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Audi City Berlin

AUDI AG delivered around 1,803,250 new Audi brand cars to customers during 2015. As one of the world’s most successful manufacturers of premium automobiles, the company has more than doubled its unit sales in a span of ten years. The Audi portfolio today includes over 50 different model variants and is available in more than 100 countries around the world. Sales figures, news from the markets and any other information from Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG can be found here. The Audi sales figures for each month are published at the beginning of the following month.

Recent Press Releases

  • 08/11/16

    Audi increases sales in all regions

    AUDI AG has started the second half of the year with sales growth: In July, the company sold 149,400 units, up 2.3 percent year-on-year. The brand increased sales in all three core regions – in North America by 5.9 percent, in Asia-Pacific by 4.4 percent and in Europe by 1.5 percent. The new Audi A4 was the bestselling model worldwide with around 30,450 units and growth of 14.9 percent. Since January, the carmaker has delivered around 1,102,650 cars to customers from its entire portfolio, an increase of 5.2 percent.
  • 07/29/16

    Audi partners with digital health incubator to tone up startups and drivers

    AUDI AG becomes founding partner in Berlin’s “Flying Health Incubator”. The center supports startups that develop digital innovations in the healthcare sector. With its involvement, Audi is accelerating to develop “automotive health” as new business area – dedicated to enhance customer’s health and fitness while driving. With Audi Fit Driver, the brand is already testing innovative services and functionalities in this field.
  • 07/14/16

    Now accepting orders for the new Audi Q2

    The new Audi Q2* made its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Audi is now accepting orders for the compact SUV. It will roll into dealerships in the fall with sporty and agile handling plus infotainment and assistance systems from the full-size class.
  • 07/14/16

    Sporty and elegant: Orders now being accepted for the new Audi A5 and S5 Coupé

    Audi unveiled the A5 and S5 Coupé* to the public in early June with a spectacular light show. Customers can now order the design highlight from Ingolstadt. On board are powerful engines, a newly designed chassis and a wide range of infotainment choices.
  • 07/13/16

    The new Audi R8 Spyder V10 is in the starting blocks

    Audi unveiled the new R8 Spyder V10* at the 2016 New York International Auto Show in March. Pre-sales are starting in Europe tomorrow. The base price in Germany is €179,000.
  • 07/11/16

    Audi increases sales by 5.6 percent in the first half of the year

    Positive sales result for the Four Rings for the half year: With around 953,200 units delivered, AUDI AG increased its sales since January by 5.6 percent, growing in all regions. The brand recorded strong growth especially in Europe. Sales in that region increased by 8.4 percent since the beginning of the year, topping 450,000 cars for the first time. Worldwide, especially the new models Audi A4 (+12.3%) and Audi Q7 full size SUV (+73,6%) pushed the sales performance. Deliveries across all models increased by 7.4 percent in June to around 169,000 units with Audi surpassing its performance from the same month last year in all top ten sales markets.
  • 06/30/16

    Sixth Audi City opens in Moscow

    Audi is bringing its digital showroom concept to another major metropolis: the sixth Audi City worldwide opens today in Moscow. In the immediate vicinity of Red Square, inside the bustling Nikol’skaya Plaza shopping mall, visitors to the 600 square meter (6,458 sq ft) space are treated to a virtual experience of the complete product portfolio from the four rings.
  • 06/30/16

    Audi City

    Audi City points the way in the future of premium car sales: This physical cyberstore presents Audi’s entire model range using virtual technology throughout, and offers top caliber personal advice and service. The showroom concept therefore blends digital innovation with the strengths of the physical dealership, and acts as the main innovation lab for digitally connected sales activities at Audi. At the forefront of developments in this pioneering field, the Company opened the first Audi City in 2012 and has since been gradually refining the successful formula.
  • 06/13/16

    myAudi Sphere: new stage for the four rings at Munich Airport

    The new business class from Audi: At Munich Airport, visitors, customers and Audi dealers can now discover cutting-edge retail solutions developed by the four rings. Following a complete remodeling, the former Audi Forum at Munich Airport is reopening as a discovery platform for progressive tools in the dialogue between customers, the manufacturer and dealers. The focus is on digital innovations that connect the real and virtual worlds of Audi.
  • 06/09/16

    Audi sales increase by 6.7 percent in May

    AUDI AG sold around 164,150 cars to customers in May, representing a global increase of 6.7 percent year on year. With their new model generations, growth for the A4 Sedan and the A4 Avant reached 16.2 percent. The new Q7 full size SUV also continued its successful start, up 79.6 percent in May. For the entire model lineup, Audi sales increased in all of the brand’s three key regions – by 9.7 percent in Europe, by 5.7 percent in Asia Pacific and by 3.8 percent in North America. Worldwide deliveries since January rose to around 784,250, up 5.3 percent compared with the same period in 2015.
  • 05/26/16

    Cinema feeling: Audi City Istanbul opens

    Audi continues to push the digital empowerment of its sales activities: the world's fourth location of the brand’s digital showroom – Audi City Istanbul – goes online today on the Bosporus. Cyber stores in more major cities will follow this year. In addition, digital technologies from the Audi City concept will be introduced in around 200 traditional dealerships by the end of 2016.
  • 05/11/16
    Audi MediaCenter

    Audi continues global growth in April

    AUDI AG has started the second quarter with further growth. In April, worldwide deliveries climbed by 7.5 percent year on year to around 164,350 automobiles. The four ring’s two largest markets China (+9.4%) and Germany (+12.4%) reported substantial growth rates. Globally, cumulative sales since January were up 4.9 percent on the corresponding period of 2015 at around 620,100 units. This was the first time ever in the Company’s history that over 600,000 customers had chosen an Audi in the opening four month period.
  • 04/12/16

