• This European Diversity Month, Audi is standing up for diversity and inclusion with the online event We.Together
  • Some 80 sessions held in nine languages address a range of topics from intercultural cooperation to LGBTQIA+
  • In addition to about 90 internal contributors, guests include Netzwerk Chancen founder Natalya Nepomnyashcha, the TSG Hoffenheim women’s football team, and the champions of the German Women’s Ice Hockey League from ERC Ingolstadt
Audi steps up on diversity & inclusion

How attractive is job sharing for male managers? What are the experiences of one year of gender-sensitive language? Can social media promote diversity? And what is the best way to overcome boundaries through working together? To celebrate European Diversity Month, Audi is offering employees all over the world an online event covering a range of topics and spanning multiple days. The event will highlight the high value the international Audi family places on diversity and inclusion.

As a global group, diversity is not an option at Audi – it is a must. Companies can only hope to be successful when the different mindsets, skills, cultural characters, and competencies of their employees work together. In the midst of the transformation Audi is undergoing, diversity is more impactful than ever. After all, diversity is the prerequisite for personal growth and for openness to new forms of collaboration and different customer expectations. For diversity to have a strategic impact, it must be implemented holistically, anchored in the corporate structure, and actively managed. Crucial here is Diversity Management, which has been represented at Audi by a dedicated functional unit in the Human Resources and Organization division since March of 2017. The central point of contact and advice, the team of experts define strategic content and goals as well as develop new tools, methods, and processes to promote diversity at Audi.

Diversity and inclusion: Best practices from Brussels to Singapore

How colorful the world of Audi already is today and what can be improved in the future is the topic of We.Together, Audi’s International Diversity and Inclusion Days that will take place from 23 to 31 May to mark European Diversity Month. Audi Diversity Management is organizing the event with a team of dedicated international colleagues, including Bentley, Ducati, Italdesign, and Lamborghini as well as production sites Audi Brussels, Audi Hungaria, and Audi México, and sales companies Audi of America, Audi China, and Audi Singapore.

65 hours of inspiration: A colorful mix of lectures and workshops

Participants can look forward to an exciting program with 78 online sessions held in nine languages, from which they can freely put together an individual mix of lectures, workshops, and dialogue formats. The program will address innovative work models and contributions on a range of topics such as allyship, LGBTQIA+, health, cultural backgrounds, inclusion, and gender. External guests will also have a say, including management consultant and Netzwerk Chancen founder Natalya Nepomnyashcha, the TSG Hoffenheim women’s football tea, and the champions of the German Women’s Ice Hockey League from ERC Ingolstadt as well as Jo Labecka from the PROUT AT WORK foundation. Audi’s focus on inclusion will be discussed with, among others, Italian artist Simona Atzori and the Chinese experts from the China Association of Persons with Psychiatric Disability and their Relatives. Event-goers can look forward to some 90 contributors from 12 global Audi Group companies at We.Together.

International voices on the Diversity and Inclusion Days at Audi:

Hildegard Wortmann, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing, AUDI AG:
“Female empowerment and fostering diversity is a topic close to my heart. We need an open minded and inclusive culture, where everyone can realize their full individual potential. I am convinced: our differences are what will make us strong and successful in this time of transformation. That’s why I implemented the initiative #LLXi - Listen. Learn. Exchange. Inclusion. within the global Sales and Marketing Community as a platform for all D&I topics. That is what human centricity is also about.”

Erik Prieels, General Director Human Resources, Audi Brussels:
“As a CO2 neutral factory at the heart of Europe, sustainability is our very essence. But this extends far beyond the environment, also including our ESG obligations, of which D&I plays a major role. It is simply not enough to talk about it. We need to think inclusively in our daily business. D&I puts the Human back into modern HR practice and is for me non-negotiable.”

Kinga Németh, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources and Organization, Audi Hungaria:
“Diversity is key to understand our complex world. Connection is essential to manage complexity and anchor D&I in the hearts of the people at our company. We encourage our colleagues to develop an empathic D&I mindset at Audi Hungaria. D&I days are a great opportunity to support interaction and raising experience-based awareness against biases and stereotypes; this is why I am very proud of my colleagues who represent Audi Hungaria at the D&I days.”

Jacobo Issa, Vice President Human Resources and Organization, Audi México:
“At Audi México, ensuring a work environment in which all of our employees can be authentic, is vital for us. We recognize that it is essential to break the biases to live the benefits of D&I. Events like We.Together are fundamental to creating an inclusive corporate culture.”

Karen Lange, Member of the Board of Management for Human Resources, Bentley Motors:
“At Bentley we talk about diversity and inclusion not just because they are “buzz words”, but because they are key to the future success of our business at this time of unprecedented change. Creating an environment where we can bring together fresh perspectives, celebrate diversity and ensure a true sense of inclusion and belonging for all colleagues, is one of the key elements of our Beyond 100 strategy.”

Raffaella Ponticelli, Director of Human Resources and Organization, Ducati Motor Holding:
“Future challenges can be won by continuing to value the diversity and uniqueness of our people. We always have to be open towards other ways of thinking, experiences, skills and multicultural backgrounds, without barriers of prejudice and stereotypes. Together with the International Network we will spread the essential value of the Group “We live Diversity”; I therefore invite everyone to participate in order to be more inspired and aware.”

Giuseppe Savino, Chief Human Resources Officer, Italdesign:
“Paolo Pejrone is a landscape designer. He says diversity daily happens in a garden: it’s a continuous and tenacious experiment of dynamic coexistence, allowing new traditions and new time to come into being and grow into possibility. To us as well, diversity is not a land of contrast, but a gift we are given to enjoy and to grow. Let’s embrace it at D&I Days 2022.”

Umberto Tossini, Chief Human Capital Officer, Automobili Lamborghini:
“Diversity is of inestimable value to us in stimulating dialogues within each ecosystem and fostering effectiveness. Every day we are committed to transforming the sense of belonging into inclusion, for a corporate culture based on the human touch and mutual respect. Let’s take with us the insights gathered from the D&I days to continue our awareness of opportunities to aid further change.”

General information on D&I at Audi: