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More Dynamic Than Ever Before: the New Audi A3 Sportback and the New A3 Sedan

The Audi A3 combines sporty performance with high efficiency. In addition to new suspension technologies and partially electrified drives, the brand’s success model features a digital operating concept and numerous innovations. Whether as a five-door Sportback or as a four-door Sedan – the A3 captivates with its design and technology.

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Black-panel look on the instrument panel and center console, stylish contrasting stitching, striking door openers, and a new shifter design – the interior of the A3 Sportback and the A3 Sedan is sporty and of high quality.
Digital, easy to understand, and intuitive: The new A3 models feature a newly developed control and display concept with a flat menu structure and symbols that are familiar from smartphones.
The control and display system of the new Audi A3 is powered by the latest generation of the modular infotainment platform, MIB 3.
The new A3 Sportback, which is rolling off the line at the main Audi plant in Ingolstadt, just like its predecessor, has been available to order since March 2020 in Germany and many European countries.
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