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Audi A3

Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

The Audi A3 offers a broad range of driver assistance systems and motors as well as a sporty exteriour design with dynamic shaped head- and tail lights to our customers. Also built in is the innovative display and control concept Audi virtual cockpit. The A3is available as Sportback, Sedan and Cabriolet. The sporty Version Audi S3* combines high performance and discreet understatement and a substantial feature equipment with high suitability for daily use. With the Audi A3 Sportback g-tron* and the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron*, the A3-series offers the most diverse range of engines in the premium compact segment.

*Fuel consumption and emission figures of the Models named above:
Audi S3: Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 7,3 - 6,8; Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 165 – 155
Audi A3 Sportback g-tron: Combined CNG-Consumption in kg/100km: 3,5; Combined CO2-emissions in g/km (CNG): 96 – 95
Audi Audi A3 Sportback e-tron: Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 1,8 - 1,6; Electric energy consumption in kWh/100 km: 12 - 11,4; Combined CO2-emissions in g/km: 40 - 36

Press Folders

  • 03/03/20

    Audi A3 Sportback

    The Audi A3 established the premium compact class in 1996. The brand with the four rings is now presenting the fourth generation of its successful model. From its cockpit to its light signature and infotainment, the new Audi A3 Sportback is digitalized. With its progressive steering, adaptive suspension, and powerful engines, the compact five-door car demonstrates that it not only looks sporty but also is dynamic on the road. With support from innovative assist systems, electrified drives ensure a high level of efficiency.

Basic Information

  • 03/30/20

    More Dynamic Than Ever: the New Audi A3 Sportback

    Audi is introducing the fourth generation of its successful model the A3. The premium compact car, which will be launched on the market as a five-door Sportback, is a sporty all-rounder. Beneath its expressive exterior lie many new technologies from the full-size class. They can be found in the operating concept and the infotainment, the headlights, the partially electrified drives, and the interior. The collective consumption values of all models named and available on the German market can be found in the last chapter of this press information
  • 03/13/17

    Compact top athletes: Audi RS 3 Sedan and RS 3 Sportback

    With their high-tech suspension, the new five-cylinder engine and a sharper look the Audi RS 3 Sedan* and the Audi RS 3 Sportback* are at the top of their class. RS-specific details in the interior and the unmatched sound of the 2.5 TFSI engine complete the emotional driving experience. Five-cylinder engines are a great tradition at Audi. In the 1980s they made a decisive contribution to furthering the success of the brand both in motor sports and on the road. After a break of many years, they made a comeback in 2009 when the 2.5 TFSI was fitted in the Audi TT RS. In 2011, the first generation of the RS 3 Sportback followed, in 2013 the RS Q3 and in 2015 the second edition of the RS 3 Sportback. The RS 3 Sportback has now been modified considerably. It is now joined by the new RS 3 Sedan with which the brand is expanding its offering at an international level. It is the first compact Audi Sedan to bear the RS label as well as being the first to feature a transversely-mounted five-cylinder engine. The pioneer of this design was the Audi A3 clubsport quattro concept study from 2014. “The five-cylinder engine is a legendary element of our company’s DNA,” says Stephan Winkelmann, Managing Director of Audi Sport GmbH. “Now, with 400 hp, it will take up pole position worldwide – and not only in the RS 3 Sportback but also in the RS 3 Sedan. Both models will offer our customers an attractive entry into the RS world.”

Recent Press Releases

  • 03/03/20

    Success model 4.0: the new Audi A3 Sportback

    Audi established the premium compact class segment with the A3 in 1996. The fourth generation of the success model is now being introduced on the market – sporty, digitalized and fully connected. Beneath the progressive design of the body of the new A3 Sportback lie many innovations from the full-size class, for example the infotainment, suspension, and driver assist systems.
  • 02/25/20

    From bottle to fabric: Seat upholstery made of PET

    The fashion industry produces jewelry, clothes and bags from PET bottles. In addition, more and more furniture is being made from waste material such as paper shreds, plastic bottles and wood chippings. Audi is now offering seat upholstery made from recycled material for the new A3 for the first time.
  • 02/07/20

    Dance on a Volcano: New Audi A3 with better driving dynamics than ever

    Audi will be celebrating the world premiere of the new A3 Sportback on March 3rd. Prior to this, the premium manufacturer is sending the fourth generation of its success model to take a very special test: On São Miguel Island in the Azores archipelago, journalists will test the compact sports car and experience the highest level of driving dynamics on challenging routes.

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