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Classic Car Season 2015 with Audi Tradition

Classic Car Season 2015 with Audi Tradition
Fifty years ago, Auto Union GmbH recalled the name Audi: The first four-stroke engine after the Second World War was issued in several versions – the most powerful being the Audi Super 90.
  • More than 20 events and lots of anniversaries
  • “Festival of Speed” and “Danube Classic” as highlights
  • Starting shot at “Techno Classica” vintage car show in Essen

Audi Tradition will be present at more than 20 national and international events and will be celebrating numerous anniversaries this year. 50 years have passed since the Audi was reborn. In 1965, the company with the four rings, then still under the name of Auto Union GmbH, ended its era of two-stroke engines by bringing out a new model with a four-cylinder, four-stroke engine, which it called the Audi. Several of these first Audis after the Second World War will be making their way to the Danube Classic, being held around Ingolstadt.

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