Preventing blackouts with intelligence

Connect the charging cable, charge your electric car overnight, and start the day with a full battery in the morning – this is both convenient and hassle-free with Audi’s comprehensive charging solutions. The range of solutions extends from mobile charging systems for charging via wall sockets to permanently installed Audi wall boxes from VW subsidiary Elli to complete home energy management systems from SMA Solar Technology AG or the Hagar Group that intelligently control the communication between all of a home’s energy-relevant devices. All this is, of course, available on request with green power from Elli.

Three Audi wall box models

Available with different functionalities, the Audi wall box models deliver up to 11 kW of charging power, making them the perfect charging solution for a wide range of applications at home. The entry-level model – the Audi wall box – comes with a built-in charging cable. The Audi wall box plus can be controlled and monitored via an app. Other features include a built-in charging cable and a security function to prevent unauthorized charging. The Audi wall box pro, which can also be controlled via app and is equipped with a MID-certified (MID: Measuring Instruments Directive), calibrated power meter, is particularly recommended for people who drive a company car. The Audi wall box pro and Audi wall box plus allow customers in Germany to benefit from a subsidy of 900 euros from a KfW subsidy program. The exact requirements of the subsidy program can be found on the KfW website. The Home Check and installation service for all wall box models include a professional inspection of the home’s electrical system as well as the installation and initial setup of the wall box.

e-tron charging system compact

The mobile e-tron charging system compact consists of a control unit including a power cable that plugs into the vehicle and two power cables that plug into the wall – one with a standard household plug and one with an industrial plug. For a fast charging experience, Audi generally recommends using an industrial socket. The e-tron charging system compact charges all-electric vehicles with up to 11 kW and plug-in hybrids with up to 7.4 kW. Users can manually switch between 100 and 50 percent charging power on the control unit to avoid potentially overloading the home’s electrical system. Users can see the status of the charging system and the charging process at a glance via the LEDs on the e-tron charging system compact’s control unit.

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e-tron charging system connect

The e-tron charging system connect is designed to deliver up to 22 kW of power (depending on the vehicle). Designed for use with standard power outlets, it can also be used as a mobile unit. The e-tron charging system connect includes a control unit with a 5-inch touch display and comes with a wall mount.

Thanks to online connectivity via Wi-Fi, the system can be conveniently controlled from a mobile device via the myAudi app. In addition, feature updates are also possible. In conjunction with a compatible Home Energy Management System (HEMS, see below), the e-tron charging system connect offers additional intelligent features. For example, it is possible to take the power requirements of other appliances in the home into account and charge the vehicle with the best possible use of the remaining power to avoid overloading the electrical system. This process is dynamic and is carried out on the basis of the power drawn by other electrical devices. In addition, users can set their own priorities using the control system in the myAudi app – for example, charging at low-cost times with a variable-rate electricity plan. If the home is equipped with solar panels, users can opt to prioritize charging the car with self-generated power. Forecast periods of sunshine are taken into account when planning the charging process. Other features include the ability to track the use of charging power and a PIN code to protect against unauthorized use.

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Home Energy Management System

To take full advantage of the e-tron charging system connect, Audi recommends using a compatible Home Energy Management System (HEMS). The system connects an all-electric Audi model with the owner’s smart home and all of the data flows into the control center, allowing every energy-relevant device to communicate with each other about its current power requirements. To guarantee compatibility, Audi relies on the universal EEBUS protocol and has teamed up with two strong partners – Audi customers can choose between a HEMS from the Hager Group and a HEMS from SMA Solar Technology.

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Green electricity plans from Elli

Audi customers can take advantage of the attractive green electricity plans offered by the provider Elli to charge their cars at home. For more information, see the “Green power” section.