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From the very start, the four interlinked rings were the brand emblem of Auto Union AG, which was the second-largest German motor-vehicle manufacturer when the company was formed in the town of Chemnitz in 1932. August Horch founded his first company back in 1899 and in 1873, Audi’s predecessor brand, NSU, came into existence. Today AUDI AG looks back on a 100-year history and thus on many anniversaries. Audi Tradition feels a connection with this history and celebrates these anniversaries with events, in publications or with special projects – including building a replica of the Audi Front 225 Roadster, which was presented as part of the “100 Years of Audi” anniversary in 2009.

Recent Press Releases

  • 05/02/23

    A timeless design icon: The Audi TT turns 25

    Twenty-five years, three generations: The brand with the four rings wrote design history with the Audi TT. Since its debut in 1998, the sports car has struck a chord with people worldwide thanks to the fun it promises drivers and its clear design language. „Auto Europe“ voted it the best new car of the year in 1999.
  • 04/26/23

    Futuristic, aerodynamic, stylish: The NSU Ro 80

    Even the name is special: Ro 80 – Ro stands for rotary piston, and 80 is the type designation. When first unveiled at the IAA International Motor Show in September 1967, the NSU Ro 80 astonished the automotive world. NSU connoisseur Klaus Arth described it this way: “Many visitors don’t know what to admire first. The futuristic shape, the extravagant drive, or both”. The car inspired the public but did not result in a sales hit, so the last NSU Ro 80 rolled off the production line in April 1977. In this second episode of the series on the history of NSU, Audi Tradition presents this model.
  • 03/30/23

    “Drive a Prinz and you’re a king” – the NSU Prinz

    The traditional NSU brand, celebrating its 150th anniversary in 2023, represents transformation. This is best exemplified in the 1950s by the compact NSU Prinz. In 1955, NSU was the largest employer in the Neckarsulm region and the industry leader as the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheeled vehicles. But demand for motorcycles was in decline: As prosperity grew, so did people’s desire for a “roof over their heads” – they wanted to drive cars. So NSU reinvented itself, launching a successful comeback as a car manufacturer with the NSU Prinz in 1958. In this first episode of the history of NSU, Audi Tradition presents “the Prince”.

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