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Smart Production: How Audi Is Designing the Production of the Future

Audi Smart Production – Trailer
  • Cycle-independent modular assembly simplifies work with high product variability
  • Virtual inspection of surfaces serves as a digital interface between design, technical development, and production
  • Robot dog named Spot supports 3D scanning in production halls
  • VR makes globally networked production planning possible in the virtual world

Audi is setting up fully networked, highly efficient, and sustainable production. The goal is to design a resilient, agile, and flexible value chain to meet future challenges successfully. These include a growing diversity of variants, the transition to electromobility, the increasingly volatile supply situation, and political uncertainties. “We’re using synergies and looking at production as a whole – from the worker to the fully automated cycle,” says Gerd Walker, Member of the Board of Management for Production and Logistics. “We’re digitizing specifically within the framework of an open innovation culture. We’re ensuring efficient value creation and making it possible to utilize resources and capacities flexibly and efficiently.”

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