One front radar, one front camera, four surround-view cameras, two rear radars and eight ultrasonic sensors: When fully equipped, the sensor system of the Audi Q4 e-tron and the Q4 Sportback e-tron covers a large sensing field and a large number of traffic situations. Important driver assist systems come as standard, the optional systems are subdivided into four packages: the assist package, the assist package plus, the assist package pro, and the safety package.

Safety first: extensive range of driver assist systems

One of the systems equipped as standard is the lane departure warning – its steering interventions can prevent the car from inadvertently straying out of the lane. Using the radar and the camera, Audi pre sense front safety system can identify impending collisions in front of the car, warn the driver, and initiate braking in an emergency. The turn assist system supports the driver in the same way when turning left, the collision avoidance assist helps them steer around obstacles by providing steering movements. The acoustic and optical parking system measures the distance to the rear.

The predictive efficiency assist, which evaluates navigation data and traffic signs, helps the driver save energy. When the car is approaching a zone that demands a slow speed – a built-up area, an intersection, or a curve for example – it indicates to the driver that they should take their foot off the right-hand pedal. When they do that, the system manages the coasting and recuperation without the driver having to take any action. Fatigue assist uses defined patterns to continuously check whether the driver is in good shape. The traffic sign recognition system and the predictive speed limiter round off the range of the standard systems.

Even greater comfort and confidence: the optional systems

The optional systems include adaptive cruise control, which is specially designed for longitudinal guidance. Working in close cooperation with the predictive efficiency assist system, it controls the distance to the vehicle ahead by accelerating and braking. The adaptive cruise assist system enhances adaptive cruise control by adding lateral guidance: The system performs light steering intervention to help the drive remain in the center of the lane. In order to maintain lateral guidance, drivers need only gently touch the capacitive steering wheel, which is part of the system, to prove that they are paying attention. The driver always remains responsible for steering the vehicle here, however.

The side assist monitors traffic behind and beside the car and warns drivers if they wish to change lanes in a critical situation. It uses the signals from the rear radar sensors as well as the exit warning for this. It warns drivers and passengers not to open a door if a cyclist or another vehicle is approaching from the rear. The rear cross-traffic assist increases safety during reversing maneuvers. The emergency assist brings the car to a stop if the driver is no longer able to do so. Audi pre sense basic and Audi pre sense rear supplement the standard Audi pre sense front safety system. For convenient and safe parking, Audi offers the surround view cameras – they provide detailed pictures of the immediate surroundings from different perspectives.

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The equipment, data and prices specified in this document refer to the model range offered in Germany. Subject to change without notice; errors and omissions excepted.