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Audi Q3

The new Audi Q3 is a family SUV with great all-round talents. In the second generation it appears not only visually more self-confident, but offers far greater utility value thanks to abundant space, comprehensive adaptability and many practical details.

Press Releases

  • 09/26/19

    Compact power packs: Audi RS Q3 and Audi RS Q3 Sportback

    Audi Sport presents the new edition of the RS Q3 (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km*: 8.9 - 8.8 (26.4 - 26.7 US mpg); combined CO2 emissions in g/km*: 203 - 202 (326.7 - 325.1 g/mi)) and with the RS Q3 Sportback (combined fuel consumption in l/100 km*: 8.9 - 8.8 (26.4 - 26.7 US mpg); combined CO2 emissions in g/km*: 204 - 202 (328.3 - 325.1 g/mi)) extends the product range to include an all-new model. The two sport compacts offer outstanding performance, athletic design and maximum everyday usability. They will be available in dealers in Germany and other European countries by the end of 2019. Prices for the high-performance SUV start at 63,500 euros. The SUV coupe starts at 65,000 euros.
  • 07/24/19

    Powerful Elegance: the Audi Q3 Sportback

    Audi is adding a compact SUV in coupé shape to its model range: the Audi Q3 Sportback. The new model combines the strong presence and versatile everyday convenience of an SUV with the sporty elegance and agile handling of a coupé. This makes it the first compact crossover of the Audi brand.
  • 01/31/19

    Winner: New Audi Q3 Wins Readers’ Choice of “Best Cars”

    The new Audi Q3 has established itself as a winner right off the bat: It took home the first prize in the “compact SUV/off-road vehicles” category in the readers’ choice of “Best Cars 2019” by German technical magazine “auto motor und sport.”

Basic Information

  • 09/11/19

    Compact Crossover with Athletic Prowess: the Audi Q3 Sportback

    The new Audi Q3 Sportback: practical, sporty and elegant. Being part SUV, part coupé, it is particularly versatile. Beneath its expressive design, the customer will find a variable interior with a digital operating concept and connectivity features from the full-size automotive class. Thanks to the progressive steering, sport suspension and quattro all wheel drive, it is fun to drive on various different types of terrain. For the first time, a mild hybrid system assists the drive in one of the brand’s compact models. Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7.7 - 4.7; Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 174 - 123; Information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions as well as efficiency classes in ranges depending on the tires and alloy wheel rims used.

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