    AUDI AG: Strongest starting quarter with over 450,000 deliveries

    Double record for the brand with the four rings: Audi concluded the best first quarter in the company’s history along with the most successful sales month. In March, Audi increased global sales by 4.6 percent to a monthly high of around 186,100. That brings cumulative deliveries since January to around 455,750 cars, 4 percent more than in the same quarter last year. Growth during the first three months was mainly driven by strong demand in Europe and America. Audi has also seen increases in China since the beginning of the year.
  • 03/10/16

    AUDI AG: European sales up 8.1 percent in February

    AUDI AG has extended its successful start to the year in February: worldwide deliveries increased by 3.3 percent year on year to around 126,500 cars. The company once again achieved high growth in Europe: up 8.1 percent to around 65,150 units. Here the new Audi A4 is already in dealerships. Global sales of the mid size model increased by 5.3 percent to around 22,650 units in February. Across the entire portfolio of the four rings, sales since the start of the year total around 269,650 cars, an increase of 3.6 percent compared with 2015.
  • 02/10/16

    Audi starts the new year with sales record

    Following last year’s record-breaking sales, AUDI AG continues to grow in 2016. With around 143,150 units, the company managed to increase its year-on-year global deliveries by 4 percent in January. Demand for the four rings developed especially positively in Europe, with sales increasing here by 6.5 percent to around 59,900 cars. The brand’s SUV models once again proved to be the global growth drivers. The cumulative sales of the Audi Q3, Q5 and Q7 of around 46,350 units was 20.3 percent above the previous year’s figure.
  • 01/08/16

    AUDI AG: new record year with 1.8 million deliveries in 2015

    AUDI AG achieved a new sales record in 2015: Compared with 2014, worldwide deliveries increased by 3.6 percent to around 1,803,250 automobiles. This total was achieved despite the fact that the first representatives of the current model initiative – the new A4, the new Q7 and the new R8 – were not yet available in all regions of the world. In Europe and China, Audi confirmed its position as the most successful premium brand; in the United States, the brand with the four rings grew at twice the rate of the market. In December, around 158,450 customers worldwide chose an Audi, an increase of 5.6 percent. This means that the company has increased its sales for the 72nd successive month.
  • 01/07/16

    Audi surpasses 200,000 unit sales milestone for first time in USA

    Audi is kicking off the new year on the heels of success. When the brand with the four rings will present at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit beginning next week, the company can look back on the most successful year in its history in the USA. In 2015, Audi of America surpassed for the first time the 200,000 unit mark in sales, increasing its sales by 11.1 percent to 202,202 automobiles. This means that Audi grew at twice the rate of the overall US market, as the brand did in 2014.
  • 12/11/15

    AUDI AG: European sales up six percent in November

    Audi remains on track: With around 147,750 deliveries (+1%) in November, the company reaffirmed its strong sales result from the prior-year month. In Europe, the Ingolstadt-based carmaker increased sales by 6 percent to around 62,300 units, despite the model changeover for its bestseller, the Audi A4. Since the start of the year, more than 1.64 million customers worldwide have chosen the brand with the four rings, up 3.4 percent.
  • 11/12/15

    Audi continues sales growth in October

    Audi has started the fourth quarter with further sales growth. In October, global deliveries increased year-on-year by 2.0 percent to around 149,200 cars. Demand for the four rings proved very positive especially in the United States (+16.8 percent) and several southern European markets. Since January around 1,497,150 customers decided to buy an Audi globally, leading to a 3.6 percent growth compared to one year ago. Cumulative sales exceeded the 2014 figures in all regions around the world.
  • 11/02/15

    Audi participating in Web Summit 2015

    Audi is taking its involvement in Europe’s biggest startup conference to the next level: At this year’s Web Summit, which will start this Tuesday in Dublin, the company is participating in the central pitch competition as one of the jurors. At this event, young entrepreneurs compete with each other by pitching their digital business ideas and introduce themselves to potential investors, international groups and media representatives. AUDI AG will in addition be presenting its activities in the arena of piloted driving in a keynote speech and exhibition.
  • 10/08/15

    Audi increases sales in September

    AUDI AG continued to grow in September: With around 170,900 cars, the company increased its deliveries worldwide by 6.8 percent. Sales in the Americas rose by 11.9 percent, while the brand’s business in Europe increased by 8.8 percent. Thanks also to the strong start of the new Audi Q7, the four rings saw its best ever September sales in company history in Europe with almost 80,000 units. Since the start of the year, the global sales of the Ingolstadt based company have increased by 3.8 percent across all models to around 1,347,950 units.
  • 10/08/15
    Audi MediaCenter

    Dietmar Voggenreiter to be the new Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG

    Dietmar Voggenreiter (46) is to take over the position of Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG as of November 1. He will succeed in that position to Luca de Meo (48), who will move to SEAT as the new CEO. Under the leadership of Voggenreiter, who has managed the China business for nine years, unit sales in the country increased by six hundred percent to the number of 579,000 cars delivered in 2014.
  • 10/02/15

