Night of the Museums

This year’s Night of the Museums, a highlight in Ingolstadt's cultural calendar, will take place on Saturday, September 9. From 6 PM to midnight, the Audi museum mobile will open its doors with a colorful program to entertain both young and old. The event includes catering by the team from the restaurants at the Audi Forum Ingolstadt.

The brand with the four rings is celebrating the 25th birthday of the Audi TT in 2023. For this reason, the spotlight will also be on the design icon at the Night of the Museums “State of the ArTT” summer exhibition. Design is also the focus of an open creative workshop, “From the sketch to the finished car”. How were cars designed in the past? The workshop will offer children between the ages of 6 and 13 the opportunity to delve into this question while getting hands-on themselves. Under expert guidance, workshop participants will design their own Audi and learn more about the history of modeling. The “Men in Blech” (“Blech” is German for sheet metal) will provide the entertainment. This group of nine artists offers a captivating dance show with music from various genres and decades. At 8 PM and 10 PM, visitors will be treated to a guided tour of the summer exhibition celebrating the 25th birthday of the Audi TT, while at 7 PM and 9 PM, a tour of highlights from motorsport history awaits them on the paternoster lift.

The detailed program for the Night of the Museums at the Audi museum mobile is available at