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Dynamic, fast, and electric:
The Audi e-tron S and the Audi e-tron S Sportback

Audi is launching its first two fully electric S models – the Audi e-tron S and the Audi e-tron S Sportback. Their three electric motors, two of which are located on the rear axle, together provide 370 kW of boost power and 973 Nm (717.6 lb-ft) of torque, Vehicle safety and vehicle dynamics in particular have reached a new level: In addition to the electric all-wheel drive, the cars are equipped with electric torque vectoring, which provides active and fully variable torque distribution on the rear axle.

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Album Audi e-tron S / Audi e-tron S Sportback
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The driving experience that the two electric S models offer impresses with the kind of fascinating dynamism that only a superior electric drive can provide.
Electrically adjustable sport seats come as standard. Their leather/Alcantara upholstery and the gear selector lever with the moving button feature the S embossing with a rhombus.
The efficiency assist is on board as standard. It supports an economical driving style by means of predictive information and, if requested by the driver, automatic recuperation.
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