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Supply chain

Living up to due diligence: Audi brings its own sustainability requirements to the supply chain as well

Living up to due diligence: Audi brings its own sustainability requirements to the supply chain as well

Business decisions and processes impact both people and the environment. For this reason, Audi centers its activities around sustainability. This means avoiding damage to the environment, ensuring the sustainable use of resources, and assuming social responsibility. With Act4Impact, Audi has launched a program that intensifies collaboration with its business partners. Learning from each other and jointly developing innovations are at the heart of the initiative.

  • Act4Impact: The program promotes exchange, networking, and knowledge transfer with business partners
  • A broad network: Audi works with more than 14,000 partner companies from over 60 countries
  • Intelligent monitoring: Artificial intelligence acts as a sustainability radar

Taking responsibility for people and the environment

Sustainability in the supply chain

Protecting the climate and reducing carbon emissions: Sustainable from stage one

Audi CO2 program: sustainable aluminum for Audi e-tron GT wheels

Audi e-tron

Audi Q4 50 e-tron quattro

Audi CO2 program: sustainable aluminum for Audi e-tron GT wheels

The transition to electromobility is shifting a large proportion of carbon emissions to the supply chain.

Recycling: Conserving resources, closing loops

Audi Hungaria to introduce Aluminum Closed Loop

Closing loops with glass and plastics

Pilot project glass recycling

Audi and THINKTANK at KIT are working on recycling method for automotive plastics

Social responsibility: Identifying risks and responding resolutely

Audi e-tron S Sportback

Using critical raw materials: Due diligence and respect for human rights

Consideration for human rights

For greater diversity in business relationships

We.Together: International Diversity and Inclusion Days show diversity of Audi Group

Using tools to develop solutions together

Act4Impact for a more sustainable supply chain

More supply chain transparency and security through digitalization


How Audi uses artificial intelligence in production

Lufthansa Industry Solutions and Audi plan new IT joint venture focused on software and cloud solutions.

Continuous improvement: Sustainability as the recipe for progress

Audi e-tron 55 quattro: Endurance test

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Supply chain monitoring: Audi uses artificial intelligence (AI) for sustainability

The automotive manufacturing supply chain is complex. This makes it all the more important to understand potential risks and identify correlations at an early stage. Since October 2020, intelligent algorithms have been analyzing news about suppliers from publicly available online media sources and social networks as part of a pilot project being conducted in around 150 countries worldwide. This analysis encompasses sustainability criteria such as environmental pollution, human rights violations, and corruption. If there is any suspicion of potential sustainability violations, artificial intelligence sounds the alarm.

Audi is the first car manufacturer to be awarded the Chain of Custody - the certificate of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative

AUDI AG is the first automobile maker to be awarded the Chain of Custody certificate of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI). This certifies that Audi can comply with the materials flow chain for sustainably produced aluminum in accordance with the ASI standard and can also input correspondingly certified material to the Aluminum Closed Loop with its suppliers. In this way, the level of sustainability attested by the ASI is completely maintained, not only for components of car making but also for the process scrap from Audi press plants that is retained in the loop.

Audi Hungaria to introduce Aluminum Closed Loop

Audi Hungaria uses large amounts of aluminum for automobile production, approximately 38,000 metric tons per year. Because the production of aluminum is very energy intensive, Audi Hungaria manages the material in a recycling loop. This conserves energy and valuable resources. With the Aluminum Closed Loop, aluminum waste arising during production is returned to the supplier, who uses it to produce aluminum coils of original quality and returns these to Audi. This closes the loop and provides for sustainable production.
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