The Audi RS Q3** and the Audi RS Q3 Sportback** stand for outstanding performance. This is also reflected in their consistently sporty design. The new SUV and the new SUV Coupé share numerous RS design features while each also illustrating their unique character through many details.

The RS-specific exterior design of the compact powerhouses is based on a thrilling balance: all lines are logically interrelated. When looking at it from the side, this highlights the symmetrical light graphics of the headlights and rear lights. The shoulder line connects them and provides an athletic overall impression with distinct muscles over the wheel arches, which are each flared by 10 millimeters (0.4 in).

The gloss black Singleframe with its three-dimensional honeycomb structure enhances the appearance of the two high-performance compact cars. Its position is lower, and it is inserted directly, i.e. without a frame, into the RS-specific bumper with large lateral air inlets. The RS genes are also apparent in the flat slits above the Singleframe. The striking blades in the bumper, whose shape is reminiscent of a boomerang, are designed exclusively for the new RS Q3.

One family, two characters

The low-slung roof line of the RS Q3** culminates in strong, flat-sloping D-pillars. This provides the high-performance SUV with a pronounced forward thrust even at a standstill. An RS-specific long roof edge spoiler, which also flanks the rear window in the RS Q3** from the side, emphasizes this impression and ensures improved downforce.

With its coupé-like roof line that slopes downward toward the rear and a height of 1,557 millimeters (5.1 ft), the RS Q3 Sportback** is 45 millimeters (1.8 in) lower than the RS Q3**. The rising shoulder line of the Sportback runs lower than that of its sister model and thus also lowers the body’s optical focus. This makes the wheels appear larger and the SUV Coupé seem a little more muscular.

The rear view of the Sportback also appears consistently well-toned. The downward-sloping coupé-like roof line is supported by extremely flat-sloping D-pillars. The low rear window and the roof edge spoiler with a gloss black spoiler lip make the RS Q3 Sportback** appear even wider. The RS Q3 Sportback-specific rear bumper has an even sportier design and makes the SUV Coupé look extremely dynamic.

The new generation of the RS Q3** comes for the first time with a dual-branch RS exhaust system with large oval tailpipes on both sides and chrome-colored trims. This exhaust system sits in an RS-specific bumper with rear diffuser and horizontal blades in gloss black. The blades are designed in matt aluminum as an option.

Expressive and bright: LED headlights

The flat headlights of the RS Q3** and RS Q3 Sportback** taper inwards, and form jagged angles on the outer edge. The LED daytime running lights trace a contour that consists of one long segment and two short segments, producing a three-dimensional effect. The compact high-performance SUV and the compact high-performance SUV Coupé are fitted with LED headlights as standard. By shifting the low-beam light, they can implement functions such as cornering light, intersection light, and curve illumination. Three light segments, one long and two short, constitute the signature of the daytime running lights. The rear lights with dynamic turn signals are also designed with LED technology.

Audi offers matrix LED headlights with RS-specific darkened bezels as an option for the RS Q3 and RS Q3 Sportback. Nine LEDs generate the low beam light and ten more LEDs create the high beam light, which precisely and dynamically illuminates the road. When the camera detects other road users, they are masked out of the light beam in a targeted fashion. In addition to numerous differentiated light functions, the matrix LED headlights also feature front and rear dynamic turn signals.

Something for everyone: Color fan and styling packages

Eight paint colors are available for the new RS Q3** and RS Q3 Sportback**, including the RS-specific colors Kyalami green and Nardo gray. The standard gloss black styling package adds highlights to blades, window slot trims, roof rails (RS Q3 only), and on the insert in the side sill. Upon request, customers can also obtain these scopes in an aluminum look, as well as a carbon engine cover. In combination with the gloss black styling package, the Audi rings and the RS logos come in gloss black on the front and rear.

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