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A wide range of charging solutions:
Audi makes it easy to experience e-mobility

Whether it’s charging options at home, route and range planning, or the multitude of different providers and access to charging stations on the road, e-mobility raises questions that confront newcomers to the world of electric vehicles. As a premium supplier, Audi takes a holistic approach and has had its customers’ needs in the field of electric-powered mobility in mind since the launch of the Audi e-tron in 2019. For example, when it comes to home charging solutions, Audi advises customers and even arranges an installation service upon request. In addition, Audi has access to 300,000 charging points across Europe through its e-tron Charging Service and is committed to expanding the use of green power. Furthermore, IONITY – in which Volkswagen, with its Porsche and Audi brands, has a stake – continues to expand its charging network in Europe. An overview.

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Newcomers to the world of electric cars inevitably face these questions. Since the introduction of the Audi e-tron in 2019, the company has offered customers a comprehensive range of related services.
Connect the charging cable, charge your electric car overnight, and start the day with a full battery in the morning – this is both convenient and hassle-free with Audi’s comprehensive charging solutions.
Audi has created simple solutions and attractive options to provide its customers a premium e-mobility experience – such as its e-tron Charging Service.
Audi aims to become a provider of carbon-neutral mobility and reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet by 30 percent over its life cycle by the year 2025.
Audi provides tips on how to properly operate electric cars.


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