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How DKW changed the automotive world

1931 presented at the International Motorshow in Berlin: The DKW Front F1.
  • 80 years ago: the DKW F1 was the world’s first volume-produced car with front-wheel drive
  • Its triumphal career began in 1931
  • The last DKW models left the assembly lines in Argentina and Brazil in 1968

The first Audi advertising with the ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ slogan appeared 40 years ago, in 1971. Even then this technical leadership claim was well and truly justified. If we look back another 40 years we find DKW, one of the companies that later became Audi, introducing its F1 model at the 1931 International Automobile Exhibition in Berlin – the world’s first high-volume production car with front-wheel drive.

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