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Human Resources and Organization


Vorsprung durch Technik originates in the minds of the employees. The goal of Human Resources is therefore to create the best possible conditions so that employees can be creative and drive innovation. Audi offers a modern work environment with many additional, personalized benefits, training and continuing education options, health programs, and support for family and career. As an attractive employer, Audi assumes social responsibility at its corporate locations and supports education, sports and culture as well as charitable foundations and volunteering.

Recent Press Releases

  • 07/29/21

    “Better Normal”: working and learning at Audi goes remote

    Audi is making major strides in the digital transformation of its collaboration processes. The company continues to expand its combination of remote, semi-remote, and office-based work. Audi is also incorporating remote learning into its vocational training programs. In close collaboration with the local Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Audi has developed a plan for a flexible learning and collaboration culture. On the basis of this concept, the Board of Management and the works council have agreed to permanently incorporate remote learning in the vocational training program. In the future, vocational trainees at Audi will be able to learn digitally for up to 20 percent of their training program.
  • 07/28/21

    Sustainable and dynamic: Audi trainees presenting environmental ideas at State Garden Show in Ingolstadt

    For almost two years, vocational trainees at Audi have been planning, bolting, cutting, and building for the State Garden Show in Ingolstadt (from April 21 to October 3, 2021) – entirely on their own and in a very environmentally conscious manner. The results of their efforts include a grassy, child-friendly race track for electric go-karts, an insect hotel in a bright yellow Audi, an environmental wheel of fortune on a rim, and the Audi eKart designed and built by trainees themselves out of used material components.
  • 07/22/21

    Audi staff donate money for flood victims

    Together with the works council, Audi has called upon its employees to donate money for the fundraising campaign to support the victims of the flooding in Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria, and Saxony. The company is also going to raise the staff’s donation to a six-figure amount. One part of the donations will go toward emergency aid, in other words, the urgent provision of relief aid and emergency medical aid for those affected on ground zero. The other part will go toward long-term projects that deal with the sustainable rebuilding of the social infrastructure in the regions. The fundraising campaign goes until September 10.
  • 06/09/21

    The dual study program at Audi: career opportunity for young people

    During June, Audi will once again be intensively recruiting young people who qualify for university entrance or have completed a bachelor’s degree. Students and program coordinators from both the Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm sites will present information about the numerous dual study programs and development opportunities at Audi in live-streamed chats. Important for prospective students: The application deadline for the winter semester of 2022 already starts on June 21 and runs to September 5, 2021.
  • 06/08/21

    Living and breathing transformation: Audi employees talk about how they are committed to progress

    From vehicle manufacturer to mobility service provider: Audi is currently undergoing the biggest transformation in the company’s history. The focus here is on digitalization, sustainability and electric mobility. But it is not just about technology – but also about mindset and attitude. At Audi employees now talk about how they are experiencing and shaping change and progress within the company.

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