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Jan Kisiel crowns himself ‘King of Oschersleben’ in Audi Sport TT Cup

Audi Sport TT Cup Oschersleben 2015
Jan Kisiel (PL)
  • Pole Jan Kisiel wins both races in Audi one-make cup
  • Guest entrant Uwe Alzen in contention with ‘young guns’
  • Nicolaj Møller Madsen loses overall lead to Kisiel

Jan Kisiel (PL) is the man of the hour in the Audi Sport TT Cup. At the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben, the 21-year-old celebrated his second and third victories this season. Following a perfect weekend, he took the overall lead in the Audi one-make cup from Nicolaj Møller Madsen (DK) as well. In the guest entrants’ classification, touring and sports car expert Uwe Alzen prevailed twice.

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