Sustainability at Audi

Electric cars do not emit carbon on the road, but the generation of electricity also produces carbon emissions – far more when the power is generated from fossil fuels than from renewable energy sources. As a result, Audi will be directly working to expand the use of green power in the future. Elli and IONITY already supply green power for charging at home and on the road.

Audi partnership with electricity providers for more green power

Audi aims to become a provider of carbon-neutral mobility and reduce the carbon footprint of its fleet by 30 percent over its life cycle by the year 2025. As such, not only has the use of green power been a mandatory component of supplier contracts with HV battery cell manufacturers since 2018, but all of Audi’s European production sites exclusively source green power. In addition, the company has partnered with electricity suppliers to drive the expansion of renewable energy sources for the power needs of the Audi e-tron fleet during the utilization stage. In this context, Audi has joined forces with several partners to build new wind and solar farms in various European countries by 2025, which together will generate around five terawatt hours of additional green electricity. This corresponds to an installed capacity of about 250 new wind turbines. The objective is to increase the share of electricity our partners generate from renewable sources in conjunction with an additional increase in the share of electric cars on the road. The partnership with energy suppliers is also intended to cover charging processes that aren’t yet carried out with green power today.

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Green power solutions by Audi

Audi customers can use the green power solutions offered by Volkswagen subsidiary Elli. For charging on the road, the IONITY charging network and many other charging point operators already rely on green power.

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