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IT and digitalization

IT and IT and digitalization

Audi IT is a major driver of the digital transformation in the entire company. As a central partner for all business divisions within the Audi Group, IT provides support along the entire process chain in the development of intelligent, reliable and secure IT solutions. In this way, agile working methods are implemented with a lasting effect, modern future technologies are used effectively, and the global IT landscape is being comprehensively modernized and harmonized.

Press Releases

  • 10/06/20

    Digital knowhow and expertise: Audi’s first Software Development Center in Ingolstadt

    Berlin, Wolfsburg, Lisbon and now Ingolstadt. With eight locations, the Group family of Software Development Centers (SDCs) already has a broad base. And now AUDI AG, too, has joined this large network with a base in Ingolstadt. The first Audi SDC ensures the continued expansion of digital knowhow and in-house expertise as well as the long-term safeguarding of development skills.
  • 10/01/20

    Let’s talk about PROGRESS: Audi inspires international pioneers at the Bits & Pretzels event

    Under the motto “Let’s talk about progress” Audi invited experts from all over the world to take the virtual stage at the Bits & Pretzels event. In order to be an active partner providing added value to the start-up community, Audi and its guests gave answers to questions such as: What are the success factors for leadership in today’s world? How does branding sustainably create value? And which internationally successful business models inspire the start-up community? More than 3,000 participants joined Audi’s virtual program and gave their interactive input via online chats.
  • 05/28/20

    Capgemini and Audi launch new Joint Venture: XL2

    Capgemini and Audi today announced the launch of their joint venture - XL2. Following regulatory approvals, the company was founded at the end of April. It will provide digital technology and consulting services, namely in the fields of SAP S/4HANA® and cloud services primarily for Audi and the entire Volkswagen Group. XL2 combines an agile start-up culture reinforced by two global industry-leaders. The company's goal is to expand its project business gradually and achieve a powerful workforce within the next five years.
  • 03/02/20

    Capgemini and Audi plan to form a joint venture focused on SAP and Cloud services

    Capgemini and Audi today announced the formation of a joint venture. The scope of the new company will comprise the provision of digital technology and consulting services, particularly in the fields of SAP S/4HANA® and Cloud services. Both companies have signed an agreement to establish this new company once regulatory approvals have been obtained.
  • 02/18/20

    5G in production: Audi and Ericsson take the next step together

    Audi is taking the next step towards the production of the 5G: Together with the Swedish network provider Ericsson, Audi is presenting a new pilot project in human-robot interaction. One of the first case to be shown will be an automation application connected via 5G with a focus on personal safety.
  • 11/05/19

    Audi adopts “overspray-free painting” in series production

    Protecting the environment and cutting costs: Using the method known as overspray-free painting, Audi is now able to apply two different colors in the same painting process. The new technique is being adopted for the first time for the “edition one” limited-edition models of the A4 Sedan* and A5 Coupé*, which were updated in 2019. The customer has the option of choosing a roof in brilliant black. Audi is the first car manufacturer to adopt this environmentally friendly technique in series production.
  • 10/25/19

    Virtual robots support Audi employees working on PCs

    Colleague robot moves into the office: Audi is now developing bots to carry out monotonous tasks for employees at PC workstations. The digital robots can perform tasks such as entering data or creating standardized reports faster, more efficiently and without errors. The company wants to relieve its employees of such work so that they can concentrate on complex and value-adding tasks. For this purpose, Audi built up development expertise in the area of robotic process automation (RPA) last year. In mid-2019, Audi IT founded a center of excellence that provides the central platform for RPA.
  • 07/18/19

    Audi tests assembly processes for the e-tron GT entirely virtually

    Audi is embracing virtual reality (VR) with the Audi e-tron GT: Using VR glasses and controllers, employees from various departments test all assembly processes entirely virtually. Audi has developed in-house its virtual reality software for the process. This relies on 360-degree scans that provide a three-dimensional indoor map for the virtual space. The technology is being used for the first time for testing the assembly processes for the e-tron GT at the Neckarsulm site.
  • 06/12/19

    Digital vacation: Students discover innovative Audi technologies at DigiCamp

    From the school desk into the future: During the Whitsuntide holidays, 15 pupils from all over Bavaria are gaining deep insights into the digital working world at Audi. The 15 to 18-year-olds are participating in this year’s DigiCamp from June 10 to 14. The brand with the Four Rings is now hosting this special holiday activity for the second time.
  • 03/29/19

    5G: Ericsson, Audi and Sick present human-robot interaction in real time

    An exciting demonstration at the 2019 Hannover Messe, where humans and machines work hand in hand: The Swedish network supplier Ericsson has brought a 5G network to its booth and is presenting, together with Audi and Sick, human-robot interaction in real time. A wireless production robot interacts with visitors there. The research project can be experienced at the Ericsson booth in Hall 8 of this year’s Industry 4.0 exhibition.
  • 10/15/18

    Audi optimizes quality inspections in the press shop with artificial intelligence

    As one of the first automobile manufacturers worldwide, Audi plans to apply machine learning (ML) in series production. The software Audi has developed recognizes and marks the finest cracks in sheet metal parts – automatically, reliably and in a matter of seconds. With this project, Audi is promoting artificial intelligence at the company and revolutionizing the testing process in production.
  • 09/21/18

    Audi uses modular solution for virtual-reality training

    Planning virtual training courses with almost no programming knowledge. With the so-called Virtual Reality (VR) Software Development Kit (SDK), trainers at Audi with IT experience will design the content of their training courses themselves in the future. Until now, this could be done only by programmers and was very time-consuming and complex. That has all been changed by a newly developed module solution from Audi’s brand logistics. Apprentices at the plant in Ingolstadt are now practicing the “pick-by-light” method for the first time with VR training.
  • 09/11/18

    Audi develops digital learning ecosystem

    Audi is testing the learning of the future. On floor space of approximately 500 square meters, the car manufacturer is trying out the infrastructure for new training formats in the company’s own Audi Academy. Nowadays, this includes software labs as well as self-learning rooms and labs for virtual reality or 3D printing. These are key components for the digital learning ecosystem in which Audi plans to train its employees in the future.
  • 08/30/18

    Audi training in 2018: focus on electric mobility and digitalization

    Approximately 830 young people will start their apprenticeships or dual courses of study at Audi in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm in September 2018. By training its own next generation of employees to a high standard, the company ensures the long-term competitiveness of its sites in Germany. The focus is increasingly on electric mobility and digitalization.
  • 02/22/18

    Audi tests “virtual reality holodeck” for faster product development

    Audi is now testing a so-called virtual-reality holodeck for assessing the design of new car models. This technology creates a walkable, virtual environment with a three-dimensional image of a car. That allows development engineers and production experts to gain a realist overall impression of a new model and its proportions at an early stage. In this way, Audi can reduce the number of complex physical test models, thus saving development time and costs.
  • 09/07/17

    Navigation technology at the highest level: Audi and HERE developing hand in hand

    Audi and HERE Technologies continue to integrate their services for even greater customer benefit. In the new Audi A8 luxury sedan, the automobile manufacturer offers an array of technologies and services created by the map developer. Audi participates in HERE together with other companies. Both sides plan to intensify their collaboration in future.

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