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Human Resources and Organization


Vorsprung durch Technik originates in the minds of the employees. The goal of Human Resources is therefore to create the best possible conditions so that employees can be creative and drive innovation. Audi offers a modern work environment with many additional, personalized benefits, training and continuing education options, health programs, and support for family and career. As an attractive employer, Audi assumes social responsibility at its corporate locations and supports education, sports and culture as well as charitable foundations and volunteering.

Recent Press Releases

  • 07/26/22

    Gerd Walker – Daring to advance innovation and sustainability in production

    25 years ago, Gerd Walker, a native of Reutlingen, Germany, began his professional career as a working student in mechanical engineering at the company with the four rings. On February 1, 2022, the former Head of production at the Volkswagen Group assumed the role of the new Audi Board Member for Production and Logistics.
  • 06/17/22

    Sustainability in Audi’s gastronomy services: “We want to make a good choice easy”

    Ingolstadt, June 17, 2022 – Audi has decided to reduce emissions through its entire value chain. At first glance, it might seem surprising that its gastronomy services also play a small, but important role. However, that is cleared up on a closer look: sustainability with an eye toward what we eat means handling our resources carefully, protecting our environment, and avoiding long storage or transportation distances. Therefore, Audi’s gastronomy services consistently orient their offerings toward these criteria – and they do it across the entire value chain, from fostering regional suppliers to reducing carbon emissions to avoiding food waste in Audi’s company cafeterias. To mark the Day of sustainable gastronomy (June 18), Victoria Broscheit, head of Audi’s gastronomy services, sat for an interview about the company’s role as a multiplier for sustainable and healthy food, employees’ growing interest in conscious eating – and the question of why sustainability in gastronomy services is also a matter of attitude.
  • 05/25/22

    We.Together: International Diversity and Inclusion Days show diversity of Audi Group

    How attractive is job sharing for male managers? What are the experiences of one year of gender-sensitive language? Can social media promote diversity? And what is the best way to overcome boundaries through working together? To celebrate European Diversity Month, Audi is offering employees all over the world an online event covering a range of topics and spanning multiple days. The event will highlight the high value the international Audi family places on diversity and inclusion.
  • 05/19/22

    Audi Board of Management change: Xavier Ros to succeed Board Member for Human Resources Sabine Maassen

    At today’s meeting of the Supervisory Board of AUDI AG, Xavier Ros was appointed Board Member for Human Resources and Organization at AUDI AG. He will succeed Sabine Maassen on 20th May 2022. Having attained a degree in mechanical engineering, Ros started his professional career at Audi in 1994 before switching to SEAT in 1999 and later to Volkswagen. Since September 2015, he’s been in charge of SEAT’s Human Resources division in Martorell. With this transfer to the Audi Board of Management, the company’s executive level is becoming even more international by bringing a native of Spain on board.
  • 05/16/22

    Audi is designing a hybrid working world

    Audi is expanding its hybrid work model. After the pandemic, the working world will be a mix of remote and on-site work. Together with the Works Council, the in-house Better Normal project is developing fields of activity for every division of the company. Concrete solutions are also being developed for areas where remote work is not possible. That is how Audi is continuously promoting the company’s digital transformation.

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Xavier Ros

Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG 
Human Resources and Organization

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