The consistently sporty suspension tuning is a basic requirement for the outstanding driving characteristics of the RS Q3** and RS Q3 Sportback**. The standard RS sport suspension lowers the body of the high-performance sports car by 10 millimeters (0.4 in) as compared to the Audi Q3** and Audi Q3 Sportback**. At the front axle with its McPherson design featuring lower wishbones, the track width is 1,590 millimeters (5.22 ft). At the rear axle, the four-link design provides a track width of 1,583 millimeters (5.19 ft).

The dynamic handling system Audi drive select influences not only the suspension, but also the quattro drive, the steering, the S tronic, the engine characteristics, and the sound. Depending on the selected equipment variant, there is a choice of five or six modes: comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency and individual or, as an alternative to the individual mode, two new RS modes, RS1 and RS2. Via the MMI touch display, the driver can adjust and save the two RS modes individually. Simply pressing the new “RS MODE” steering wheel button provides rapid access to the two new modes and allows the driver to switch between modes.

The perfect setting: the RS sport suspension plus with controlled dampers

The new RS Q3** and RS Q3 Sportback** are optionally available with RS sport suspension plus with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC) adaptive damper control. Here, an electrically actuated proportional valve regulates the flow of oil into the damper pistons. Sensors measure the structural movements of the body, and the RS-specifically tuned dampers then adjust accordingly to the road surface conditions and driving situation. The suspension provides the optimum damping force for each damper within milliseconds – low for hard bumps; high to brace the body during fast cornering or when braking. The upshot is enhanced dynamics, precise stability, and agile handling coupled with even greater comfort. With the standard dynamic handling system Audi drive select, the driver can specify the basic working method of the dampers, further increasing the bandwidth between soft rolling motion and taut handling.

Sporty, precise handling: steering, wheels, brake system

The RS-tuned progressive steering also conveys close contact with the road even on fast curves. It has a sporty gear ratio of 14.1:1 even in the center position. It becomes increasingly direct the more the driver turns the steering wheel until it reaches 8.8:1 when the steering wheel is turned all the way. This allows the compact sports cars to be moved with agility and precision using little steering effort when maneuvering and driving through tight curves. The electromechanical power assistance is designed to fit in with this: The slower the car drives, the more its intensity increases.

For the first time on a compact high-performance SUV, customers can choose between 21-inch wheels in various rim designs. Behind the standard 20-inch or optional 21-inch wheels, the all-new six-piston RS steel brake system works with ventilated and perforated disks measuring 375 millimeters (14.8 in) (front) and 310 millimeters (12.2 in) (rear, not perforated). Their brake calipers are painted black as standard or red as an option. Alternatively, customers can choose a newly developed RS ceramic brake. Its calipers are available in gray, red, gray, or blue. Overall, the ceramic brake system weighs 10 kg (22 lb) less than the steel brake system and thus reduces the unsprung mass. In front, the braking power is generated by newly developed monoblock aluminum calipers and ceramic brake disks that are 380 millimeters (15.0 in) in diameter. At the rear, fist calipers and steel discs that measure 310 mm (12.2 in) in diameter ensure the necessary deceleration.

** The collective fuel consumption values of all models named and available on the German market can be found in the list provided at the end of this press information.

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