• The Supervisory Board is reinforcing the long-term technology and innovation strategy by creating a dedicated position on the Board of Management
  • Audi CEO Gernot Döllner: “Geoffrey Bouquot will make a decisive contribution for Audi with technological competence, ability to innovate, and leadership qualities.”
  • Geoffrey Bouquot: „I would like to initiate a positive upward trend together with the team at Audi and its ecosystem.“
Geoffrey Bouquot

Audi is increasing the pace of development. With the Audi Agenda, the Four Rings under the leadership of CEO Gernot Döllner have made clear which areas the company is focusing on. The focus will be on products and technologies, as well as on quality and innovation. The next step has now been taken. Through the decision to create a dedicated position for Innovation and Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) on the Board of Management, the Supervisory Board is emphasizing the coherent new direction of the organization and continuing to give software a central role.

“With the decision to create the new position at board level, we are strengthening the long-term technology and innovation strategy and focusing on the development of SDVs,” says Manfred Döss, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AUDI AG. “We are sure that Geoffrey Bouquot will provide major impulses to successfully implement the Audi Agenda together with the entire Board of Management team.”

Jörg Schlagbauer, Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board and Chairman of the General Works Council of AUDI AG: “Geoffrey Bouquot’s appointment to the Audi Board of Management with a focus on software-defined vehicles and innovation also underlines the workforce’s aspiration for Vorsprung durch Technik. We look forward to a breath of fresh air – and to working together so the four rings shine more brightly again.”

A core element of the Audi Agenda is to accelerate the speed of development work by introducing a matrix organization. It strengthens the model series management through more entrepreneurial responsibility and clearly structures the competencies in the line organizations within Technical Development. In accordance with this, the development competence of the technical departments is combined in a clearly defined system logic. This goes hand in hand with a paradigm shift towards integrated vehicle development with software as a leading element. As board member for Innovation and Software-Defined Vehicle, Geoffrey Bouquot will drive the transformation to a software-centered organization.

The CEO of AUDI AG Gernot Döllner says, “Vorsprung durch Technik is our ambition, and innovation is the key to our fitness for the future. We need a thorough structural realignment to achieve a faster pace of development and a clear focus on software. By appointing Geoffrey Bouquot, we are living up to this aim. Geoffrey possesses a wealth of experience in leading and transforming large development and software teams. I am sure he will make a decisive contribution for Audi thanks to his combination of technological competence, ability to innovate, and international leadership qualities.”

Geoffrey Bouquot commented: “Audi for me represents precision and the future – engineering and digitalization. I am looking forward to my new role. I would like to do my part in initiating a positive upward trend together with the team at Audi and its ecosystem. Greater efficiency and the further development of digitalization are the paths that lead to this goal.”

Successful leadership in times of transformation

Geoffrey Bouquot has well-founded experience leading international teams from different fields of technical development. He headed large software-engineering units during major change and transformation processes and was responsible for the strategic management of long-term innovations, for example in the field of artificial intelligence and automated driving.

Geoffrey Bouquots most recent position was group CTO & senior vice president of strategy at Valeo. In this role, he was responsible for corporate strategy, R&D, public affairs and sustainability, marketing, and innovation. Geoffrey Bouquot headed an R&D network of 20,000 engineers as well as 20 research and 40 development centers.

His tasks included implementing the transformation plan for R&D, accelerating digitalization and achieving increased efficiency by concentrating on selected platforms. Geoffrey Bouquot also set up the first specialized laboratory for autonomous vehicle AI in France.

Before working for Valeo, he was technical advisor for industrial affairs in the cabinet of the French Minister of Defense.