On August 13, AUDI AG and First Automotive Works (FAW) sign the agreements for the manufacture under license of the Audi 100 in Changchun.
Start of assembly of Audi 100 from imported parts kits at FAW plant and establishment of service network.


Audi acquires 10-percent share in FAW‑Volkswagen joint venture, which was founded in 1991. FAW has 60 percent holding, Volkswagen 30 percent.


Start of production of Audi 200 (an adapted Audi 100 with V6 engine) in FAW‑Volkswagen joint venture.


Start of production of Audi A6 in China. Specially developed for China, the model has an extended wheelbase.


Market launch of Audi A4 manufactured in Changchun.


Market entry of next generation of Audi A6. The long version manufactured in China is given the new name of Audi A6 L.


Foundation of Audi Sales Division (ASD) as independent marketing and sales department in FAW‑Volkswagen joint venture.


Market launch of Audi A4 L, the first long version of a premium automobile in the upper mid-range category.
Foundation of Audi China in Beijing as 100% subsidiary of AUDI AG.


Market launch of Audi Q5 manufactured in Changchun.
In October, Audi and FAW-Volkswagen celebrate the delivery of the millionth Audi in China.


Market launch of next generation of Audi A6 L.


Opening of Audi City Beijing and Audi China R&D.
Market launch of Audi Q3 manufactured in Changchun.
25 years of Audi in China.
Delivery of two millionth Audi in China.


Market launch of the Audi A3 Sportback and Audi A3 Sedan models manufactured in Foshan.


Delivery of three millionth Audi in China.
With the imported Audi A3 e-tron, the e-tron era dawns in China.
Keynote by Audi at first CES Asia in Shanghai.


Market launch of next generation of Audi A4 L.
First Chinese brand summit in Shanghai.
Start of production of first locally produced PHEV model, the Audi A6 L e-tron.
Inauguration of first local Audi gear works in Tianjin.


Market launch of Audi Q7 e-tron (import).
Launch of Audi on demand+ in Beijing.


Receipt of two test licenses for highly automated driving (Level 4) in Wuxi and Beijing.
Launch of locally manufactured Audi Q2 L.
Launch of Audi Q5 with extended wheelbase.
World premiere of Audi Q8 in Shenzhen.
Inauguration of Q-Factory in Changchun.


World premiere of Audi AI:ME concept at Auto Shanghai.
World premiere of China-specific generation of Audi connect.
Launch of Audi e-tron (imported).
Launch of locally manufactured new Audi Q3.
Launch of locally manufactured new Audi A6 L.
Launch of locally manufactured Audi Q2 L e-tron.


Delivery of six millionth Audi in China.
Start of local production of Audi e-tron.
Annual sales exceed 700,000 vehicles for first time.
Foundation of Audi FAW NEV Company Ltd.


Launch of two-partner strategy with new partner SAIC and complementary model portfolio to the cooperation with FAW and existing model portfolio.
Delivery of seven millionth Audi in China.
Opening of first Audi Urban Showroom with partner SAIC.
Start of production of Audi A7 L and Audi Q5 Roadjet e-tron at SAIC location in Anting (Shanghai).
Start of production of Audi Q4 e-tron with FAW in Foshan.
Demonstration of development testing of Level 4 automated driving on public roads using 5G technology in Wuxi.


Groundbreaking ceremony for new production site in Changchun. With construction set to finish by the end of 2024, this will be the first automotive plant in China where only all-electric Audi models roll off the line.
Relocation of Audi China development team to new development center, the Audi China Building.
Market launch of electric models Q5 Roadjet e-tron, Q4 e-tron, and RS e-tron GT. Construction of a brand-owned quick-charging network and commissioning of the first HPC stations: Audi Charging Stations.


Audi FAW NEV company completed the construction of the factory and the installation of all production facilities.
Audi-branded charging network deployed 600 fast charging pillars in over 30 cities across China.
FAW Audi has upgraded over 540 4S dealerships and opened eight city showrooms. SAIC Audi operates nearly 160 points of sale covering over 80 prioritized premium automotive cities.
Strategic memorandum of understanding with both Chinese joint venture partners FAW and SAIC to further expand existing cooperations.