    Diesel emissions: Individual customer information for Germany on Audi website

    Every customer in Germany can find out quickly and easily about his or her Audi being affected by irregularities relating to the software used. The car’s chassis number only has to be entered on the website Customers can then immediately see whether the car is affected. In the coming week, this function will also be available in the worldwide markets via national Audi websites. Alternatively, customers can already find out whether their cars are affected through their Audi dealers or the national customer-support organization. In parallel, technical solutions are being prepared with which Audi models will be retrofitted. This service action will be presented to the responsible authorities later in October.
  • 09/11/15

    Audi Twin Cup in Vienna: the United Nations of Service

    Whether it’s UNO City or the Opera Ball, Vienna has always attracted visitors from all over the world. Over the last few days, the city on the Danube has seen a very special international gathering: 73 teams of Audi service advisors and technicians from 38 nations travelled to the Austrian capital in a bid to take home the Audi Service World Championship title. Excellent technical know-how and passionate customer orientation led the team from Turkey to victory in this year’s final.
  • 09/10/15

    Audi with record-breaking sales in August

    Audi stays firmly on track: despite the more challenging economic climate in many key markets and the forthcoming model changeover in high volume model lines, the company managed to further increase its deliveries in the past month. With 128,650 cars (+2.7%) the brand with the four rings saw its best August sales figures ever. The weaker economic development in markets such as China (-4.1%) or Russia (-15.4%) was offset particularly by the strong demand in Europe (+6.9%) and the Americas (+10.0%). Around 1,177,100 customers worldwide have chosen an Audi since the start of the year, an increase of 3.4 percent.
  • 08/27/15

    Audi at the IAA 2015: the power of four

    Audi is once again displaying bold exhibition architecture at the IAA International Motor Show. In place of a traditional convention booth, a multimedia experience space invites visitors to discover Audi’s four key themes at the IAA 2015 with all of their senses: Audi Sport, quattro, Audi Technologies and Audi ultra. The company is therefore constructing a temporary building at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds. Placing the latest edition of Audi’s bestselling model in its center, the architectural showcase will provide spectacular staging for the new Audi A4.
  • 08/14/15

    AUDI AG: U.S. sales up one-fifth in July

    AUDI AG has started the second half of the year with higher sales than in July 2014. Despite forthcoming model changeovers and ongoing difficult conditions in some key markets, the four rings achieved slight sales growth of 1.4 percent in July, taking the total to around 146,100 units. While the Americas (+19.6%) again gathered pace as growth driver for Audi and deliveries continued to increase substantially in Western Europe (+6.1%), sales in the Asia-Pacific region (-9.2%) and Eastern Europe (-3.2%) remained below the prior-year levels. Around 1,048,450 customers worldwide have chosen an Audi since January, 3.5 percent more than one year earlier.
  • 07/10/15

    AUDI AG: for the first time, over 900,000 customers in the initial half of the year

    Compared with the same period last year, AUDI AG’s worldwide sales from January to June increased by 3.8 percent to around 902,400 cars. For the first time in the company’s history, more than 900,000 customers had already chosen the brand with the four rings by mid year. Even though important model changes are imminent in a number of markets, sales climbed further in all world regions – particularly on the American continent (+12.4%). In June, worldwide deliveries of around 157,450 were slightly above the level of the same month last year (+1.3%).
  • 06/25/15

    Mission to the moon: AUDI AG supports the German Team at Google Lunar XPRIZE

    Audi is taking off for the moon – together with the Part-Time Scientists. Nearly 45 years after NASA’s Apollo 17 completed the last manned mission to the moon, the cooperating partners have selected the old landing site of Apollo 17 as the new target. The group of German engineers in the Part-Time Scientists team is working within the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition to transport an unmanned rover onto the moon. Audi is supporting the Part-Time Scientists with its know-how in several fields of technology – from quattro all-wheel drive and lightweight construction to electric mobility and piloted driving.
  • 06/15/15

    AUDI AG: Sales in the Americas increase 11 percent in May

    At around 153,850 cars, Audi’s worldwide deliveries in May were slightly above the figures from the same month last year (+1.2%). In addition to the upcoming model changes for the Audi Q7 and the A4, the brand’s top-selling model, the current reticence to buy in the Chinese luxury segment was particularly noticeable. The picture in the Americas is, however, very different: here sales of the four rings continued to increase sharply, up 11.1 percent to around 24,500 vehicles. The Audi TT, whose global sales doubled in the month (+96.6%), also helped drive the company’s sales. Across all models, Audi has delivered around 744,900 cars to customers since January, an increase of 4.3 percent.
  • 05/08/15

    AUDI AG continues growth in April

    After the best first quarter in the company’s history, Audi also sold more cars in April: around 152,850 deliveries exceeded prior-year sales in April by 2.5 percent. Demand again increased in all regions of the world compared with the same month of the preceding year. AUDI AG’s business developed positively especially on the American continent: deliveries to customers climbed by 12.7 percent. From January to April, global unit sales of the company thus grew by 5.2 percent to around 591,050 premium automobiles.
  • 04/22/15

    Audi, DHL and Amazon deliver convenience

    “Our final attempt failed, your package can be picked up at our service center.” With Audi connect easy delivery, a future service from Audi connect, this message will be a thing of the past – making shopping online even more convenient. Audi is working together with its partners DHL Parcel and Amazon Prime to develop an innovative logistics service: shipping parcels directly to your car’s trunk. A pilot project starting in May will allow participants to use the service for the first time. Audi connect easy delivery will operate through temporary authorization for keyless access to the car’s luggage compartment.
  • 04/13/15

