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Modular Assembly: “We're making the assembly line more flexible and enhancing it.”

Smart Production
Dr. Ing. Wolfgang Kern (Project Lead “Modular Production” within Audi Production Lab) and Dr. Josef Weinzierl (Head of Manufacturing Engineering Assembly SSP/MQB/PPE/HV Batteries)
  • Audi is testing modular assembly for series application
  • New assembly and logistics concept increases flexibility and efficiency
  • Acatech study confirms Audi’s trailblazing role

Numerous derivatives and possibilities for individualization are increasing the variability of components and processes along the assembly line. In this interview, project manager Wolfgang Kern and Josef Weinzierl, a department head at Audi Assembly Planning, explain why modular assembly at many stations is more flexible and efficient for customer-individualized series production than the assembly line.

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