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Ingolstadt/San José Chiapa

Audi in Mexico (San José Chiapa)

Audi in Mexico (San José Chiapa)
Audi in Mexico (San José Chiapa)

Audi México is the Audi Group's newest plant. It is equipped with the latest advances in manufacturing processes and is committed to ecological, social, and economic sustainability.

Current models: Audi Q5

Recent Press Releases


Jacobo Issa appointed new Vice President of Human Resources and Organization at Audi México

Audi México will make changes to its top management from March 2022. For the first time, a Mexican will hold a position on the plant’s Executive Board, with Jacobo Issa taking over as Vice President Human Resources and Organization, while Niels Bosse, who has held this position successfully since June 2019, will return to Wolfsburg to serve as the Senior Vice President Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH.

Audi México will sponsor a sports park in San José Chiapa

Audi México and the municipality of San José Chiapa in Puebla are collaborating to build a sports park that represents a social action of sponsorship of the Four Rings plant. This project, which materializes a joint work between Audi México and the municipality of San José Chiapa, aims to generate social welfare by focusing on the people of the municipality for the development of the community where the youngest factory of the Audi Group is located. In addition, as part of the social responsibility, this space will be a platform that will promote healthy living together between the inhabitants of San José Chiapa and Audi México employees.

Future is an attitude: Audi México celebrates five years of production in San José Chiapa and goes for more

Audi México commemorates five years of production in San José Chiapa with a history full of successes. Audi's arrival in Mexico represented a milestone in the country's automotive industry as the first premium car plant in Mexico. Thanks to an annual production capacity of more than 150,000 vehicles, which has been exceeded three times, Audi México has successfully produced more than 700,000 thousand vehicles since the start of production in 2016, thanks to the talent and dedication of all 5,200 employees working in the most modern plant of the Group in the Americas, achieving the production of the Audi Q5 for the whole world, except China.

Sustainability, top employer, and premium quality: AUDI AG board members visit the San José Chiapa plant

Audi México was visited by three members of the Board of Management of AUDI AG. The reason for their visit to San José Chiapa was to meet the employees responsible for the smooth operation of the factory, which represents a valuable member of the Audi Group’s production network. Audi México is a benchmark in the implementation of the latest developments in resource efficiency and manufacturing processes. During the visit, the AUDI AG board members toured various areas of the plant, which is responsible for producing the Audi Q5 for the entire global market except China.

Audi México is recognized as the number one automotive company in the Universum ranking

Audi México has been recognized as one of the most attractive companies in the country for the fourth consecutive year, according to the Universum ranking. Once again, young talent recognizes the Audi Group’s plant in San José Chiapa as the best place to work in the automotive sector in fields such as engineering and digitalization.

Audi México sees more than 70 students graduate from its Dual Apprenticeship Program

For the fourth time, Audi México has seen 71 students in four technical careers graduate the Dual Apprenticeship Program. As part of the corporate strategy and commitment of the San José Chiapa plant, more than ten percent of the students come from the municipalities near the factory. In addition, women are a fundamental part and represent more than 30 percent of the students in the program.

United under the flag of diversity: Audi employees celebrate European Diversity Month

The month of May is devoted to diversity at the Audi Group. Employees have come up with various digital interactive events for Audi employees for German Diversity Day as part of the Diversity Charter on May 18. The focus will then shift to the activities of the international subsidiaries and production locations. The long-term goal is to make more effective use of the potential of diverse perspectives in the context of transformation together and to make targeted use of inclusion as a success factor.

Audi México assumes Social Responsibility through Corporate Citizenship

The Audi Group places sustainability at the heart of its corporate strategy. Beyond the sustainable production of premium vehicles, Audi assumes its responsibility through Corporate Citizenship, which is aimed at creating social value for the future under three global principles: Educate, Engage and Empower. In this sense, Audi México, as part of the global Audi production network, assumes its social responsibility to contribute even more and significantly contribution with the society, carrying out social projects such as Audi México Comparte, which has benefited more than 1,700 people in the region and focuses on the principle of Engage. With this, the plant of the four rings in Mexico demonstrates a strong long-term commitment through its strategy and social commitment.

More than 5,200 Audi México employees united in climate change solutions

Today, on International Earth Day, the Volkswagen Group is launching its global #Project1Hour campaign to tackle climate change. In one hour of working time, more than 660,000 employees will be part of this worldwide campaign. In Audi México, more than 400 group leaders, managers and directors will be part of this campaign with their teams to work together, based on workshops, in order to raise awareness about climate change, discuss, propose ideas or projects and personal commitments that contribute to a more sustainable world.

Audi México commemorates World Water Day with actions

For Audi México, acting consistently means placing sustainability at the heart of the corporate strategy, with long-term actions to build a sustainable future. Since the planning of the plant, maximum efficiency has been sought both in the production processes of the Audi Q5 and in the use of natural resources such as water. This means making the correct use of the vital liquid with efficient processes, as well as its treatment for reuse in the production processes.

Audi México cleans 100 million liters of water

Audi México is putting sustainability into practice under its Mission:Zero strategy, which aims to make its operations carbon neutral by 2025. The plant in San José Chiapa is firmly on its way to clean and smart production, which is why it takes advantage of the latest technologies in all areas of production.

Dr. Tarek Mashhour will be the new Executive President of Audi Mexico

The Audi Mexico plant is announcing important strategic changes for the Group and assigning Dr. Tarek Mashhour as Executive President of Audi Mexico as of November 1, 2020, succeeding Andreas Lehe, who will leave his position as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Audi Mexico on October 31, 2020, and assume the position of Head of Strategic Planning in Production at AUDI AG.
Audi México is the Audi Group's youngest plant on the American continent. It is equipped with the latest advances in manufacturing processes and is committed to ecological, social and economic sustainability.
Since its foundation, the plant has created more than 20,000 direct and indirect jobs in the region. Audi Mexico is made of 4,896 employees who contribute to the correct running of the plant.
Since the opening of the plant in 2016, the factory has worked to protect the environment by implementing a sustainable production. It has an internal lagoon, built in 2014, which captures up to 220,000 m3 of water to be reused, for example, in toilets or cooling towers, which can save up to 100,000 m3 per year.
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