    AUDI AG: March best month in the company’s history

    A start of the year made to measure for AUDI AG: With around 438,250 units sold, the brand’s global sales increased in the first quarter by 6.1 percent compared with the same period 2014 – with growth in all regions. The successful start to the year was also helped by the March results. With a plus of 4.4 percent to around 177,950 cars, Audi delivered more automobiles in a single month than ever before. This means that the company with the Four Rings has registered an increase in sales for 63 months in a row.
  • 03/16/15

    New Audi Q7 under starter’s orders

    The countdown has started: today marks the beginning of advance sales for the new Audi Q7, which will be at European dealerships starting in June. The second generation of the prestigious SUV impresses with innovative technology and powerful and efficient engines that make it the CO2 champion of its class. The base price of the Q7 3.0 TDI (200 kW) is 60,900 euros. The 3.0 TFSI is available from 62,900 euros.
  • 03/08/15

    AUDI AG: sales growth in all regions in February

    AUDI AG continues to grow: despite the model changeover for the A1* and Q3* in Europe and a shortened sales month in China, the company exceeded prior-year sales in February. Around 122,550 customers opted for the four rings last month, up 4.2 percent. Strong growth was achieved with the now globally available A3 family* (+47.4%) and the latest generation of the A6* (+10.8%). Since the start of the year, worldwide deliveries across all models are up 7.4 percent to around 260,250.
  • 02/09/15

    Audi continues with growth in January

    Audi has made its best-ever start to the year in company history: delivering around 137,700 units, the Ingolstadt-based company sold 10.3 percent more cars in January than during the same month last year. Following the record-breaking sales in 2014, the four rings once again saw growth in all regions of the world. Growth for the brand was particularly strong in North and South America, with sales up 15.1 percent to 16,200 units. In particular, the popular A3 family (+58.1%) and the new Audi TT (+15.0%) contributed to the successful start to the year worldwide.
  • 01/15/15

    Audi VR experience: the dealership in a briefcase

    Audi is taking the next big step in integrating digital technologies into automotive retail: The Audi VR experience gives customers the opportunity to configure their preferred car at the dealership through virtual reality headsets and experience it in a unprecedentedly realistic way. The headset showcases the entire model portfolio of the four rings, including all possible equipment combinations. Audi has become the first automotive manufacturer to develop a dedicated retail software solution for virtual reality headsets.
  • 01/09/15

    AUDI AG: new record year with over 1.74 million deliveries in 2014

    In 2014, AUDI AG clearly exceeded its goal of 1.7 million deliveries: By year-end, the company handed over around 1,741,100 cars to customers, 10.5 percent more than in 2013. The company was thus once again able to accelerate its growth pace and achieved with around 165,600 additional customers the second-highest volume increase in its history. The coveted SUV models* (+15.8%) and the A3 family* available worldwide for the first time in 2014 (+53.2%) contributed primarily to the strong sales total. In December, Audi continued to post double-digit growth and concluded the year with sales up 14.7 percent to around 150,000 units for the month.
  • 12/09/14

    AUDI AG: new sales record after 11 months

    Audi continues to post double digit growth in November too: Deliveries climbed 10.8 percent to a new record breaking figure for a single month of around 146,250 cars. The company once again grew significantly in all regions around the globe. Demand for the four rings rose in the Asia Pacific region in particular with sales up 17.7 percent. Since January, the premium manufacturer has delivered around 1,591,100 cars (+10.1%) to customers, thus topping last year’s sales total after just 11 months. In the whole of 2013, the Ingolstadt based company sold around 1.575 million units.
  • 11/07/14

    AUDI AG continues worldwide growth in October

    AUDI AG started the fourth quarter of the year with significant sales growth: in October, deliveries worldwide showed a year-on-year increase of 10.8 percent to around 146,200 cars. Cumulatively, Audi sales since January have risen by 10.1 percent to about 1,444,900 units. In the past month, the three major export markets for the four rings made a particularly strong contribution, with growth rates well into the double digits: China up 17.0 percent, the United States up 16.5 percent and the United Kingdom up 22.1 percent.
  • 10/31/14

    The intelligent car fleet: “Audi shared fleet” takes on the German capital

    Free choice of models, flexible use and pay-per-use billing: The new car pool service “Audi shared fleet” is now also taking the German capital by storm. The innovative start-up campus “Factory Berlin” has already chosen the innovative mobility solution by the company with the four rings, and put its new fleet into operation together with Audi on Thursday evening.
  • 10/10/14

    Array of awards for Audi spots in Cannes

    Audi collects Dolphins in Silver and in Gold: the brand’s spots received the jury’s acclaim at the Corporate Media & TV Awards in Cannes. The five films from the areas of Sales & Marketing as well as Communications scooped three Gold and two Silver at the corporate film industry’s world-famous festival.
  • 10/09/14

    AUDI AG: strongest September with 159,950 deliveries

    Audi continues to grow: With around 159,950 deliveries and sales up 6.4 percent, the company reported its 57th record-breaking month in a row and, at the same time, the best September ever for the four rings. Sales growth was particularly strong in North America, up 17.6 percent. This means that deliveries worldwide increased by 10.0 percent in the first three quarters to around 1,298,650 cars.
  • 10/06/14

    Audi in China: Growth in deliveries of 16 percent in the first three quarters

    In the first nine months of this year, Audi set a new record in the Chinese market (including Hong Kong and Macau). Unit sales from January through September increased by 16 percent to a total of 415,704 cars. In September alone, the brand with the Four Rings delivered 51,614 automobiles, representing growth of 13,4 percent compared with the same month last year.
  • 10/02/14

    Audi Sales Chief Luca de Meo awarded “Eurostar 2014”

