• On the occasion of Earth Day, Audi Mexico celebrates its environment protection strategy with actions that allow it to guarantee environmentally friendly production
  • Its intention to produce the Audi Q5 model line for the international market with a maximum of resource efficiency in the process and ensuring care for the Earth
  • The plant's commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals is reflected in the conservation of water, correct use of power, non-pollution, and innovation in the process of sustainable infrastructure
Audi México

Audi Mexico, as every year, joins the celebration of Earth Day, with actions that allow ensuring an environmentally friendly production. The objective of the plant is to carry out the production of the Audi Q5 for the international market, through innovation and practices to reduce the use of resources to ensure the environmental care of the earth.

In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, promoted by the United Nations, Audi Mexico has implemented several actions to ensure its operational continuity with environmental care. For instance, in harmony with Goal 6, Clean Water and Sanitation, Audi Mexico has ensured the reduction of more than 50% of freshwater consumption per vehicle in the last four years. In addition, its reverse osmosis treatment plant has achieved the reuse of more than 200 million liters of water.

Likewise, and in line with goal number 7, Affordable and Non-Polluting Energy, the Audi factory in the State of Puebla, incorporate renewable energy for the international production of the Audi Q5. This comes from a photovoltaic park, and it is acquired through the wholesale electricity market.

Patricia Bernstein, Environmental Officer of Audi México: "Audi Mexico produces the Audi Q5 for the global market with deep respect for the environment. For us, respect for our earth is every day. We believe that in order to achieve sustainable mobility, we must begin by taking care of the earth from the conception of our vehicles. For this reason, Audi Mexico ensures that the entire plant operation is carried out with a focus on reducing the use of resources".

In sum, derived from its commitment to goal 9, Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure, Audi Mexico has installed machinery with high energy efficiency, which is used in all its processes. In this way, Audi's headquarters in Mexico has certified the Energy Management System, based on the international standard ISO 50001: 2018, for enhancing the plant's energy performance. In addition, Audi Mexico was the first automotive plant in Mexico to enter into a voluntary agreement with the National Commission for the Efficient Use of Energy (CONUEE), with the goal of reducing its consumption by 13GWh in three years.

All these actions are part of the environmental strategy promoted by AUDI AG, called Mission:Zero, with which Audi Mexico has reduced its greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. The sum of these actions, lead the factory to align with the sustainable development goal number 12, which focuses on ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns. This is also demonstrated by giving a second life to the entire output of the operations. The San José Chiapa plant has efficient integrated waste management, assuring that more than 90% of its waste is recycled while avoiding the use of landfill or landfill disposal.

With these projects and actions, the Audi Mexico plant reaffirms its commitment to the region, Mexico, and the earth to ensure a production that is in permanent harmony with the environment, making the best use of resources in their production processes. Audi Mexico will continue to seek innovation to ensure clean operations, for the benefit of society and friendly to the earth.