th and 24th and benefited more than 600 residents.

Microplastics filter passes endurance test: Positive interim results for URBANFILTER project

The Audi Environmental Foundation has developed filters for urban runoff in conjunction with the Technical University of Berlin. They prevent tire wear particles and other environmentally harmful substances from being washed into sewers and bodies of water along with rainwater. Initial field and lab tests have now demonstrated the efficiency of the system.

Audi Volunteer Day 2021, digital and analog: employees help in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm

Renovation work in social welfare institutions, excursions for people with impairments – and, for the first time, digital workshops like language learning: more than 250 Audi employees, including Board members, plant managers, and members of the Works Council, have engaged in around 50 projects during their free time in support of social welfare institutions at both German locations in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm.
Audi MediaCenter

Fitness and environmental action for a clean city: summer plogging in Ingolstadt

Collecting trash while jogging: the Audi Environmental Foundation brought the trending sport to Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm back in 2019. The foundation organizes regular plogging events – always as far the pandemic situation allows – with Audi employees and local residents at the German Audi sites. Participants stay in contact and motivate each other virtually during the event, lasting around an hour and a half, via an online platform. On August 19, the joggers received the support of a team of full-time environmentalists centered around Birgit Müller, the head of the environmental agency of the city of Ingolstadt, the administrative departments for sustainability and climate of the city of Ingolstadt, and Audi Environmental Protection.
Audi MediaCenter

Drones for environmental protection: Successful monitoring of fruit tree orchard stocks

A Heidelberg University of Education research drone circles again and again over the orchard meadows of the Bad-Schönborn community: Within the framework of the research project for “recording and assessing the meadow orchard and providing sponsorship,” which is supported by the Audi Environmental Foundation, the participants have been able to make significant progress in automated, digital classification and assessment of fruit tree stocks: The accuracy of the software in recognizing the tree species has been increased to around 90 percent and information about the vitality of the stock has been derived. The next step is to record and analyze the entire orchard area. This should start in autumn. The aim is to continuously improve the control of the software tools so that they can determine tree types even more accurately and determine the state of health of the trees. Based on these results, tailor-made measures for the protection and maintenance of the stocks are to be derived.
Audi MediaCenter

One Young World Summit: Young leaders discuss ideas for a sustainable future

How do we succeed in mobilizing a worldwide movement to protect the environment? Just how much is the environment being polluted around the world? And what can we do to help reduce the pollution? Questions like these have been addressed each year since 2009 at the worldwide One Young World Summit, which is held every year in different cities around the globe. The International Sustainability Forum provides a space for talented young people to discuss economic, social, and political issues such as these. In this context, leading figures from business, politics, and humanitarian organizations act as coaches and advisors. They encourage and challenge the young visionaries. The summit’s overarching goal is to develop solutions to global challenges and to play a positive and active role in shaping the future.

Joint efforts for clean waters

The Audi Environmental Foundation has been committed to clean waters for several years now. After all, the amount of plastic waste polluting rivers and oceans around the world is increasing at an alarming rate. “Water is the foundation of all life and unequivocally worth protecting. Clean waters, oceans, and rivers must be our common priority,” emphasizes Rüdiger Recknagel, Managing Director of the Audi Environmental Foundation.

Digital Girls’ Day at Audi – girls experience technology

The world of technology is open to everyone. This is the message Audi wants to convey on its first digital Girls’ Day on April 22. More than 150 schoolgirls from the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm regions have a opportunity to get a first look at technical professions at Audi in a virtual format.

Solar nanogrids with Audi e-tron battery modules: Audi Environmental Foundation and start-up Nunam enter into second project phase

Second life instead of premature recycling: German-Indian startup Nunam and its cofounder, Berlin-based Prodip Chatterjee along with his team have turned two Audi e-tron battery modules from test vehicles into a solar nanogrid. The newly developed energy storage system is currently being tested in daily use at a local energy service provider in India. The prototype currently allows roughly 50 shopkeepers and small businesses to continue working even after dark. The Audi Environmental Foundation is supporting the nonprofit start-up to advance research into the technical requirements for second-life power storage systems made of used batteries.
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