    Luca de Meo, AUDI AG Board of Management Member for Sales and Marketing, has received the “Eurostar 2014” prize in the “Sales & Marketing Executive” category. Through the Eurostar awards, the international industry publication Automotive News Europe celebrates the most successful top managers in the European automotive industry. In its laudation, the jury emphasized that de Meo has successfully pushed Audi’s worldwide sales growth and even exceeded expectations with the strong performance of recent months.
  • 09/08/14

    AUDI AG: sales target for 2014 raised to 1.7 million

    Audi again maintained its path of growth worldwide in August: Sales rose 5.6 percent to around 125,300 automobiles. This brings the total number of customers who have chosen an Audi since the start of the year to around 1,138,700, an increase of 10.5 percent. The four rings grew particularly strongly in North America in August, increasing sales by 22.6 percent year on year.
  • 08/07/14

    AUDI AG: sales growth of 9.7 percent in July

    AUDI AG has started the second half of the year with further sales growth: global sales increased year-on-year by 9.7 percent in July to around 144,000 cars. The company again managed to boost sales in each of the top three sales regions around the world: by 5.4 percent in Europe, 16.2 percent in Asia-Pacific and 12.1 percent in North America. Since January around 1,013,350 cars with the four rings have been delivered to the brand’s customers, an 11.1 percent increase.
  • 07/31/14

    The Audi A3 Sportback e-tron starts in Europe

    The first plug-in hybrid from Audi, the A3 Sportback e-tron*, is now available to order for customers in Europe. Approximately 410 Audi dealers in Europe – including no fewer than 105 in Germany – are selling the A3 e-tron at a basic price of 37,900 euros on the German market. An individual installation check, the “e-tron plus” special package and “green” power from Audi complete the offering for the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron. The compact electric car will be handed over to its first customers this winter.
  • 07/21/14

    Audi Twin Cup: service cum laude

    The Audi driving experience center Neuburg hosted last weekend the service world of the four rings. The international finals of the Audi Twin Cup drew 75 teams of Audi technicians and service advisors to the competition. Participants from 38 countries traveled to the new driving experience center near the company headquarters in Ingolstadt, hoping to win the brand’s Service World Cup with technical know-how and customer focus. The team from USA took first place on the winners’ podium.
  • 07/09/14

    Advance sales of the Audi TT start

    The waiting is over for sports car enthusiasts: From July 10, dealers will be taking orders for the new Audi TT for the German market. Prices start at EUR 35,000. The Coupé will be arriving on the market this fall – with the new Audi virtual cockpit as standard.
  • 07/07/14

    AUDI AG sets new half-year record with around 869,350 deliveries

    With year-on-year sales growth of 11.4 percent, AUDI AG has achieved the best first half year in company history. The brand with the four rings handed over around 869,350 cars to customers in the first six months. In June alone, the company delivered around 155,450 cars worldwide, exceeding the figure in the same period last year by 10.8 percent. The premium brand grew particularly strongly in North America, increasing sales by 21.2 percent year-on-year.
  • 06/12/14

    German Federal Parliament to drive efficient Audi ultra models

    The transport service of the German Federal Parliament (Bundestag) has added 66 especially efficient full-size sedans to its fleet: With CO2 emissions of only 114 grams per kilometer (183.5 g/mi), the Audi A6 2.0 TDI ultra is one of the lowest-consuming premium cars in its segment. In the coming days, AUDI AG will be handing over the keys for the first cars of the efficiency fleet.
  • 06/06/14

    Audi advertising triumphs at Global Effie Awards

    Audi is the first German carmaker to receive one of the most coveted awards in the advertising industry: The Gold Global Effie was presented to the four rings for its “land of quattro” campaign at yesterday’s awards ceremony in New York. The campaign for the premium segment’s top-selling all-wheel drive technology has thus been recognized as one of the most successful marketing ideas in the world. Through the Effie Awards, the jury acknowledges both the creativity and effectiveness of advertising communication. The advertisement for the launch of the new Audi A3 Sportback was shortlisted in this year’s competition, singling it out as one of the strongest campaigns in the world.
  • 06/05/14

    AUDI AG: U.S. sales fuel global growth in May

    AUDI AG again clearly exceeded its sales total from the prior-year month: Worldwide, around 152,000 customers opted for an automobile with the four rings in the last month – 10.8 percent more than in May 2013. The A3* (+42.9%), the Q3* (+20.8%) and the full-size category with the A6* (+9.7%) contributed in particular to this sales success. Since the start of the year, the company has increased its global deliveries by 11.5 percent to around 713,900 premium cars.
  • 05/08/14

    AUDI AG: double-digit sales growth again in April

    Successful start to the second quarter: compared with the same month last year, Audi global sales increased in April by 11.6 percent to around 149,050 premium cars. The company’s deliveries once again rose in all regions around the world. In Europe, Audi increased sales in April by 8.6 percent, in North America by 16.7 percent and in the Asia-Pacific region by 15.3 percent. As such, around 561,900 customers opted for Audi since the start of the year, an increase of 11.7 percent.
  • 04/07/14

    AUDI AG: record quarter with more than 400,000 deliveries

    In March, Audi delivered more cars to customers than ever before in a single month: around 170,450 deliveries worldwide, a 15.4 percent year-on-year increase. This result also made March the 51st consecutive month with global sales growth for the four rings. China (+36.6%), Germany (+10.2%) and the United Kingdom (+12.7%) achieved particularly high growth in the past month. Audi’s cumulative sales increased by 11.7 percent in the first quarter to around 412,850 units. This was the first time that the company has exceeded the mark of 400,000 vehicles in the first three months.
  • 04/04/14

