More than 5,000 new fast charging points by 2025: Massive expansion by IONITY strengthens Audi’s charging offering

Is my home suitable for a wall box? What kind of power supply does the system require? And who will install the charging station for me? Newcomers to the world of electric cars inevitably face these questions. Since the introduction of the Audi e-tron* in 2019, the company has offered customers a comprehensive range of related services – starting with the question of the right charging solution, followed by an on-site assessment by an Audi-authorized electrician, and ending with the system’s professional installation.

Audi Mobility Check

The Audi Mobility Check allows prospective customers to quickly and easily determine online how well their home with a parking space is equipped for e-mobility. The process only requires them to enter a few pieces of information – relating to the Audi model they own, the available parking space, and the existing power supply, for example. The online assistant then suggests suitable charging services and solutions. Audi also recommends having the home’s electrical system individually reviewed by a professional electrician – a service known as the Home Check.

Home Check

The Home Check involves a professional inspection of a home’s electrical systems with respect to their suitability for charging an EV at home. In Germany, Audi’s partner “The Mobility House” makes it quick and easy to find a local Audi-authorized electrician. The experts advise potential customers on existing charging options, but also provide qualified information on the best possible charging solution with the ideal charging time and costs. It is normally also possible to integrate existing solar panels into the system. If the contractor recommends modifications to the home’s electrical system, they will prepare an individual quote for this service upon request.

Installation Service

As part of the installation service, electrical specialists review the options available on site with regard to the placement of the Audi wall box and, in consultation with Audi customers, select a suitable installation location. The service also includes registering the wall box with the local utility company, professional installation, bringing the system into operation, and testing it.

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