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Automated Driving

Audi has long been a driving force in the area of highly-automated driving, and has repeatedly documented its progress in this technology with spectacular demonstrations. With the Audi AI traffic jam pilot, the brand with the four rings presents the world’s first system that enables SAE level 3 conditional automation.

Press Releases

  • 06/03/22

    Myths about autonomous driving

    Will self-driving cars soon be a reality? And how will people’s attitude have to change to ensure autonomous driving meets with broad acceptance? The &Audi study “SocAIty”, compiled with the help of renowned experts, looks into these questions, among others. It also clears up some of the widespread myths surrounding the topic. What is true? And what is not?
  • 02/03/22

    “Sleeping while Driving into the Weekend? Not yet…“

    In late July 2021, a new German law went into effect that will allow fully automated vehicles* to drive regularly in public traffic within designated areas of operation in the future. But for which vehicles will that actually be feasible? How far along is the mobility of the future project in this country? The broad-ranging &Audi "SocAIty" study follows up on these questions. Uta Klawitter, Head of General Counsel Legal Services at Audi, is working with her team, which is focused on addressing the legal question of automation, and providing answers concerning the legal parameters of automated and autonomous driving.
  • 12/02/21

    The 2021 “SocAIty” study: “We are leaving the ivory tower and moving the dialog into the public sphere”

    Law, ethics, and data protection: the future of autonomous driving is raising questions. The 2021 “SocAIty” study from the &Audi Initiative offers possible solutions and stimulates public discourse regarding the new technology and the mobility landscape of the future. In an interview about the Initiative, Project Manager Saskia Lexen talks about insights from the study and the social dimensions of autonomous driving.

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