    Double-digit growth for Audi in China in Q1 2014

    In the best first quarter of Audi’s history in China, 124,520 customers decided to buy a car with the Four Rings – an increase of 21.1 percent compared with the prior-year period. With the A3 Sportback, another locally produced model in the premium compact segment was launched in the Chinese market this March. Production of the A3 Sedan will start in the summer. Together with the Audi Q3*, which has been produced in China since November 2012, Audi offers the broadest range of cars in this segment from local production.
  • 03/07/14

    AUDI AG: global sales increase again in February

    In February, AUDI AG delivered around 117,500 cars to customers around the world, 6.8 percent more than one year ago. Since the beginning of the year, the company’s unit sales have thus increased by 9.3 percent year-on-year to around 242,400 deliveries. Audi sales figures once again climbed in all regions around the world last month. Around one third of the volume growth was achieved in Europe. With significant increases in Germany, the UK and Italy, there was a 5.3 percent increase for the region. In China, Audi completed the sales month – shortened considerably by the New Year holiday – with a 6.9 percent increase over the February 2013 level.
  • 02/06/14

    Audi: deliveries up 11.7 percent at the start of the year

    A successful start: AUDI AG increased its sales in January by 11.7 percent year on year, delivering around 124,850 vehicles world-wide. The company saw its sales figures rise in all regions of the world. In Europe, Audi grew by 7.8 percent last month, deliveries in the Asia-Pacific region expanded by 17.6 percent, and the growth rate in the Americas was 3.0 percent.
  • 02/04/14

    Germany’s first virtual showroom: Audi City Berlin opens its doors

    A new brand hub in the capital: After successful launches in London and Beijing, the world’s third Audi City opens on “ Kurfürstendamm”, one of the most prestigious downtown locations in Berlin. In the German metropolis, the next development stage of the digitalized showroom will be on display: For the first time, visitors can experience the virtual Audi world also in stereo 3D. Audi City also stands for innovative solutions for the brand’s dealers: In the future, key technologies of the cyberstore will be available for tailor-made implementation at dealerships. With the launch of Audi City, the brand is also piloting a very flexible usage model for premium mobility in Berlin: Under the name “Audi select”, the company will be offering customers of Audi City Berlin the option to switch between up to three different Audi models per year at an all-inclusive monthly rate.
  • 01/09/14

    Audi: more than 1.57 million deliveries in 2013

    A new all-time record for AUDI AG: In 2013, the company sold around 1,575,500 automobiles worldwide, 8.3 percent more than in 2012. The premium manufacturer’s sales thus increased by more than 100,000 units for the fourth consecutive year. Major growth drivers over the past year were Audi’s three biggest export markets, all of which reported double-digit growth: with China up 21.2 percent, the United States up 13.5 percent, and the UK up 14.9 percent. In Europe and China, the four rings again led the premium segment in 2013 as the top-selling brand. Audi concluded the year with a 18.4 percent growth to around 130,700 global deliveries in December, increasing sales in all regions of the world compared to the same month of 2012.
  • 12/16/13

    AUDI AG: More than 1.5 million automobiles delivered to customers

    A special moment for the brand with the four rings: Today, the 1.5 millionth Audi since the beginning of the year was handed over to its owner at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt. This means that AUDI AG has achieved its sales target, set for 2015, two years earlier than planned. Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, and sales chief Luca de Meo personally handed a customer from Germany the keys to the anniversary vehicle: an Audi A3 Sportback.
  • 12/09/13

    Audi continues growth path in November

    AUDI AG has delivered around 132,050 cars to customers worldwide in November, 6.8 percent more than a year ago. Especially in China (+17.9 percent), the UK (+13.6 percent) and the U.S. (+13.0 percent), the premium manufacturer posted significant growth last month. In the first eleven months of the year, Audi delivered around 1,444,750 cars worldwide, representing an increase of 7.4 percent. During this period, the brand registered double-digit growth rates in each of the sales regions Asia-Pacific (+19.4 percent) and the Americas (+12.0 percent).
  • 11/11/13

    Audi with highest consumer confidence in Germany

    Audi is the most popular car brand in Germany and enjoys the highest level of trust from customers. This is the conclusion of a representative survey by TNS Emnid for the confidence index of the German association of leading PR agencies, GPRA. The index reflects the attitudes of consumers towards companies from eight leading industries in Germany. In the automotive industry, 85 percent of those surveyed expressed their full trust in Audi.
  • 11/08/13

    Audi global sales increase again in October

    AUDI AG kicked off the final quarter of the year with continued sales growth. In October, around 131,950 customers chose an Audi, a year-on-year increase of 6.7 percent. This means that deliveries for the premium manufacturer have increased by 7.5 percent to around 1,312,700 since January. Last month, sales for Audi rose by 14.4 percent in the Asia-Pacific region and by 9.6 percent in North America. The brand with the four rings grew in Europe, too: up 1.3 percent.
  • 10/18/13

    Best in communication design: Audi wins “Red Dot: Client of the Year” award

    Concise design and communication: in this year’s competition for the prestigious Red Dot Awards in the field of communication design, Audi was once again honored with the “Client of the Year” award for the most successful cooperation with creative partners. This is the fourth year that this special prize has been presented and the third time it has gone to the brand with the four rings. The jury honored a total of nine individual projects of AUDI AG with a Red Dot for outstanding communication design, making Audi the most successful company in the contest.
  • 10/07/13

