• 25,000 visitors enjoyed twelve impressive concerts and inspiring side events
  • The successful festival centered on a love of experimentation and a commitment to promoting young talents
  • Planning for the Audi Summer Concerts 2024 is already underway
Four weeks of high culture

The Audi Summer Concerts 2023 have concluded after four eventful weeks filled with remarkable music. Over 25,000 attendees relished twelve unforgettable concerts and numerous side events, creating an enriching experience for people of all ages. These achievements have further solidified the festival's vision for the future, focusing on exceptional artistic excellence, a spirit of innovation, dedicated support for young talents, in-house productions, and active engagement of the citizens of Ingolstadt in the festival's activities. Through the event series, AUDI AG has provided proof of its social involvement in the region and the people in and around Ingolstadt, making a valuable contribution to cultural life.

Four weeks dedicated to music have come to an end: The Audi Summer Concerts 2023 ended on Sunday with a guest performance by the Salzburg Festival. Under the direction of Grant Gershon and conducted by Peter Sellars, the Los Angeles Master Chorale performed in the Auditorium (Festsaal) of Stadttheater Ingolstadt – and was honored with prolonged applause.

Promotion of young talents and great experiences for young music fans

The Summer Concerts offered an impressive demonstration of how important it is to organizer Audi ArtExperience to promote young artists. The opening concert on June 23 itself was given by young ensemble – and time took a stand of solidarity with the victims of the war in Ukraine: The Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine performed under the direction of up-and-coming conductor Oksana Lyniv. The young violinist Daniil Gonobolin, who performed with the Georgian Chamber Orchestra Ingolstadt at the Audi Klassik Open Air concert in Klenzepark on July 1, is also from Ukraine. Gonobolin is currently studying at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s Karajan Academy with the financial sponsorship of Audi.

Another young star, Giuseppe Mengoli from Italy, also performed. Shortly before the Bamberg Symphony concert on July 16, Mengoli had been named the winner of the renowned Mahler Competition – and had the honor of conducting works by Mahler, Haydn, and Berg in Ingolstadt together with baritone Thomas Hampson.

The festival also offered unforgettable experiences for young and even very junior music fans: The children’s concert with clown Peter Shub and the Delian Quartet was sold out to the last seat. String ensemble Delian Quartet gave another performance for students from the Gnadenthal-Gymnasium Ingolstadt, a local high school. In addition, the people of Ingolstadt were treated to a flash mob with young local musicians between the ages of 12 and 25 and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine in front of the city’s town hall on June 24. At the event, about 120 young people gave a spontaneous 20-minute concert in the heart of Ingolstadt’s historic city center.

The Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy put on its own production

Together with the Duisburg Symphony Orchestra and outstanding vocal soloists, the internationally acclaimed Audi Young Persons’ Choral Academy, put on its own Summer Concerts production of Robert Schumann’s “Scenes from Goethe’s Faust” in the Auditorium (Festsaal) of the Stadttheater Ingolstadt on July 7. In the years to come, in-house productions like this will continue to enrich the festival program by creating unique experiences for music lovers.

Much-applauded performances by jazz pianist Julia Hülsmann, multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger, and actor Johann von Bülow, who was invited to give a musical reading of texts by Loriot, demonstrated the diversity of the festival program. Formats like this that break down the boundaries between genres are also planned for next year’s Audi Summer Concerts, which will take place from mid-June to mid-July 2024.

25,000 visitors at twelve concerts

In total, the Summer Concerts 2023 attracted some 25,000 visitors. Concert-goers were treated to twelve concerts, including three Audi Klassik Open Air events in Ingolstadt’s Klenzepark. The new festival café in Ingolstadt’s historic city center was also well attended. The café was a place for festival-goers and organizers to get to know each other and exchange ideas while enjoying the music.

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