The architecture of the instrument panel with the Audi virtual cockpit in the RS design harmonizes perfectly with the operating concept. As an option, the driver can choose the larger Audi virtual cockpit plus with shift light display that prompts the driver to upshift when the maximum engine speed is reached. Special RS displays in the Audi virtual cockpit plus also provide information on tire pressure, torque, power output, lap times, g-forces and acceleration measurements.

Quick and convenient: Free-text search and voice control

Like the entry of a navigation destination, the MMI search is based on entry of free text – via a virtual keypad when the vehicle is stationary or via handwriting recognition. If the driver is looking for a restaurant, for instance, a list of hits appears after just a few letters. The new natural language voice control, which allows freely structured wording, is even more convenient. The dialog manager asks questions if necessary, allows corrections, offers choices, and also defers to the speaker when interrupted. The dialog goes beyond menu boundaries. For example, the user can call a contact from the telephone book and add the address as a destination.

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