    AUDI AG: sales up 10 percent in September

    New sales record for Audi in September: Around 150,300 customers chose a model with the four rings last month, a year-on-year increase of 10 percent. The company continued to benefit from growing sales in the United States (+6.2 percent) and double-digit growth rates in China (+28.2 percent). Also in Europe, Audi concluded the month of September with a positive comparison to last year (+3.0 percent). Altogether, AUDI AG’s worldwide sales increased from January to September by 7.6 percent to around 1,180,750 cars.
  • 09/23/13

    Audi Twin Cup: world-class service

    Technical know-how and consistent customer orientation at the forefront: Last weekend, Audi technicians and service advisors from 40 nations have competed in the international finals of the Audi Twin Cup. A total of 73 teams demonstrated their capabilities at the Audi service world championship in Barcelona. The team from South Korea delivered the most convincing performance – and took the Audi Twin Cup trophy home.
  • 09/09/13

    Audi named “Digital Brand Champion 2013”

    Audi is the most successful brand of the digital age: This is the result of a study by the business magazine “WirtschaftsWoche” regarding the online presence of the brand with the four rings. Among 200 German brands, Audi distinguished itself as “Digital Brand Champion” by distributing relevant content in a convincing digital form that successfully creates a bond between the user and the brand. For Audi, the presence via a multitude of digital formats has already long been a component of the brand communication.
  • 08/30/13

    Audi turns the IAA upside down

    A new skyline for Frankfurt am Main: Audi once again has a spectacular architecture in store for visitors of the International Motor Show (IAA). Constructed specially for the exhibition, the building invites visitors to consider the parameters for urban mobility from an unusual point of view. Inside, skyscrapers and entire city districts sprout from the ceiling to create “hanging cities”. Visitors walking through the pavilion experience the diverse requirements on future mobility and the technological innovations from Audi.
  • 06/20/13

    An array of awards for Audi publications

    Two prestigious first prizes for the “Encounter” magazine series from Audi Communications. “Encounter – The Audi Brand Magazine” was honored as the “Best of the Best” in the field of Corporate Publishing in the Automotive Brand Contest. The prize is awarded by the renowned German Design Council. For the second time in a row, “Encounter – The Audi Technology Magazine” was named Gold Winner in the Best of Corporate Publishing Awards. Furthermore, the employee magazine “Audimobil” and a publication of the Governance, Risk & Compliance department of AUDI AG won silver BCP awards.
  • 05/07/13

    AUDI AG: Further sales growth strengthens global premium market position in the second quarter

    Audi has started the second quarter with further sales growth. In April, the Ingolstadt-based company sold around 133,500 cars, representing an increase of 6.6 percent compared with the prior-year month. In particular demand for the new A3 family and the Q3, Q5 and Q7 SUV models strengthened business for the four rings. Since the beginning of this year, around 503,000 customers in total have decided in favor of an Audi – a growth of 6.7 percent. This is the first time that Audi exceeded the threshold of half a million deliveries after just four months.
  • 04/08/13

    Best-ever opening quarter for Audi with around 369,500 deliveries

    AUDI AG has enjoyed the strongest first quarter in its history: With worldwide deliveries reaching around 369,500 units for January through March, the company improved on the prior-year quarter by 6.8 percent. In this period, the automotive manufacturer achieved growth in all of its three main sales regions Europe, Asia and North America. Unit sales in March played a major role in this respect. Audi handed over around 147,700 cars to customers – 3.0 percent more than one year earlier. This made the past month the strongest March ever for the Ingolstadt-based manufacturer.
  • 03/21/13

    A new car – a new broadcaster: A sneak preview on Audi MediaTV

    Audi Communications is launching its new online channel, Audi MediaTV, with an exclusive sneak preview. This channel can be accessed as a stream through Audi MediaServices and provides the full Audi Communications video range.
  • 02/06/13

    Audi makes a successful start to 2013: Worldwide sales climb 16.3 percent

    Following the record-breaking year of 2012, AUDI AG has posted a successful start to 2013: In January, the company sold around 111,750 automobiles worldwide, an increase of 16.3 percent and testimony to clear growth in all regions of the world. The successful midsize model lines A4 and Q5 made a substantial contribution to this growth. Deliveries rose strongly in China at 38.5 percent. In the USA (+7.5 percent) and Europe (+8.6 percent), too, January deliveries topped the figures from the prior-year month.
  • 12/06/12

    “Land of quattro:” Audi showcases the homes of all-wheel drive

    From snowy mountain passes through urban streets to summer excursions to the beach. In its recently started international marketing campaign, “land of quattro”, Audi is documenting the vast variety of possibilities offered by the broadest lineup of all-wheel-drive models in the premium segment. This campaign spotlights a given country’s most exciting all-wheel-drive routes, honoring it as a true “land of quattro”. Users can now access a dedicated microsite to share their favorite destinations for quattro driving.
  • 09/10/12

    AUDI AG: 14.9 percent sales growth in August

    Audi continues to grow in all regions around the world: Deliveries in August increased by 14.9 percent on the corresponding prior-year month to reach some 108,100 automobiles. This means approximately 961,000 customers have chosen Audi since the beginning of the year, an increase of 12.7 percent. The past month’s growth was driven by strong sales figures for the brand’s luxury-class models as well as for the Audi Q3 and A1 Sportback. Growth for Audi was especially evident in China (+24.0%), while August was yet another record month for the brand in the United States as well (+13.0%). Sales figures in Europe were also up 8.0 percent, despite the difficult conditions in several markets and the model changeover of the A3. The new generation of the premium compact car was launched on the first European markets in late August.
  • 07/09/12

