What is the Audi MediaCenter?
The Audi MediaCenter is a service from Audi Communications for journalists, bloggers and online multipliers: Compact, up-to-date and direct from the source, you can find all information here at a glance. The pages have been optimized for all devices – from computers or tablets to smartphones.

What content is offered?
The Audi MediaCenter consolidates everything offered by Audi Communications. Here you can find the latest press releases, photos and videos as well as all online and social media channels. From articles taken from the Audi Blog, tweets, Facebook posts or the newest videos on YouTube. The Audi MediaCenter provides you with an overview of the entire spectrum of AUDI AG.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?
Please feel free to address your contact at Audi Communications. You can find an overview of the contacts under “Press contacts.”Or send an e-mail to info@audi-mediacenter.com.

What formats are the press releases available in for downloading?
We generally offer all text documents as PDF files. To open PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar program that displays PDF documents.

Why are photos available in various sizes?
We offer specific photo format sizes for a number of designated uses: A large photo is of higher quality and therefore takes longer to download. Large photos are of print quality, whereas the smallest available format size is sufficient for use in online media.

An overview of the dimensions:

small – approx. 800x565 px, 72 dpi

medium – approx. 15x10 cm, 304 dpi

large - approx. 32x22 cm, 304 dpi

Where can I get photo material?

You can obtain photo material from the Audi Media Center or by sending an e-mail to: fotoredaktion@audi.de 

Can the audio and video files be edited?
We offer you the option of directly downloading our videos. If you wish to use these materials, please observe the legal notices.

How can I download a video?

Many videos are available for download directly on the page. You can start the download process by clicking on the arrow button below the player. You can choose between the resolutions 1080p, 720p, and 360p.

If the download is possible, the rights are generally license-free for editorial and private purposes. Should a video not be available for download, this is due to legal restrictions. 

Please feel free to contact us in this case. We can also provide you with other formats and resolutions from our video archive. 

Please contact us at footage@audimedia.tv and specify the ID of the respective video. 

How can I embed a video in my page?

There are two possibilities: 

1. Embed code

You can embed any video from Audi MediaTV in your own page. In doing so, you can scale the size of the player window (here: “embed size”) and select whether you want to activate the autoplay function. After you have selected the option you want, you can copy the code that was generated and paste it in the corresponding place on your page.

2. Share function 

You can use the “Share” button to share a video on social media directly. This function is offered for Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn. Alternatively, you can copy the link with one click.

Why is a video not available for download?

Should a video not be available for download, this is due to legal restrictions. Please feel free to contact us in this case. We can also provide you with other formats and resolutions from our video archive. Please contact us at footage@audimedia.tv and specify the ID of the video in question. 

What about the rights for the videos?

The rights are license-free for editorial and private purposes. 

Can I upload an AudiMediaTV video to my YouTube channel?

Feel free to contact us at footage@audimedia.tv and specify the video ID (it can be found below the respective video) and we will respond to the case in question.

How are search results listed?

Search results are sorted by relevance, which means: The content assessed with the highest relevance is at the top of the list. The publication date is considered in the process, but is not the sole criterion. Click on “Sort by: Latest first” to sort the search results by date. 

How does the newsletter subscription work?
If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will regularly receive our press releases by e-mail. You can choose whether you want to receive each published newsletter immediately, or in a daily or weekly digest. You may also select your preferred topics.

How can I cancel my subscription to the press newsletter?
You can cancel your subscription at any time in the “Newsletter” section.

How can I change the recipient address for my newsletter subscription?
The recipient address is always the e-mail address you enter as the contact address when registering. You can change this address, together with all other personal information, in the “Login” section.

Why do I need to register in the “Login” section?
All content in the Audi MediaCenter is freely accessible. In general, you do not need to register to use our platform. Registration in the “Login” section is only required to subscribe to our newsletter.