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Audi museum mobile

The Audi Forum Ingolstadt

In the Audi museum mobile, historic exhibits and modern forms of presentation create a dynamic symbiosis that allows visitors to stroll through the past for an experience that is as informative as it is entertaining. Behind the fully glazed façade, the exceptional architecture follows the principle of the growth rings on a tree trunk, symbolically uniting perpetuity and change. The corporate history of AUDI AG is portrayed, as is the rapid technological progress experienced in automotive engineering. Embedding the exhibits within the underlying economic and social conditions makes the museum mobile much more than a purely technical museum: A visit also becomes a fascinating review of the 20th century with its momentous changes.

Recent Press Releases

  • 11/17/22

    Automotive history in the spotlight: Special exhibition “The Speed of Light” at the Audi museum mobile

    The new special exhibition “The Speed of Light” at the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt is, for the first time, telling the whole story of lighting development through the rich product history of the brand with the four rings. The special exhibition looks back to the beginnings of vehicle lighting – when early automobiles still used actual fire for illumination. Ten vehicles serve to trace the various epochs in lighting technology, while other exhibits illustrate the functionality and the fascination of constantly evolving headlight and rear light technologies. “The Speed of Light” can be viewed at the Audi museum mobile from November 18, 2022, to June 4, 2023, and digitally on the Audi Tradition app.
  • 05/13/22

    Audi Tradition is retrieving treasures from motorsports history from its hallowed halls

    Experience a century of racing history – Audi Tradition is making it possible: In celebration of International Museum Day under the motto “Discover Museums with Joy,” Audi Tradition will fire up an impressive selection of motorsports cars from its historical collection on Sunday May 15. In doing so, it will display enormous range and development in racing: from the Audi Type C “Alpensieger” and the legendary Auto Union Silver Arrow models to the Audi Sport quattro S1 from the rally era of the 1980s and the 2022 Dakar Rally car, the Audi RS Q e-tron. The Audi museum mobile is open Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM. Admission is free. Visitors can also expect to find a diverse program of events at the Audi Piazza at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt.
  • 02/02/22

    Off to the museum via app: Audi Tradition goes digital with its new special exhibition “Der fünfte Ring“

    – In its new special exhibition “Der fünfte Ring,” the Audi museum mobile in Ingolstadt is providing a comprehensive overview of the long-established NSU brand’s history and commemorating the eventful past of Audi’s “fünften Rings“ with numerous exhibits. The new Audi Tradition app will also be launched on February 2 to coincide with the new special exhibition. It serves as a virtual tour guide for visitors to the museum and, as a digital companion, allows them to enjoy the museum experience while on the road or at home. „Der fünfte Ring“ will be on display at the Audi museum mobile from February 2 through September 24, 2022; currently, visitors must either be fully vaccinated or have recovered from a COVID-19 infection and present a negative COVID-19 test or proof that they have received a booster vaccination.

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