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Four rings: future-oriented action

Audi stands for premium quality, the forward-looking and sparing use of resources, and environmentally friendly production. The ambitious goal is to achieve net carbon-neutral production. Through its environmental program “Mission:Zero”, Audi is consolidating all related environmental protection measures. The focus is on four areas of activity: decarbonization in production and logistics, water use, resource efficiency, and biodiversity. Furthermore, Audi is already lowering emissions in the earliest stages of the supply chain. Because an intelligent use of resources saves materials and reduces energy consumption. In turn, this reduces carbon dioxide emissions in upstream production processes and lower levels of the supply chain.
At Audi, the mobility of the future is electric. But the central question is: How does the brand with the four rings envision sustainable mobility? On the one hand, the vision includes all-electric models that are produced and delivered to customers under net carbon neutral conditions. At the same time, electromobility is only as green as the electricity used to charge it. That’s why the brand with the four rings is investing in charging infrastructure, promoting the expansion of renewable energies, and analyzing the life cycle of its models to identify even more carbon savings potential. The premium brand is keeping all its processes in sight: the sourcing of raw materials, their supply chain, and production itself in addition to the utilization phase and recycling or reuse at the end of a car’s life cycle.
From product design and purchasing via production and marketing through to reuse and recycling: Audi wants to make cycles an integral part of the automotive value chain. After all, when a car reaches the end of its service life, it is still far from being over. Returning materials to cycles saves resources and energy that would otherwise be required to produce new raw materials.
With its systematic electrification strategy, Audi has set the course for a sustainable future. The Four Ring’s commitment to becoming the leading provider of sustainable premium mobility is based on a holistic strategy that touches every division of the company. Audi is including our employees in the transformation process: we invest in qualification and apprenticeship and live our company values of integrity, diversity, inclusion, and appreciation. Above and beyond our commitment to reducing emissions, we ensure that human rights are upheld throughout the supply chain. By implementing ESG criteria in all our company processes, Audi has made its commitments transparent and mesaurable.
Audi accepts responsibility. For our employees, but also for the people and the natural world in the regions where our sites are located and beyond. The company promotes education and charitable organizations, culture and sports. We also encourage volunteer work and lend a hand in response to disasters. Through the Audi Environmental Foundation, Audi supports research into new technologies and scientific methods for a livable future.

Recent News


Audi and ERC Ingolstadt again renew partnership for the long term

The partnership between AUDI AG and ERC Ingolstadt is going into overtime: The premium car manufacturer and the Ingolstadt ice hockey club have once again renewed their cooperation for the long term. Audi’s commitment to support the club goes beyond the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) professional team itself, extending to the club’s junior program and the ERC women’s team. In this way, Audi is again renewing its commitment to the region by promoting a diverse program of sports and culture.

Turning old into new: MaterialLoop project tests circular economy potential of end-of-life vehicles

With its joint project ”MaterialLoop”, Audi is taking the next step toward closing more material cycles in the automotive industry. Together with 15 partners from the research, recycling, and supplier sectors, the brand with the four rings is looking into the reuse of so-called post-consumer materials, which are taken from customer vehicles at the end of their lifecycle, from the automotive sector for the production of new cars. As part of Audi’s circular economy strategy, the project provides valuable insight on how a circular economy can be put into practice.

Audi donates to UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe: aid for earthquake victims in Turkey and Syria

An earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale shook southeastern Turkey and northern Syria on February 6. The true extent of the disaster still cannot be estimated. Audi is donating one million euros in aid to UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe.

Bentley breaks ground on new Launch Quality Centre and Engineering Technical Centre

Bentley Motors has taken the next step on its journey to become the world’s most sustainable luxury automotive manufacturer with a ground breaking ceremony for its new Launch Quality Centre and Engineering Technical Centre. The new facility at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe, England, will be integral to the brand’s preparations for future Battery-Powered Electric Vehicle (BEV) production and to set a new benchmark in next generation, digital, flexible and high-value manufacturing operations.

Sustainable Water Management: Audi Joins the Alliance for Water Stewardship

Since 2023, Audi is the first premium auto manufacturer to join the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). This global coalition of companies, NGOs, and the public sector is dedicated to water stewardship throughout the value chain; this step will allow Audi’s San José Chiapa site in Mexico to seek certification under the International Water Stewardship Standard, also known as the AWS Standard.

Global Battery Alliance Launches World’s First Battery Passport Proof of Concept

The Global Battery Alliance (“GBA”), the world’s largest multi-stakeholder organisation to establish a sustainable battery value chain by 2030, today launched the proof of concept for its Battery Passport at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos.

Drones for environmental protection: monitoring of meadow orchards successfully completed

The project launched in the summer of 2018 – and now the results are being presented: Over the past three years, research drones from the Heidelberg University of Education repeatedly circled over the meadow orchards in the community of Bad Schönborn between Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Covering an area of around 500 hectares, roughly ten hectares of which were meadow orchards, the drones carried out a comprehensive digital monitoring survey that automatically classified and evaluated the fruit trees. This involved categorizing the trees according to their state of health, such that targeted care measures can now be undertaken to improve their vitality. Private individuals are also encouraged to sponsor the care of fruit trees via a specially created platform. The Audi Environmental Foundation supported the project over its entire duration.

Audi premieres innovative recycled seatbelt buckle covers

Audi has launched cutting-edge plastic covers for seatbelt buckles in its Q8 e-tron models; the casings are partially manufactured from mixed automobile plastic waste using a chemical recycling process. It is the first time the company is installing safety components made in this way, and in conjunction with the PlasticLoop project, has established an innovative process with plastics manufacturer LyondellBasell, based on the findings from a pilot project.

More purity, more reduction, more consistency: The new rings from Audi

Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik, for innovative mobility. A promise that the four rings aim to reflect through a progressive design. Now the vehicles’ characteristic features have been thoroughly reworked. In this interview, designer André Georgi and brand strategist Frederik Kalisch explain what it means for Audi now that its cars bear new rings.

Audi Adds Brand Exclusive Charging Stations to its Premium E-mobility Ecosystem in China

The Four Rings are accelerating their e-offensive in China. As part of the “Vorsprung 2030 China Strategy”, Audi is enriching its mobility ecosystem by bringing the Audi Charging Station to customers in China. The first batch will go live before the end of this year.

Audi and Krajete Filter CO2 Out of the Air

AUDI AG and the Linz-based green tech company Krajete GmbH are jointly developing new technologies for filtering emissions from ambient air. In addition to robust adsorber materials, these so-called direct air capturing technologies (DAC) are based, above all, on innovative processes. They make far-reaching energy and cost reductions possible.
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