Opening ceremony of the incampus in Ingolstadt on September 15, 2023

The importance of the incampus technology park for CARIAD and Audi was explained by Audi CEO Gernot Döllner and CARIAD CEO Peter Bosch in their speeches at the opening ceremony on September 15. The most important statements at a glance:

Gernot Döllner on the importance of the incampus for Audi:

  • What Audi and the City of Ingolstadt accomplished together at the incampus can be a beacon for other regions. In order to develop the incampus sustainably, we are extending the joint venture between Audi and the City of Ingolstadt for another ten years.
  • At the incampus, we can realize our vision: Vehicles that are truly developed around software. The official opening today is therefore a strong signal: We are locating forward-looking topics here and putting them into practice.

Gernot Döllner on cooperation across business and politics:

  • At the municipal level, there are many opportunities for cooperation across business and politics. In this regard, the incampus is definitely exemplary. Both in terms of sustainability, but also in terms of state-of-the-art workplaces, for example in the new vehicle safety center.
  • In addition to internal partners like CARIAD, we also need external partners like from politics. The expansion of the charging infrastructure is certainly the most urgent problem on which we in business and politics must work together closely.

Peter Bosch on the importance of incampus for CARIAD:

  • Ingolstadt has always stood for leading the way. As CARIAD, we are represented in Wolfsburg, Berlin, Beijing, and Silicon Valley, for example - but our largest location is here at the incampus in Ingolstadt.
  • The incampus is a place where Vorsprung (German for advantage) becomes a reality. Data is the new oil, and we will use it to win the race.

Peter Bosch on automated driving in Europe:

  • Through the Automated Driving Alliance with Bosch, we here in Ingolstadt are the only ones in Europe developing our own tech stack for automated driving.
  • Our CARIAD Pioneering Fleet will grow to 1,000 vehicles by 2024. These are high-tech vehicles with twelve cameras and a high-performance computer. With them, we are laying the foundation for making driving safer than ever before.