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Audi updates its Corporate Responsibility Report

The Audi Group has today published the update of its Corporate Responsibility Report, in which it reports on the current status of its corporate responsibility program and the latest key figures. The focus is on the five core areas of products, the environment, employees, society and operations. The 2013 Progress Report of the Global Compact of the United Nations also appeared today. As an active member of the Global Compact, the Audi Group is committed to its ten principles in the areas of human rights, working standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption.
At Audi, sustainability is strategically anchored as a criterion for all products and processes. In the long term, the company pursues the vision of CO2-neutral mobility. The course to achieve that objective has been set: As the first premium automobile brand, Audi recently published its detailed and DEKRA-certified corporate carbon footprint according to the international standard ISO 14064. In this way, Audi has made all of the Group’s sources of greenhouse-gas emissions transparent over its models’ entire lifecycles, and will thus be able to reduce emissions even more systematically and effectively in the future.
Another component of the sustainability strategy is the development of alternative, climate-neutral fuels. In 2013, the brand with the four rings put the world’s first industrial-scale power-to-gas plant into operation. It makes it possible to store electrical energy from wind and solar generation by converting it into synthetic methane, the Audi e-gas. This allows the Audi A3 Sportback g-tron* to drive at an almost CO2-neutral level. Together with a partner, Joule, Audi also operates a research plant in the United States for the production of e-ethanol and e-diesel. In January, Audi entered into a partnership with Global Bioenergies to do research into the production of non-fossil e-gasoline.

Audi will publish its next full Corporate Responsibility Report in the first half of 2015. The “Update 2013: CR Program and Key Figures” and the “Progress Report for the Year 2013” of the Global Compact of the United Nations are available online at the <a href="" target="_blank">Microsite of the Audi Corporate Responsibility Report</a> in German and English.

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