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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Audi assumes social responsibility at its sites and supports education, sports and culture as well as charitable foundations and volunteering.
The “Audi volunteers” format helps employees with their corporate citizenship. This includes the Audi Volunteer Day and special campaigns like the “Team Spirit Initiative”, in which employees apply for donations from the company on behalf of “their” associations. The annual Christmas appeal, other donations throughout the year, as well as disaster relief efforts in Germany and abroad, have been a part of the corporate culture for years. Furthermore, social institutions at the production sites are supported with adequate help.

Press Releases

  • 06/10/22
    Audi MediaCenter

    Art for a good cause: Audi facilitates $860,000 donation to UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe

    Every day, the barrage of harrowing news from the war in Ukraine continues. In recent months, Audi has already launched numerous aid campaigns. By auctioning off a digital work of art at its OMR pavilion, Audi is making a donation to aid Ukrainian refugees.
  • 05/19/22
    Audi MediaCenter

    Solidarity still in focus: Audi is again making donations in support of people from Ukraine

    Audi’s support for victims of the war in Ukraine continues unabated. The company is donating another € 750,000 to aid organizations around Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. Lots of other aid work to be added around “Neighbors Day” on May 20 as well. At the same time, proceeds from a digital art auction will go to UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe, the German partner organization to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
  • 05/03/22
    Audi MediaCenter

    Aid for Ukraine: Audi employees are volunteering

    On February 24, the day Anna Demchenko’s native country was attacked, she was on her phone every minute. As friends and family members in Ukraine described the local situation to her, colleagues from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm were asking how they could help. At the same time, this sales representative was busy getting her sister and her two small children out of the war zone and to Anna’s house.
  • 12/17/21

    Vehicle presentation thanks to Audi staff donations: Audi Q2 for first responders in Schrobenhausen

    Every year at Christmastime, the Audi Works Council calls on the staff to participate in the traditional Christmas donation. This year, 99.7 percent of Audi’s Ingolstadt employees participated, as did the company itself. In all, €720,000 are now going to 108 charitable and social institutions, organizations, and associations in the region – either in the form of cash or as vehicle donations. The 16 vehicle donations from the staff donation include the Audi Q2 for the first responders at Bavarian Red Cross in Schrobenhausen.
  • 12/15/21

    Christmas donation: Audi’s staff is donating €720,000 to regional organizations

    For the 45th time, the Audi Works Council called on the staff to participate in the traditional Christmas donation. A proud 99.7 percent of Audi’s Ingolstadt employees heeded the call and donated a total of €520,000 to charity and social institutions, organizations, and associations in the region. Like every year, the company also participated with a contribution to the Christmas donation, increasing the amount to €720,000.

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