• With #WorkingInProgress, Audi launches a campaign to position itself as an IT and tech employer
  • As authentic brand ambassadors, employees represent three areas of activity: new work, e-mobility and digitalization, and personal growth
  • Xavier Ros, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources at AUDI AG: “We’re sharpening our employer brand identity with our new campaign”

Audi is breaking new ground in the competition for skilled workers and intensifying its “We are Progress" campaign to sharpen its employer brand identity. The campaign’s bold designs and catchy slogans highlight the advantages of the brand with the four rings as an employer. As authentic brand ambassadors, employees represent what makes working at Audi so special. Examples include flexible working models, great career opportunities, and working in an exciting industry. The brand with the four rings primarily recruits talent in the IT and tech sectors.

“With this campaign, we are shaping our employer brand identity as an IT and tech company,” says Xavier Ros, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources at AUDI AG. “Working at Audi means shaping the progress of tomorrow for a digital, sustainable, and electric future. The invention of the car changed the world. Now we are changing it again.”

Positioning Audi as an attractive employer

The new employer campaign focuses on three areas of activity: new work, e-mobility and digitalization, and personal growth. Audi employees represent each of these focuses with their personal stories. The testimonials, in the form of short, poignant quotes, summarize the message each individual has to share. “This campaign is all about the people,” explains Judith Klaes, Director of Recruiting, Employer Branding, and Career Development Programs. “We’re focusing on the areas of activity most relevant to our target group, namely IT and tech talent. And Audi has a lot to offer there.”

The campaign is based on a broad study. Eight hundred people, including Audi employees and students from the relevant areas, participated in a survey last year. Through expert interviews, workshops, and an online survey, Audi identified their most important criteria for choosing an employer to use in the campaign.

Transformation up close and personal in “e-mobility and digitalization”

As Head of Delivery Management Digitalization for Production at Audi, Sebastian is getting an up-close experience of the car manufacturer’s transformation into a tech company. To him, the transformation is fascinating. “Audi is more exciting than ever,” says Sebastian. “Three revolutions are taking place here at once: the digitalization of the industry, the transformation from combustion engines to electric vehicles, and the transformation from a manufacturer to a mobility provider. Today, cars that roll off the assembly line are mobile devices that update automatically and remain in Audi’s digital ecosystem. Being here now and helping shape these changes every day is a great opportunity.”

Flexibility thanks to a “better normal”

Lena works in Internal Communications in Ingolstadt. In the campaign, she represents the area of flexible working environments or “new work”. This activity area highlights how Audi employees can decide to work from almost anywhere. It also emphasizes the good teamwork and culture of trust and appreciation that Audi employees enjoy with one another. For employees with families in particular, flexibility is crucial. “We work very independently in our teams; whatever is best for us and our individual circumstances. That also means my deciding where to live in Germany. As long as we work well with our teams and managers, we have all the freedom we need here – for an employee, that’s real added value,” Lena says.

“Personal growth” even without changing employers

An important consideration when choosing an employer is career opportunities and development possibilities. This is what Buenyamin represents. Starting in production, he now works as an IT Product Manager. “At Audi, digitalization means collecting ideas, not data. Working in a company where I have many opportunities for ongoing personal growth is a great opportunity.” Employees also benefit from international networking within the globally active group.

Effective immediately, potential employees can view these and other testimonials on various online and offline Audi channels. The campaign kicks off on the Audi careers website and social media channels. It will also feature at upcoming events and trade fairs where Audi positions itself as a potential employer.