    Audi boosts deliveries by 12.3 percent in the first half of 2012

    New record for Audi: In the first six months of the year the company handed over more than 733,000 cars to customers worldwide, 12.3 percent more than in the same period of 2011. Around 133,050 customers chose an Audi in June alone – 13.1 percent more than one year ago. The strong performance in Germany continued in the past month with growth of 14.6 percent. The Ingolstadt-based company once again experienced significant double-digit (+20.4 percent) growth in deliveries on the Chinese market. In the United States, AUDI AG concluded the first half of the year with the best sales month in the company’s US history, plus 26.0 percent in June.
  • 06/11/12

    Audi continues double-digit growth in May

    AUDI AG achieved an all-time sales record for May with around 128,900 cars delivered and a 13.7 percent gain compared with the same month last year. The company sold around 600,200 cars worldwide in the first five months (+12.1 percent) and has now set itself a target of 1.4 million cars by the end of the year. Thanks above all to the highly successful new Audi A6, sales figures once again rose in all regions worldwide in May – most notably in China, up 44.2 percent. In North America, sales figures climbed by 10.3 percent; in Europe, the new Audi Q3 and A1 Sportback contributed to growth of 3.8 percent.
  • 05/09/12

    AUDI AG: North American growth region with significantly increased sales

    AUDI AG sustained its high growth rate from the first quarter in April, with around 125,200 cars delivered and a 14.4 percent increase over the prior-year month. Sales figures rose over the first four months by 11.7 percent to around 471,300 cars delivered. In April, the brand with the four rings posted clear growth in all regions. Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Russia contributed in particular to the company’s 4.9 percent growth in Europe. North America has also become a stable factor for Audi: From January to April, the brand achieved a sales increase of around 15.2 percent there.
  • 04/10/12

    More than 346,000 vehicles sold – AUDI AG achieves best quarter in company history

    AUDI AG is maintaining its growth course. Thanks to some 346,100 vehicles delivered – an increase of 10.8 percent – this past quarter was the best in company history. This strong start to the year was due in part to March figures: around 143,500 units delivered and a 14.1 percent rise in sales. Audi had never sold so many vehicles in a single month. Growth from January through March was fueled in particular by customers in the USA and China, where Audi achieved record sales, as well. The company likewise registered growth in Eastern Europe and in its domestic German market.
  • 03/08/12

    AUDI AG: Sales growth in all regions

    Audi increased its sales in all regions of the world in February and exceeded the prior-year month by 16.6 percent in delivering 106,600 vehicles. Demand rose particularly sharply in China, where a new best figure of 31,352 units was recorded – up 65.7 percent. Audi also achieved continued double-digit growth in North America (+10.9 percent). In Europe, an increase of 2.1 percent was achieved thanks primarily to Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the entire Eastern European region. For the year to date, worldwide sales for Audi have reached around 202,700 cars, a rise of 8.5 percent. This was the first time that the company has exceeded the mark of 200,000 vehicles by the end of February.
  • 01/09/12

    Audi: strongest sales growth ever

    AUDI AG sold around 1,302,650 cars in 2011, beating its previous sales record from one year earlier by more than 210,200 units. The brand’s strong growth spanned all regions of the world: China became Audi’s biggest single market for the first time ever, with 313,036 vehicles delivered. In Europe, the Ingolstadt-based brand increased its unit sales by 12.1 percent to around 726,300 cars; it also achieved a growth rate well into double figures in the United States. Audi ended the past year with a new sales record in more than 50 markets.
  • 02/24/11

    Correction – new time Live from Geneva: Press Conference at the International Motor Show – featuring the Audi A3 concept

    Audi will unveil a new four-seater notchback sedan at the International Motor Show in Geneva on March 1. The attractive A3 concept offers a glimpse into the future and the coming generation of the Audi A3.
  • 02/08/11

    AUDI AG: Best January on record

    AUDI AG started the new year with a 22.6 percent jump in sales, as the company delivered around 95,400 cars to customers worldwide in January. The European export market provided strong momentum. Sales increased significantly here in what continues to be a difficult business climate. The new Audi A1 and a continuing increase in sales to corporate customers provided for a 14.8 percent increase in Germany. Audi continued the successful developments of the past few months in the United States and China.
  • 09/21/09

    Virtual test drive with Audi’s e-tron electric concept car

    Audi fans will be able to drive the e-tron concept car through PlayStation Home starting in late 2009. Audi is the first carmaker to develop its own virtual area there, known as the Audi Space. The Audi e-tron, a high-performance sports car with a purely electric engine, was introduced at the International Motor Show (IAA). Starting in December, it will be available in the Vertical Run driving game within the Audi Space.
  • 08/06/08

    AUDI AG: July sees continued strong sales growth in Asia and Eastern Europe

    Audi continues to show strong growth in the Asia/Pacific region with 12,037 automobiles sold in July, a 7.6 percent increase compared to the prior-year month (11,189). In China (including Hong Kong), 9,403 new automobiles were sold (up 7.1 percent). Russia is also showing considerable growth with 1,454 customers, a 7.5 percent increase over last year (1,352). Audi posted growth of 10.6 percent in Eastern Europe with 3,466 more automobiles sold than the year before. And some 83,200 cars were handed over to their new owners worldwide, 2.5 percent more than July 2007.

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